Content Branding Solutions is a digital content branding company specializing in Branding, Brand Refresh in conjunction with website branding development and design, and associated consulting services from your branded attraction marketing content to your Logo.

Branding and Brand Refresh

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Content Branding Solutions is a digital content branding company specializing in Branding and Creating Your  Brand Refresh in conjunction with website branding development and design and associated consulting services from your branded attraction marketing content to your logo.  Your brand refresh is more than your website refresh, logo revamp, and color palette rejuvenation; a brand refresh should be more than an exercise in graphic design.  Together we utilize the Seven Elements of a Brand Refresh to create beneficial results that give evergreen results year after year.  We review the brand using constructive criticism in online and in-person charrettes to get to know you, your mission, vision, values, and goals.



Branding and Brand Refreshes That Works for you  24-7-365


Together as we build a relationship, we rethink, rewrite, rejuvenate, refresh, renew, reinvigorate, restore, revitalize, revive, or revamp copy and content for your media, including your website, to create a brand strategy and master messaging roadmap. We help create a plan for growth for BD, Marketing, and Sales that utilizes sustainable attraction marketing at the center of the project to attract, retain, convert. Delight customers, starting with your website.

Our Goal for Your and Website, Media, and Brand Refresh is to put  your website to work 24-7-365 to:

  • Attract Qualified leads utilizing your website and SEO as your 24-7-365 Business Developer to Create Brand recognition and improve positioning in the marketplace, which will create qualified Leeds.
  • Retain potential clients by identifying Customer's Needs and Sharing the Benefits as the 24-7-365 Marketing Manager. We utilize content and images that build trust and rapport with prospects looking to buy that widget or unique thing you do.

We Utilize powerful CTA to create Appointment Setting Opportunities for BD, Marketing, and Sales that
Builds Relationships when Content Branding Solutions Brand Refreshes or Brands your Media content 


  • Close as your 24-7-365 Sales Manager close the deal by answering objections.
  • Delight as 24-7-365 Service Manager by answering questions that customers have; following up, build that relationship.

We put Your PR, Website Brand Refresh, and Media to Work by:

  • Position YOU as the Industries Expert, the Thought Leader, Knowledge Authority as the Go-to firm
  • Create Your Brand Strategy and Visual Identity Design for Brand recognition and Trust
  • Tell Your Story  People buy people and products they know, like, and trust.
  • Innovate with Category Design. Play big and dominate with a Market Leading competitive edge
  • Design or Redesign and Create a Brand Refresh that dominates a Market Category
  • Develop your Storytelling Workshops, Webinars, and Presentations
  • Build an excellent product by marketing to the people to be the Authority in the category. Create a great firm.
  • Create Success

To achieve Your Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals, our team utilizes the Seven Elements of a Brand Refresh to create beneficial results that give evergreen results year after year.

From Your Logo to your Product's,  Image and Perception are Everything

OUR PROMISE as CEOs of Content Branding Solutions TO YOU


        All scope fees, charges, and expenses are clearly spelled out before we do business.

      • PERSONALIZATION, INNOVATION our Team is CLEAR. We take the time to help you see the big picture on Content Brand Marketing.
        You will always know exactly where you stand, your options, and why we are taking action.

        Everything we do for you is always in your firm's best interest.
“We write persuasive content that converts, based on your brief, and needs analysis. Together we visualize ideas, create clear copy with eye-catching images to realize your mission, vision and values.”


Website Content Development and Design For all Your Firms NEEDS

Content Branding Solutions is a Digital Content Marketing Company
Specializing in
Branding, and  Brand Refresh utilising creative Content, Graphics, Website design,  SEO, and associated consulting services


DIGITAL CONTENT MARKETING IS OUR BUSINESS - Our mission is simple; to Communicate TIMELESS messages through CONTENT, GRAPHICS,  MENTORING and COACHING for all your media needs from Website Design to Full Circle Content Marketing. We Communicate In Words, Images, and Actions for all your Digital Content Marketing Needs.

Hit Refresh On Your Brand

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Content Branding Solutions Promise to You


When You become a Content Branding Solutions client, you can be confident you are working with Cheri and Peter Lucking and the team.  They are exclusively focused on helping get you, your company, widget, or device sold, by attracting, retain and close sales while delighting customers.  We take a personal vested interest in your success.

Your Success is Our Collaborative Win

As Content Strategists, we take a personal vested interest in your success.  We create relationships that provide you with the highest probability of entrepreneurial success while helping provide your media investments with a beneficial ROI that keeps working year after year—a WIN-WIN for all.

Creative Direction for Branding and Your Brand Refresh

We provide Creative Direction to tell your story with targeted branding, premium content, editorial services for landing pages with inbuilt SEO, keywords, and phrases to ensure on-page optimization.  Additionally, we utilize off-page optimization for all images, professional articles to help you be the leader in your area of expertise.

Seven Elements of a Brand Refresh

Brand Audit ▪ Branding Discovery ▪ Brand Positioning ▪ Brand Messaging ▪ Branding Identity ▪ Branding Standards Guide ▪ Brand Media Communications Guide ▪ Brand Activation and Rollout


Content Branding Solutions utilize the Seven Elements of a Brand Refresh to create beneficial results that give sustainable evergreen results year after year to ensure your media works for you 24-7-365 Business Developer, attracting qualified clients, Your Marketing Manager retaining clients, Sales Manager close the deal, and your Service Manager create Delight.

Seven Elements of a Successful Brand Refresh

  1. Discovery and Research
  2. Competitive Analysis Your Positioning In the Marketplace
  3. Brand Positioning and Key Messaging
  4. Logo and Visual Identity System Update
    • Keep your logo, refresh the look
    • Add clear messaging and updated colors to gain positioning in the marketplace
    • Expand the design system
    • Update and retain a visual connection to the past
    • Utilize Evergreen blogs and articles to build thought leadership and brand identity
    • SEARCH Engine Optimization (SEO) your website, blogs, white papers, articles, and social media to get found, attract, retain, convert, and delight clients. Follow the 4 Steps to Successful Search Engine Optimization
  5. Brand standards guide - 6 STEPS TO CREATE YOUR BRAND STYLE GUIDE
  6. Communications/brand audit
  7. Brand Activation Rollout; Plan for Success Planting Your Flag to Activate Your Brand

You evolve through your Brand refresh or by launching your start-up or business to tell customers, "Here is the New Us." As you expand into new markets with fresh BD, Marketing, and Sales, materials utilizing social media channel coordination and thought leadership help put a face to your company.  People buy people they like and trust.

Refresh your website design to provide brand activation and attraction marketing that builds relationships and brand recognition.

Your future is today; Content Branding Solutions has not yet distributed it for you. – Peter Lucking

We help you flourish by promoting your expertise, experience, and exceptionalism.  We help you build trust as a brand with a competitive edge through excellent website design for 24-7-365 Bd, Marketing, Sales, and Service.

We can refresh your website site design, but what about the cost?  The cost is based on complexity,  Re-Design W/Copywriter Overseeing Content Flow – Based on the number of pages.  We will tailor a contract just for you with a scope of services and timeline that meets your needs.

You are Great at Business.  We are great at Communicating.
Let us Communicate for You with a Brand Refresh that works for You 24-7-365

We provide content that connects you to your targeted customer's desires, concerns and builds trust.  Why Trust?  Trust lies at the heart of all financial decisions.

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Get Qualified Leads and Steady Cash Flow with A Website Refresh

Refresh Your Brand - Take Your Website and BD, Marketing, Sales, and Service to The Next Level

Refresh Your Brand ▪ Brand Refresh ▪ BD, Marketing and Sales Media Refresh ▪ Brand Content ▪ Website Refresh ▪ Reinvigorate Sales▪ Brand Revitalization ▪ Brand Positioning ▪ Brand Strategy ▪ Brand recognition


Content Branding Solutions Leaders have exceptional skills in attraction marketing copywriting, with targeted SEO integration with persuasive words and images in designs that flow like a river telling your story. The goal to retain your clients, build trust until the powerful call-to-action (CTA) triggers their action to give you a call to buy that widget, product, or service.  We combine our skills to take the window to your world to the next level.

Clean white space used to showcase your products.  Content Branding Solutions do not use trendy annoying banner ads.  Ad blockers are more popular than the Kardashians!  We use interesting, entertaining, persuasive branded content targeted to your customers that can cross the line and score touchdowns with all generations.

  • Refresh Your Logo, website colors, and text styles
  • Great Design, with Form Flow and Function
  • Branded Content and integrated graphics that flow through the website and BD, Marketing, Sales, and Service media
  • Content Branding that is persuasive, clear, and precise to Attract your targeted core income-generating clients
  • Tell Your Story to deliver your messaging in a voice that creates trust and subconsciously persuades action
  • Invest in Quality Graphics and Images that are tailored to tell your firm's story
    • All our website graphics have SEO with Alt text, a title that means something, caption, and description Great SEO content to get you found
  • Organic SEO on every website page and image it's not an extra; it's included in the price
  • CTA Persuasive Calls-to-Action to hook your clients and trigger an action to make that sale
  • Leave behinds that skyrocket your BD, Marketing, and Sales
  • Improved Imaging and content that Communicates your message
  • We Train, Mentor, and Coach you to use your website correctly with all your media tools. Our training includes presentations of all forms, blogging, and the use of social media to grow your site organically.
  • On-the-Go Media Results Tracking: For Your Quantifiable Success

Don't have time for that? We will do it for you with a Monthly Content Marketing Plan that suits your budget 

Timeless website and graphical design by Content Branding Solutions: We do not use trendy design solutions; take a look at Plantertizen Top 10 websites – 2010 very few of the top 10 cluttered websites have stood the test of time; many have changed to the next trend at least three times since 2010. If you have money to throw away, follow the trends.

Is Your Website Like An Old Billboard On An Old Dirt Road With No Traffic?
This article tells  Gives You 7 Tips to  Increase Traffic to Your Business Website Organically.


7 SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website Organically.

Is Your Website sitting out like an Old-fashioned Billboard on an Dusty Dirt Road with No Traffic?
Find out how to Increase Traffic and Sales by Contacting Content Branding Solutions
For a Brand Refresh that will Rejuvenate Your Website

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CONTENT BRANDING - Our professional branding approach is Knowledgeable, Comprehensive, Complete, and Innovatively Built to foundation for all your Marketing, business development, and sales success. 

Graphics that grab your attention, speak many words to turn heads and attract eyeballs.


CREATIVITY - Creative Website development and design solutions, inspirational Graphics, and infographics to refresh your brand.  Graphics that grab your attention speak many words to turn heads and attract eyeballs.

Coaching You to Success.


SUCCESS - Coaching that increase your confidence, and self esteem for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Business, Consultants and professionals.  Individual and group marketing and sales thought leadership coaching.