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Website Development and Design

Take Charge of your Firm's Website Design Today

Take charge of your firm's online future today.  Why are you waiting?  Is it time to take control of your online Media Marketing and Skyrocket your Sales?

Rejuvenating an old tired website to breathe life into your services and products or creating a new product landing page to anchor your marketing efforts and increase sales through positioning and awareness in the market place, you should set your goals and utilize a plan and strategy to carry out that plan.

Branding and Design

Before you jump into the web page development and design, take a moment to look at your branding and your site and pages' overall look and feel.  Does your site represent your firm, brand, mission, vision, and goals, and most of all, if you are a small business or professional practice, your aspirations and dreams for success?

If you don't have a website, look at your market competitors and screenshot the sites landing pages that you like.  Drop them into a swipe file.

Ask your friends and colleagues for a constructive review of your site or screenshots over a cup of coffee or a quick zoom meeting.

The second pair of eyes often see the bloopers and errors through the forest of trees.  For example, the Pepto-Bismol colored site sells cupcakes that could induce vomiting and indigestion to the eyes. Or that "Professional site from the dark ages" that gives you the cringing he-be-jibes of cobwebs, spiders, and century that passed 20 years ago.  Sorry, Duane; we are still waiting for those "Testimonials are coming soon!  We have references available upon request." On the landing page.  Seriously!

Website design is much more than just a pretty picture; your pages should tell your story and have a marketing strategy to attract, retain, and convert to clients with a strong call to action.


Take a look at some examples of a:

Grab ideas that you like and create a vision board to set your strategy and tactics  for success.

Have Fun and Make a Vision board, build your brand, and be constructive.  Make a list of pros and cons with post-it notes.  Print out the images you like and create a vision board for your site or product launch page.  Think of some sharp hook lines and powerful calls to action and add them to the vision board.

Ask yourself what makes you stand out from the competition?  What is your unique offer?  Make a list of keywords and phrases associated with your Unique offer.

Ponder the goals and actions you want your clients to take?  Ask yourself, how will you attract, retain, convert, and delight your clients?  Now reverse engineer that page to meet your goals and expectations.

Keep your plan simple, use the KISS principles, don't procrastinate, think SMART, and, "Just do it!"

SMART Goal Setting from
Tips for achieving SMART Goals.

Website SEO-SEF

Create a list of keywords related to your business's core services and market area of influence.  For example, Cupcakes, Parker, Colorado, with your list of keywords and phrases associated with your Unique offer, is the start of your search engine optimization (SEO).

The actions you want your clients to take should lead directly into the way you will layout your site contents and make it Search Engine Friendly (SEF)

Create Your Content

It is time to create your content utilizing your vision board, lists images, and post-it notes layout your site in Word, or whiteboard or pinboard.  Start with your logo; it will represent your firm on multiple media sites and all your marketing materials.

Now move to the website starting at the slider or first image; what is the impression you want to create?  Now work on the written content, flow, form, and function of your site.

List out the images you will need to help tell your story; think about what they will portray, how they will look on the page, who will create them, or where you will purchase them.

Remember that people buy people they like, so build your image through leadership and creativity in your area of expertise; your rock stars and rainmakers are interwoven with your firm.

Once this is done, you are ready to start creating your site in WordPress, skip those drag and drop superficial pdf sites and be creative; remember, the plan is to grow your company and ROI, so use a great foundation today, the start of your journey to success.

Find a Theme that works for you and build upon its strengths.

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Is it time for a website refresh or a new product funnel page or book landing page?  Are you ready to launch your success?  Give us a call; we would love to partner with you.

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Cheri Lucking is co-founder and CEO of Content Branding Solutions, a creative digital content marketing company. We specialize in attraction marketing content, graphics, website design, and associated consulting services in Denver, CO.  She is a prodigy of radio and TV marketing, a serial entrepreneur, a published author, and a successful businesswoman.

She and her husband are nationally recognized speakers on content branding, Strategic Content Marketing that combines digital marketing, social media.  Through there company and webinar Master Class The Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing, they provide real, actionable advice to attract, retain, and convert, qualified leads to paying customers.

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Cheri has written persuasive marketing copy and provided effective digital marketing content strategies for Fortune 500 firms and successful small businesses, professional practices, large corporations, and entrepreneurs.  Cheri believes high-quality content is vital for influencing conversion rates.  Concise content allows you to connect with your consumers as you meet their needs, combined with clear CTA's, enable the reader to know what to do next.

Cheri is a professionally trained, certified business coach.  Cheri shares her knowledge as a digital marketing trainer with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional practices.

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Peter is a famous guest blogger published by multiple marketing publications, a sustainable columnist, and a prolific ghostwriter.  Peter provides actionable advice from an author and illustrator in the content marketing trenches.

Peter is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and consultants find new, innovative, cost-effective ways to leverage technology and marketing to facilitate rapid, sustainable business growth with measurable ROI.

Cheri and Peter started  Content Branding Solutions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses create there brand, through evergreen attraction marketing content that transform their businesses over time.

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Keynote speaker at marketing conferences and digital marketing trainer for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional practices.

Before the pandemic, Peter was an in-demand speaker booked over 52 times each year to deliver actionable sessions on personal branding, marketing strategy, and sales.  As Co-author of Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Cheri and Peter continue the keynote speaking with The Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing  to share their knowledge and help firms grow successfully in the future.

Peter is a popular guest blogger for numerous publications and international advisor to early-stage technology and social media companies, via many startup Institutes.

Peter has branded and created marketing copy, graphics, and images and provided a digital marketing strategy for many successful companies and entrepreneurs utilizing the "Full Circle" marketing techniques developed and championed by Content Branding Solutions.

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