Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Email marketing master Class for entrepreneurs from Content Branding Solutions
A Master Class to Email Marketing from Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Branding Solutions, Peter Lucking, Cheri Lucking

Email Marketing

In this Master Class Module You Will Learn that You are One-Click away from Creating Your Success.

Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing –  Email Marketing Marketing a master Class based on the Book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Strategic Content Marketing by Award-winning authors Cheri lucking – Peter Lucking

Email Marketing – A Comprehensive master class module to Email Marketing and Content Marketing for all Entrepreneurs, Small businesses, and Professional practices from marketing gurus at Content Branding Solutions.

In this class you will learn how Email marketing distribution and placement can help you sell from Mailchimp® to Drip™; there is an excess of FREE instant email blast services that supposedly make email marketing easy and simple as ABC.

The rise of social media and unsolicited spam email marketing has saturated the market, causing many marketers to move away from this lucrative and effective way of nurturing leads and creating brand advocates.

The tired, overused, worn-out lists can be purchased for a small fee; however, these lists are useless and not even worth the excel spreadsheet they come on.  We need to create our own original social media list of delighted customers who are brand advocates.

Let us look at the importance of email marketing and why you should consider making this method of marketing a top priority after your website.

The Value of Email Marketing

99% of Consumers Check Their Email Daily!

1.        Email is the #1 Communication Channel

Source:  (Santora, 2020)

2.        You Already Own the Beginning of Your List

You already probably have a list, your social media platform, your LinkedIn or Facebook friends and acquaintances.  Start by converting your social media into a list.  Remember not to spam people; get them to sign up by building trust and rapport.

We will show you how to Create your list; do not buy one.

3.        Email converts when creatively utilized

People buy products marketed through email; they spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.

According to Optinmonster, the ROI of 440%!

Source:  (Santora, 2020)

This method leaves social media in the dust.  Optinmonster believes that the average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media.

We believe that this is true if the content is written to attract, convert, and triggers a good itch!

Email marketing starts with growing your list through attraction marketing.  Create thought leadership magnets for your sign up:

  • Ebooks
  • Tips or resources
  • White papers or case studies
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • FREE Consultations
  • Quizzes or a self-assessment
  • Coupons and Price reductions

Make your attraction marketing magnets easy to consume, actionable, beneficial relevant, and available, and you will have a hit!

Expert Tip: Crafted content emails are simply the best way to make sales online.

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Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Actionable Hands-on Advice on Branding and Attraction Marketing from Authors Peter and Cheri Lucking in the Content Marketing Trenches.

Your one click away from creating your success… Join this class today!