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A Masterclass in Website Development and Design

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A Master Class Based on the book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs – Strategic Content Marketing, Chapter 4  – This book is for Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional firms. The book shares branding, content strategy and implementation, activating your brand, website development, thought leadership, creating brand awareness, email marketing, social media, and much more.

Technology for your businesses is the first significant investment most entrepreneurs make.  Whether it be a laptop, desktop, printer, or smartphone, we need tools to communicate.  Emerging technologies will significantly impact our way of communicating.  One thing is for sure unless you have a brick and mortar business, you need a storefront.  You need a website to be your 24/7/375 storefront, the world’s window to your services.

In This Master Class Module You will learn How to Develop, Design, and Launch your website.

Launching the business website is the most significant technological milestone for many entrepreneurs and small businesses.  It is the one-off highest cost after the investments in business technology.

The Biggest Technology Milestone for Small Businesses
54% Launching A Website

Source: Manta Survey 2014

Every small business must become known within its community and industry to be positioned for success; this is where your website, networking, and social media can and will make a difference if you are consistent and well-branded across all media types.

Your branded website, mission, vision, and values combined with your services should position your firm within the marketplace by defining your expertise and unique sales proposition that makes you stand above the crowd.

Your website should build brand recognition through timeless content that communicates your message and tells your story in words, images, and actions.

Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – 12 Master Classes for just  alt=
Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing – Actionable Hands-on Advice on Branding and Attraction Marketing from Authors Peter and Cheri Lucking in the Content Marketing Trenches.