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The Secret “double-O-seven” to Contributing Authors, Editors, and Ghost-writing

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Find out how you can get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Discover how to build your brand with Thought Leadership Marketing utilizing Contributing Authors, Content Writers, and Ghostwriting Services from Award-Winning Authors Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking at Content Branding Solutions.  Find out how you can use Professional Ghostwriters and Contributing Authors with in-house editorial services to help you not only publish your first eBook, white paper, or report but become the knowledge leader and go-to industry expert.  Find out how you can get a competitive advantage in the marketplace by publishing that novel or marketing piece that makes you the expert in your industry.

Full-service packages, Editing, Publishing.  Risk-Free Consultation!


Publishing a book, white paper, or industry-leading report makes you the “thought leader” and knowledge expert in your industry.  But what if you do not have the time?  How can You do this?  The solution is to partner with an experienced contributing author and strategist.  They will take your idea out of the shadows and onto the shelf.

It is exciting living in the shadows as a contributing author, content writer, editor, or ghostwriter.  As  Secret “double-O-seven”  ghostwriters, we are hired to author literary or journalistic works, keynote speeches, and presentations based on white papers and thought leadership pieces officially credited to other people and companies.

We are honored to have co-created with a thought leader and industry expert just like you. Remember the conference you attended? You sat attentively through listening to an award-winning presentation based on a white paper or book. The presentation likely was co-written by an outside content writer, contributing author, editor, or ghostwriter. Content Branding Solutions team of expert marketing strategists, branding gurus, content writers, illustrators, and editors can partner at the moment for your success. That is our reward. What are you waiting for? Let’s get going.

You Want To Be The Industry Thought Leader, But You Do Not Have Time.

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The Art of Being “double-O-seven” a Contributing Author or Ghostwriter

Contributing Authors or Ghostwriter create blogs, white papers, thought leadership pieces, business books, self-help books, for people who are on-the-go like you.

To ghostwrite white papers and research for other's award-winning work is an art. So many people ask us what type of content do ghostwriters write?  The answer is everything.

Proven Ghostwriters, Editors, and Proofreaders get Guaranteed Results
and can help YOU
Become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR and Industry Thought Leader!


Contributing authors, content writers, and ghostwriters create content for white papers, thought leadership pieces, memoirs, novels, nonfiction, fiction, business books, self-help books, and more for people who are on the go like you.

A freelance copywriter with branded editorial services can make you the industry expert and help you create that marketing piece that is guaranteed to skyrocket opportunities to build your brand voice and visual identity as you develop brand equity.

When Choosing a Contributing Author or Ghostwriter,
Select an Experienced Freelance Copywriter Who is Passionate About Your Subject
Wants Your Project to be a Success.


Awards and the #1 NYT Bestsellers

Proven content writers, contributing authors, and “Ghostwriters” specialize in content for professionals from immigration law to sustainable practices.  Our “contributing Author” work in the sustainable industry has won multiple awards for our clients.

Build your brand with thought Leadership marketing utilizing Contributing Authors, Content and Ghostwriting Services by Award-Winning Authors, from Content Branding Solutions, Full-service packages, Editing, Publishing. Free Consultation!
Editorial, graphics, book launch page, author website and more from Content Branding solutions

Our editorial and graphics services have won awards like the “International Latino Book awards” for the “DREAMers Nightmare, THE US WAR ON IMMIGRANT LATINX CHILDREN,” by Arturo Jimenez, edited and illustrated by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking, CEOs of Content Branding Solutions.

Editors and contributing  authors often research and help clients with referencing and researching citations in any subject.  They will usually draw the line at completing the whole body of work without substantive input from the client; after all, it is not the ghostwriter’s book.  The client's voice is paramount to the success of the message you wish to portray and the benefit you as the author will reap.

The voice of the author, the client, needs to speak through the words; therefore, it is important to us as contributing authors, editors, and all ghostwriters that the original thoughts of our clients shine through the words and the structure to provide value, and a benefit to their clients.

Why Would You Use a Contributing Author or Ghostwriter for Your Copywriting?

  • Time: You have great ideas but no time to flush them out.
  • To Establish Yourself as an Expert: You need to keep up your website content and blogs to build brand awareness and present content.
  • To Build Your Brand: Freelancers, small businesses, and start-ups need to grow their brand voice, visual identity, and equity.
  • Write Blogs, Articles, and White Papers: Most of our clients think this is easy until they try.  Weekly or bi-weekly sounds easy.  It is not!  Leve it to the experts for guaranteed results.
  • Create a Branded Thought Leadership Marketing Piece - A presentation or quarterly report.
  • Writing is not Your Strongest Skill: Your profession is your sharpest skill!   Hire a professional to take your book idea to the finish line while focusing on what you do best.
  • YOU HAVE THE BOOK or Marketing Piece Fleshed out but No Time to Research and Complete It.

What Is the Methodology to Utilizing a “double-O-seven” Contributing Author, Ghostwriting and In-house Editorial Services?

Editorial services ▪ Media Evaluation ▪ Rewriting ▪ Developmental/Project Editing ▪ Substantive and Structural Editing ▪ Stylistic Editing ▪ Copyediting ▪ Indexing and References ▪ Fact-checking/Reference Checking ▪ Layout, Formatting, and Design ▪ Proofreading

Let us start with the easy one.  The client writes a simple outline or dictates a framework for each chapter or section of a white paper, which the ghostwriter’s team edits, researches, and rewrites to take the reader on a journey.

The sophisticated ghostwriting services provided by proven award-winning authors start with a book chapter outline; they will flush this out and develop each chapter with you.  Along the journey, they will find a methodology to include your voice, thoughts, and words to create ownership and ensure personalization for you.

Whether you are producing Biographies, Novels, Business Books, How-to Books, Textbooks, or want to become an Amazon Bestselling Author, a contributing author, ghostwriter, or content writer can help you with editorial and editing services and a full-service package to get you to market.

You Know You are a Thought Leader  


Expert Tip: Fresh ideas and perspectives build followers!  Be the knowledge expert and the industry thought leader; write that book today!



Content Branding Solutions offers a broad range of beneficial editorial services to help you as an industry expert and thought leader publish your work to get results. First, of course, you and every writer needs professional advice from a good editor; even well-written manuscripts benefit from being well-edited, utilizing stylistic editing, indexing, and referencing fact-checking, layout, and formatting and design.

Our content writers, contributing authors, ghostwriters, and editing services are professional and priced to offer expert value for your Attraction Marketing, Copywriting, Content Creation, Copy and SEO Services, and copy editing and polishing services to improve your manuscript, white paper, or report. In addition, we review the brand using constructive criticism in online and in-person charrettes to get to know you, your mission, vision, values, and goals.  These sessions are a chance to build relationships and rapport.

Expert Tip: Remember that the editor is your first reader, so edit your article by yourself before sending it for polishing by our editorial staff. 

What are the Costs of Hiring a Content Writer or Contributing Author with Editorial Services?

Double-O-Seven,"Ghostwriters for Hire ▪ Ghostwriting Costs ▪ Contributing Author Costs ▪ Content Writer Costs ▪ Freelance Copywriters Costs▪ Copywriting Costs ▪ Editorial Services Costs

Ghostwriters, contributing authors, and freelance copywriters are engaged on a contract or a monthly retainer based on the scope of services, content length, and complexity.

Remember You Get What You Pay For; if you want reams of GOBBLYGOOK,
Go to the CHEAP OVERSEAS ROUTE for your project. 


Articles and blogs $0.50 – $2.00 per word is a great guide, the more complex the subject, and research, the higher the fee per word.

Expert Tip:  On average, our all-in-one services, including writers, editors, and illustrators, are paid $1.00 per word based on scope and complexity.

Costs by the Numbers  for Contributing Author and Ghostwriters

The following costs are ballpark numbers for the use of a contributing author, content writer, or ghostwriter:

  • An SEO blog containing 350 - 500 words starts at $350 or $1.00 a word.
  • Research and fact-checking are typically paid by the hour. Usually recommended that there is a maximum upset. Look to pay $175 - $275 for formatting, indexing, and referencing, etc.
  • A thought leadership white paper $1,000 to $2,500.
  • A detailed professional branded report starts at $2500 - $5,000.
  • A marketing give-away booklet $2,500 - $20,000, including all content, images, and graphics.

Simple books, for example, a Kindle book of 24,000 – 30,000 words edited with minor ghostwriting services, little research, and essential editorial services that tie the contents together uploaded to Amazon cost a fee of around $24,000.  This fee includes a book cover and an Amazon author page; not having images is reasonable.  Note, book promotions are on top of this cost.

As the complexity and number of ghostwriting words rise in addition to the number of images, your overall project costs will increase.

Ghostwriter Service for $750 - #1 Ghost Writers For Hire

Hire Our Award-Winning, #1 NYT Bestselling Ghostwriters.  Personalized Book Writing & Formatting Services with Bestselling Results!

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What Will it Cost to Publish A Ghost-Written Book or eBook Successfully from Start To Finish?

Branding Services ▪ Content Writing ▪ Book Launch Page ▪ Editors and Editorial Services ▪ Amazon Author page

We have been through the publishing process many times as the client, the author, the contributing author, the ghostwriter, content writer, publisher, publicist, website designer, marketer, etc.  However, the one thing that nobody ever shared was the total project needs and costs.  So, here is a baseline for the “full-service double-O-seven package” for content writing or ghost-writing, editing, book design, printing, full-color, hardcover, to Kindle.

  1. Manuscript Development

Manuscript Development is dependent on the number of words and complexity.  Budget $1.00 per word or $24,000 – $75,000.  Including researching, fact-checking, contributing authors, ghost-writing, and full editorial services.

  1. Book Publishing on Kindle

One week + up to 10 days for Amazon approval, including book covers for book and Kindle, Amazon author page, editorials, Amazon search engine research, placement, etc., $2,000-$5,000.  This fee would include a paperback book printed on demand.

  1. Hardcover Books Printing Costs

Hardcover books printing costs can vary from a simple black and white novel run of 10,000 books to an expensive hardcover full-cover book at $100,000.  If you print in China, the print costs will be less, but you will need to ship and import your books.  If you are in a rush, this process will not be for you.

  1. Book Distribution

You must get these books to market; this will require getting into an appropriate catalog, costing up to 50% and 65% off the cover price, but more often around 35-40%.  This percentage is a big dent in your pocket.   Therefore, we recommend Amazon Kindle with its print-on-demand for books, which is a lot more sustainable.

Book and Kindle - Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle - Secrets to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness, by Cheri and Peter Lucking provides straightforward, researched advice to live a healthy life.
Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle, Copywriting, Editorial Services, Content styling, Book Cover Design, Graphics and infographics by Content Branding Solutions, Cheri Lucking, Peter Lucking
  1. Branding, Author Website, and Book Launch Page - Book Cover

You need to look the part.  A Professional Book launch website with unique graphics, banner graphics, media images, and a press kit for the launch is $3,750 – $12,000, depending on scope and complexity.

  • Add $250 - $1000 Per Excerpt page
  1. Branding and Social Media

Social media branding includes set up, banners, blurb, and article placement. Depending on channel choice can cost between $500 – $3,000 for the initial setup that should consist of branded content, images, and graphics.

  1. Marketing Budget – Hire a Social Media Expert

Set aside $1,000 to $3,000 every month to hire a social media expert to write short tweets and blogs to keep content fresh to promote you and your book.

  1. Marketing Budget

Amazon, pay-per-click, etc., $3,000 – $12,000.  We recommend ads on Amazon where the target readers gather.  Results may vary dependent on your category and market interest.

  1. Book Launch Campaign

Name the price!  $3,000 – $20,000 + If you want to be successful, you will need a publicist.

  1. Syndicated Radio to Book launch Campaign $3,750 – $20,000
  2. On-the-Go Media Tracking using conversion tracking software. This tracking software will be the subject of an upcoming article.
  3. NYT Bestseller Campaign: Name the price!  $10,000 – $50,000+.
  4. Hire a Publicist for a specific book or campaign starting with National Radio syndication and graphics $5000 - $10,000+.

You and your project are exceptional.  Call us for an obligation-free assessment of your needs.  When publishing a book utilizing the services of a contributing author, ghostwriter, editor, graphics designer, or others, the cost starts at around $24,000. It increases from there to a half-million to burn.

Not everyone has a half-million to burn.  The most we have been paid to date for a project from start to NYT Bestseller Campaign was just under a half-million, $497,000 + expenses.  We coordinated all aspects of the successful launch.  Note we were not the publicist, distributor, etc.  That project cost number is rare, and the clients with this type of cash are still rarer.

We Guarantee results to meet your mission, vision, values, goals, and budget. As a result, your project will get the same quality of services, and we guarantee that you will be delighted with the results based on your individual goals and budget.

You can see why a traditional publisher takes on a lot of risk and cost with an author whose sole business is books.

We specialize in content and media that further thought leader's marketing efforts to gain a competitive advantage in a turbulent marketplace.

Drop us a line for your Confidential Ghostwriting Project
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The Secret "double-O-seven," Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The NDA for Ghost-writers ▪ Ghost-writing ▪ Contributing Authors ▪ Content Writers ▪ Freelance Copywriters ▪ Copywriting ▪ Editorial services

Ghostwriters are anonymous shadows, just like James Bond 007.  They do not take credit.  You can ask who they work for, and the guaranteed answer is simple, “we are under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).”

Your NDA agreements can be short.  Lawyers write reams of legal jargon; we make it simple, “Confidentiality of all client information provided, within the limits of the law.”  However, if you want to work with us, we believe in integrity and expect in return from our clients.  After all, it is your project; your success is our success.

Ghostwriters are the  "double-O-seven" of the Copywriting industry
Credited as Editors and Illustrators.


Please do not run around telling everyone you have a ghostwriter, say we are researching for you, contributing authors, or editing, otherwise what is the point of an NDA?  You have already spilled the beans!  Think, and be like James Bond and do a "double-O-seven" with a smile.


Ghost-writing ▪ Contributing Authors ▪ Editorial Services for Thought Leaders

Contributing authors, professional ghostwriters, contributing authors, content writers, freelance copywriters, and editors are passionate about stories that need to be told, including stories from memoirs to industry-leading reports, white papers to novels, from nonfiction to fiction, business books, to self-help books. So hire a competent team with in-house editorial services and launch your dream the "double-O-seven" way.

professional ghostwriters, ghostwriters, contributing authors, content writers, freelance copywriters, copywriting

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Hire Professional Ghost-writers, Contributing Authors, Content Writers from Content Branding Solutions if:
  • You have an idea and outline for a white paper, book, or report, but you need help pulling it together.
  • You want to establish yourself as the industry expert and market thought leader.
  • You want to build your Brand.
  • You want Personalized Book Writing & Formatting Services with Bestselling Results.
  • You don’t have a lot of time, but you have great ideas.
  • You are a Thought Leader a great orator, but writing is not your sharpest skill.

Why are you waiting?  You know you have a book, a white paper, or a report that you want to share; let us help you get it written and on the shelves today!

Peter Lucking Imagineers Brands. A designer, growth hacker, influential content strategist, , brander, marketer, motivator, and media maker—a marketing executive, entrepreneur, published author, and illustrator.