From the new book CONTENT-BRANDING-SOLUTIONS-for-ENTREPRENEURS-Strategic-Content-Marketing-DONT-SWEAT-THE-LIST-by-Peter-Cheri-Lucking
Excerpt from Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs – Strategic Content Marketing. CHAPTER 7, a New Book, eBook, Kindle by Cheri Lucking, and Peter Lucking – Available at Amazon

Social Media Marketing Lists

Don’t Sweat the List – Success is One-Click away.

Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing Don’t Sweat the List – Success is One Click away- Email marketing master Class for entrepreneurs from Content Branding Solutions.

The Social Media Master Class is based on the Book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Strategic Content Marketing by Award-winning authors Cheri Lucking – Peter Lucking

Don’t Sweat the List – A Comprehensive hands-on master class module that shows you how to create your list for all Entrepreneurs, Small businesses, and Professional practices from marketing experts at Content Branding Solutions.

Too many firms spend thousands on “high-quality marketing lists – Satisfaction guaranteed.”  These “triple-verified” databases can work, but often they are tired, worn out from overuse; they have been telemarketing to deaf ears for years.

Purchasing a list of “potential targeted customers” within your target market can help your business ramp up prospects, boosting your sales to the next level.

Creating your list organically through SEO and your sales funnel, and wheel of delight takes time.  So, what should you do to speed up the process?

You should promote and foster active engagement, networking, public speaking, webinars, podcasts, and attraction with content marketing.

First, you will need to develop some simple people skills, a one-line synopsis of what your firm does, and the elbow bump!

We will show you how to create a one-liner like ours:

Content Branding Solutions is a digital content marketing company specializing in communication, creative content, graphics, website design, and associated consulting services in Denver, CO.

Now you are ready to get out there and engage as the “Rock Star” you are!

Second, develop a presentation that delivers a message that your target audience wants to hear and promote it as the knowledge expert across multiple platforms as part of your content marketing plan.

Third, if you need to speed up the process, spend your dollars wisely with a Pay-Per-Click AdWords Campaign, utilizing native content advertising with one of the on-the-go-media tracking systems.

Expert Tip:  Use Evergreen Marketing, it is sustainable, targeted content branded marketing that is identifiable, and reusable across platforms and mediums.

Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – 12 Master Classes for just  alt=
Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Actionable Hands-on Advice on Branding and Attraction Marketing from Authors Peter and Cheri Lucking in the Content Marketing Trenches.