Content Branding Solutions provides Coaching Services for for small businesses, professional practices, and independent Consultants from Lawyers to Dentists in Denver, Colorado.  Our founders have experience in coaching for TV, radio, national speaker conferences and presentations from sustainability to construction economics for the design and construction industry.

75% of Companies Say Closing More Deals is their Top Sales Priority.   


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  • Individual Coaching – Work to refresh and bring out your competitive edge.
  • Thought Leadership Coaching and Training – Live presentations to keynote speaking both online and in person.
  • Team Coaching – Achieve the results to put your team at the top of your field.  Bring out your team’s expertise, experience, exceptionalism, and trust.  People Buy People.
  • Intensive One-on-One Thought Leadership Coaching – Be the Market leader, the Trendsetter, the Knowledge Expert, the Authority.
  • Contract Interview Presentation – Coaching to Win – Intensive team coaching on site; Presentation and Interview Coaching to Close more sales.  It is an art.
  • Webinar Coaching to Build your Crowd.  Learn how to attract your audience and hold their attention with enthusiasm and knowledge.  Leave your crowd wanting more.  Learn how to share knowledge with fun!
  • Monthly Executive / Principal Coaching – Learn and grow your abilities to match your knowledge.

People buy people first, then the benefit, product or service.  That is why coaching is a key component for you and your team’s success to help put your best forward.

Confident, knowledgeable thought leadership coaching gives you the edge in interviews and presentations that have value and benefits for your professional clients.  People hire people they trust.

Enjoy steady Growth by increasing conversion, attract new prospects and potential clients by being the thought leader in your area of expertise in the construction and design industry.  Make others feel confident in your product and abilities.  Your abilities reflect on your product.

We coach you to be the best thought leader you can be.  We train you to anticipate your client’s concerns.  Have the answers to their fears, help lead them to the close.

We train you to take on their concerns as your own.  Provide beneficial value and knowledge but most of all to lead by being the Market leader, the Trendsetter, The Knowledge Expert and Authority with expertise that builds trust and rapport.

After all, why should a prospect give you their money?  You must earn it.

Content Branding Solutions is a small business marketing agency that specializes in website design, graphics, social media, content marketing, SEO, and coaching for small businesses, professional practices, and independent Consultants in Denver, Colorado.

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