GoFundMe Review

Need Money for Your Startup check GoFundMe Review and the Top 8 alternative Crowdfunding Sites

In this Review we check our GofundMe and then we Explore the Top 8 Alternative Crowdfunding Sites in the next blog reviews.  Alternatives to GoFundMe, include Givebutter, Kickstarter, Fundly, Donorbox,  IndieGoGo,  Bonfire classy, Patreon and finally Bonfire.  These Crowdfunding sites are are arguablythe most recognized sites to obtain crowdfunding to start a business or new adventure.    So What is Crowdfunding?  Crowdfunding harnesses the power of the internet through social media to provide the opportunity to raise funds that help others overcome hardship and meet aspirational goals—crowdfunding bridges the gap between those in need and those available to help them.

For those looking at crowdfunding for the first time, here are some of the benefits of crowdfunding:

  • There are no long wait periods to receive your funds.
  • Crowdfunding takes the fear out of asking for financial help. Sharing your fundraiser with your network of friends and family members on social media, from Instagram to Facebook (Meta), is simple.
  • Crowdfunding makes it easy to reach people outside of your network.

Our GoFundMe review in the series - Quick guide with Things to look for:

💰  Price:  Look at the cost to services benefit for you.  Check that the services match your needs, from donation forms, fundraising pages, fundraising events, auctions, doner management, CRM, Nonprofit marketing engagement, and finally, the payment and processing fees.

😵‍💫  Fraud Protection Guarantee:  Fraud protection ensures that you, the organizers, beneficiaries, and donors are all safe when using a crowdfunding platform.   By offering a fraud protection guarantee, a crowdfunding platform demonstrates its commitment to honesty, integrity, and the safety of its customers.

✅  Best for:  To help you decide, we research what each firm appears best for.

🤩  Features we like:   What stands out to our “Growth Hackers” at Content Branding Solutions.

👉  Content Branding Solutions take:  We provide a researched quick take to help you decide.

68% Gofundme Professional Crowdfunding is let down by Support Services

GoFundMe Crowdfunding Review

Number 1 GoFundMe review - The first Crowdfunding site


If you read the Bing AI-generated blurb for GoFundMe or watch the YouTube video, you should not hesitate to click on the site and fill in the forms for your funding project.  But Wait… All is not Quiet on the Western Front like Paul Bäumer, a young German soldier.  You may be exposed to realities that shatter your hopes and destroy your vision of becoming a hero and raising the funds for your dreams.  Instead, you may experience terrifying and distressful customer support and services.

So, Let’s Explore The top 8 alternatives to GoFundMe.

GoFundMe is a widely recognized online fundraising platform that allows individuals, groups, and organizations to create crowdfunding campaigns for various needs and dreams.  Whether you’re seeking financial support for medical expenses, educational pursuits, community projects, or personal aspirations, GoFundMe provides a user-friendly platform to connect with a caring community of donors.  You can start your fundraiser in just 5 minutes and make a positive impact by giving and receiving kindness.”

Source: Bing AI - Note BING AI had to be edited for correct punctuation!



GoFundMe Guide: Creating a fundraiser - YouTube

💰  Price FREE  for the user - 8% for the Donor:  GoFundMe, there’s no fee to start or manage your fundraiser.  However, there is a standard transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction, including debit and credit charges + Tip!  Which is the same as Givebutter below.  But GoFundMe takes 5% per donation, which, after research, is similar to other providers!

😵‍💫  Fraud protection guaranteeYES ⭐⭐⭐.  GoFundMe offers the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee—a money-back donor protection guarantee.  GoFundMe guarantees a full refund.  But, you may have difficulty connecting to their customer services department.

✅  Best for:  Nonprofits, schools, faith-based groups, sports teams, businesses, and individuals who want to raise money for good causes, host events and auctions, engage supporters in real-time, and track their progress with quality, user-friendly tools.

Please don’t do an Alyssa Milano, who is defending her GoFundMe for her son’s baseball trip amid backlash…
Her net worth is over $10m, so panhandling for money could seem inappropriate to some.

🤩  Features we like:

  • Immaculate pages with words of support. This feedback fuels the donations
  • Great for personal “heartfelt” causes

👉  Content Branding Solutions take:  GoFundMe is a great company that presently appears to be let down by poor customer support. 

Customer support has a lot of negative criticism for poor support and customer service on Trustpilot  Reviews 1.5 out of 21,756 total.  The Reviews are not very positive; similar bad reviews appear on Consumer Affairs and other sites.


“Unable to contact a live person by phone or email and took days to get past the bot to a rep.”  – Que Mark

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/users/65b1296b6f7c8a0012c446c9

Give an alternate a look till they improve their “Support  Services” to “delight customers.” 🤔  So, Let’s explore alternative Crowdfunding opportunities.

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