We love to write, market, create, and coach to help others be their best.

Today, we would like to offer our vast knowledge and services to work with a few like-minded firms that are ready to refresh their brand, attract more projects and close more sales.  If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, get in touch, contact us.

We are selective; we want to do our best and achieve the most for each client we decide to work with, are you a fit for us and us a fit for you?  Let’s find out.

Why Content Branding Solutions?

“Nothing is as dangerous in architecture as dealing with separated problems.  If we split life into separated problems, we split the possibilities to make good building art.” – Alvar Aalto, Finnish Architect

Our backgrounds came together with marketing and sales, design and construction.  It made sense for us to focus our attention specifically on the architecture, design, and construction industry to help attract and close more sales.  We have created and tested a system to make this process effective and efficient.

Our journey began many years ago.  Peter, a successful designer of performing arts centers, at the top of his field.  Cheri a radio and tv marketing, sales, and promotions leader.  Respectively we worked in our chosen careers for 30+ years.  12 years ago, we decided it was time to make some changes leaving corporate America to write children’s books.

Education – 12 years later we have our master’s degree in web design and navigating online marketing. We built our first WordPress website, we learned about SEO and Keywords, we wrote, published and created all the graphics and illustrations for our books.  We became Award-winning Amazon best-selling authors, editors, and illustrators.

Aha Moment – We realized we didn’t know how to use Amazon and Create Space to publish, and at the time Amazon didn’t have great information to share, so we wrote the “Author’s Guide to Amazon” as we navigated through the Amazon Empire.  We continued having fun writing and creating.  Our next project was an e-book titled; “Top Tips for Healthy Living” to help a now-defunct health company sell their products.  The e-book back linked to their entire website creating interaction to drive sales.  Two CEO’s of the health company imploded, the rest is history.

Moving along, we wrote a Free report for the City of Denver with Fabby Hillyard.  The city is currently using many aspects of this report to make improvements to the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

Most recently we ghostwrote, edited, and illustrated, “Green at No Cost” this e-book is a brilliant thought leadership marketing piece that was the entrée to introducing and opening new doors for the cost consultant firm we were working with.  It helped double their income as part of a coordinated multi-pronged master messaging roadmap.

Working with the cost consultants, we helped create all the website, logos, graphics, market outlook, infographics, marketing, promotions, and sales pieces that lead the firm to double their (7) seven-figure income over the course of three years.

What stood out to us most is our ability to understand the specific industry of Architecture, Design, and Construction and implement the marketing we have learned over the last 12 years.

This year we ghostwrote (7) e-books, (2) softcover books, produced (3) audiobooks, and created two integrated websites.

We know how to write compelling content that works on the internet to get top billing including white papers, articles, and sales materials that work.

We know how to present the material in small and large meeting forums, as keynote speakers and webinar experts.  Content, graphics and the delivery of content is the essential tool a firm needs to compete in this fast-paced moving world-wide market.

What do you say?  Call us and set up a consult.  Space is limited.  If you’ve ever had the chance to work with Cheri and Peter Lucking, you know how fun and experienced they are in their fields and as a team.  If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat!

We are looking forward to meeting with you!  Give Us a call.

We provide Content Writing Services for all your specialist needs.

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