Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Brand Awareness Master Class- for entrepreneurs, Small Businesses from Content Branding Solutions
Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Brand Awareness – A master Class based on the Book Content Marketing Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Strategic Content Marketing by Award-winning authors Cheri lucking – Peter Lucking

Master Class on “Brand Awareness”

A must-attend class module if you are in business or want to be in business


We share the Blueprint to Create Brand Awareness from the book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs – Strategic Content Marketing – This book is for Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional firms. The book shares branding, content strategy and implementation, activating your brand, website development, thought leadership, creating brand awareness, email marketing, social media, and much more.

“If you build it, he will come,” the line from the 1989 Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams, has perpetuated a myth.  The myth that if we create something that everybody needs or wants, they will come to you rather than you having to go to them.  In the age of overwhelming data and information, this is bull.

You need to attract and romance your targeted audience, to delight them with your content.  Getting found is far more challenging than people think.  The story is the same from independently published authors to websites that sit like deserted billboards on the side of a dead-end dirt road, with no traffic.  It takes skill, some luck, and perseverance to be found to create a break that separates you from your competition.

For many entrepreneurs, their websites are the online storefront that is the world’s window to their product.  If you cannot find the site, then you cannot sell that widget or that skill that will make you a millionaire.

Biggest Technology Milestone for Small Business Owners (SBM)
54% Launching a Website.  – 2014 Manta Survey

For many with a brick and mortar ball and chain, getting found is more than just location, its more than being in the local yellow pages, in an online list of professionals with similar skills competing for the same clients.  It is more than being in the list of the best “XYZ” in Timbuktu.

Imagine the world, look at a world map and point to the city Timbuktu.  Most people would not even know where the country Mali is, let alone Timbuktu.   There are as many websites as there are place names on the map; multiply that by millions.

There are 1.74 billion websites with 4,437,215,927 and ½ users and growing!

(Liedke, 100+ Internet Statistics and Facts, 2020).

“North America has the highest penetration rate, with 88.1% of its people using the internet.  This is followed by Europe (85.2%), Australia/Oceania (68.9%), and Latin America/Caribbean (67.2%).”  – (Liedke, 100+ Internet Statistics and Facts, 2020).

But what about networking to promote my business and website? I hear you cry.  Yes, networking works if you go to where your target audience gathers.

Unfortunately, unless you are a workaholic and have insomnia, you cannot do that 24-7-365.  If you want growth, you need to use the tools that others are using, 24-7-365.  You need to be found on the world wide web.

“Google Chrome reigns supreme amongst users with 61.77% dominance…  Safari (15.09%), Firefox (4.92%), Opera (3.15%), and Internet Explorer (2.81%).”  – (Liedke, 100+ Internet Statistics and Facts, 2020).

The numbers will shock you, but just over one-quarter of all small businesses sell online.  Nearly three-quarters of all shoppers believe that they will get a better deal online than in-store, and almost half of the world’s population buy online.

“Consumer Spending And Demand Has Changed Due To The Pandemic.”
  – (Wertz, 2020)

In 2020 everything changed with the pandemic shifting more purchases online.  Entrepreneurs should think outside the box.  Focus on internet sales and inducing people to buy through providing bargains through value.

Abandonment of shopping carts and websites due to slow loading times, poor device compatibility, no free shipping, and poor navigation lose billions a year.

71% of all buyers start with generic unbranded searches.

There are more than 5,760,000 blog posts published on the internet every single day.  Your evergreen organic ranking will take some time, even if you are consistent with SEO, perhaps 3-5 years if you do not have a marketing plan.  You may never get a lucky break; your business will die due to lack of funding.  This explains, perhaps one, of the reasons many firms buy out older enterprises.  Let us not forget your exit strategy.

Now you say I will jump to the front, top of the page rankings with Google ads.  According to the stats, 75% of people never scroll past the first page in search results, and 80% of people ignore Google ads.

Your Path to Success is Right in Front of You

How can you compete?  You need Search Engine Optimized content (SEO) and an easily navigable site that is Search Engine Friendly (SEF), and device friendly with thought leadership, case studies white papers, long-form posts, and webinars to attract and retain eyeballs.

Long-Form Blog Posts Like Thought Leadership Pieces Generate
9x More Leads Than Short-Form Posts.

You need Search Engine Optimized content on your website; from words to Americans with Disabilities (ADA), to tagged compliant images, and graphics with a fully SEO’d backend.  All must include page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, H1-H6 styles, bolded content, and bullets for readability.

With SEF-SEO, the Sky’s the Limit.

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Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Actionable Hands-on Advice on Branding and Attraction Marketing from Authors Peter and Cheri Lucking in the Content Marketing Trenches.