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“Your marketing whether on screen or off must deliver clear messaging, with offers content that provides value and connects to your audience by building trust.”

What is marketing?  You may wonder why we ask that question?  Many Professional firms confuse marketing with Business development and sales!

Marketing is about identifying your key differentiators, developing your message, and establishing a positioning within your market(s).  As an example, Marketing is advertising, event promotion, website content, and building thought leadership through public relations, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, webinars etc. – these are all marketing strategies (or at least first cousins to marketing).

Content Branding Solutions provides you with clearly written, concise copywriting with targeted content that sells by building trust with content that has the power to persuade and connect.

Great copy that convinces your readers that they can get to know, like and trust you as the market leaders.

Proposals, imagine a thick book versus a well-written cover letter with Bulleted pertinent content, and clear pricing. Which would you choose?

 “As an Architect, I once got a proposal from a cost consultant that was 178 pages!  It included pages and pages of legal contractual jargon!  I read the front cover letter and skipped to the last page, the cost.  Why?

In this case, the Consultant is under the prime agreement;  all those additional pages were a waste of time, energy, and paper.

The Consultant had demonstrated expertise, experience, exceptionalism, and trust over years of building a relationship with me.

Later I would help them reduce their proposals to a simple bulleted cover letter outlining their services with a one-page, three-page or five-page proposal. Including a final last page of cost.” 

Content is King – Quality over quantity

Bring new prospects with clear and precise proposals.  Free up your Marketing Director to help you market.

  • Marketing Strategy, Planning, Consulting
  • Editorial Piece for Newsletter
  • “How-to be Sustainable at home” Guide or Tour
  • Press Release
  • Brochure (3-panel) Leave behind.
  • Testimonial
  • Autoresponder/Funnel Emails (Series)
  • Stand-alone Email
  • E-newsletter/E-zine Great if you are a landscaping firm, but not much else
  • Print Ad
  • Trade Show Materials
  • How-to Guide (such as a Buying Guide) or “Tips” Booklet
  • Collateral Audit of all marketing materials – all channels

Great copy convinces readers that they can get to know, like and trust you.