TIPS TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Secrets to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness


Living a Healthy lifestyle Is “Simple – But It’s Not Easy.”

This e-Book is packed with motivational quotations and links to in-depth articles; this comprehensive guide will save you hours of research so you can start a clean-living life today.

Take back your health by ‘Living a Healthy lifestyle,’ get healthy, stay healthy for a long prosperous life.


Do you Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle? 

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TIPS TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Secrets to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness, by Cheri and Peter Lucking, provides straightforward, easy to follow practical researched advice to live a healthy life.

Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles Living for the Body, Mind & Spirit!

Daily Tips to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle – Will Help You Commit to Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and live longer.

Tips for a Healthy Mind – Will Help Improve Your Emotional Wellness and Reduce Stress by Creating Self-Supportive Attitudes, Positive Thoughts, and Viewpoints that Help to Lead to a Positive Self-Image.

“Dream, and think with all your heart. Follow those dreams, and the universe will shift the stars for you.”

Tips to Eat A Rainbow of Healthy Food – Will Help You Ditch Those Unhealthy Eating Habits that Affect Your Health and Challenge Your Quality and Longevity of Life?

“The right nutrition is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. You require a well-balanced diet every day to maintain adequate amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body.”

Tips for a Healthy Body – Will Help You Stay Strong, Younger with a Healthier Zestful step in Your Life.

“Active ‘Fitness Snacks’ that help relieve stress get stronger five minutes at a time for that healthy self-image.”

Tips for a Healthy Heart and Soul – Spiritual Wellness leads to Inner Calmness that Opens Your Creativity and self-esteem. When you Trust in Your Inner self a harmony is created to achieve wellness and balanced healthy life.

“Love with Compassion Live Laugh and Experience Happiness and Joyful Relationships With Yourself and Others.”