Peter Luckings Nomination Application to the Board of Trustee Directors

Transparency ▪️ Community Engagement and Involvement ▪️ Inspiration ▪️ Accountability


It's Time For Inclusive Leadership that builds on Jackie Davis and Richard Forrest's Recent Inspirational Board Trustee Leadership Style.


It's time to build on Jackie and Richard's professional efforts as Board Trustees.  As you know, Keith and I have been working with Jackie and Richard to provide "emergency maintenance" to the irrigation system physically and online at Jain Water.  In addition, we have been board helpers and advisers on Landscaping, Tree spraying, and road maintenance.

What are my qualifications to Run?  As an international award-winning Architect, Theatre designer, and recently the owner and creative director of a digital marketing company, I bring the benefits of  40 + years of professional knowledge and experience in orchestrating and communicating with teams to create inclusivity.  I have been on multiple professional firm boards, including non-profit trustee Boards and our HOA Trustee board with the declarant.  I orchestrated the handover to the Community and Ivan Jacobs.

99% of the projects I led and orchestrated have been delivered on budget and on time.  Why, communication and teamwork maximize the budget.  My portfolio includes over 50 Performing Arts Centers, which utilized Community and multiple user group meetings, master plans, sub-development plans like our PUD DECs, design, sustainability and resilience, contract specifications, contract walk-through, bid, review, and award.  Contractor observation, and in some cases, supervision, direction, and payment.  Owner's and user training, operation and maintenance manual, and long-term asset maintenance plans.  All of this is a Wealth of Knowledge I am bringing to our Community and Trustee Board when elected.

How will the Community benefit?  In my professional career, I utilized "Inclusive leadership and equality of service" on all my projects, including the Denver Ellie Caulkins Opera House, which delivered to the Colorado community on time and on budget.  I believe in "In-person meetings, constructive criticism, and open communication that is transparent and inclusive with Community Engagement, Inspiration, and Accountability."  With Your help as a community, we can Turn the Community Trustee Board back to Homeowners utilizing autonomous Community Action Groups, Board Helpers, and Advisers.

These autonomous Community Action Groups / Board Assistance and Advisers combine our shared knowledge and passions to inspire and promote a sense of self-discovery and group connection, encourage members to express their beliefs and values and build relationships with others, negating the "us-vs-them" attitude, which has divided the Community in the past.  These groups are not FREE labor but think tanks to share knowledge and create action plans with budgets for our shared future.  For example, as Claudette has suggested, these groups could include the Parker Road Xeriscape Community Action group.

"It is Time for Change to drive out the Crisis Management Attitude and Negativity of the
Long Serving Entrenched Leadership. 
We must STOP Ignoring the Wealth of Knowledge in our Community and use it to Create a Plan for Success. 
Our Bord is entrusted with Managing our Assets…
Our Roads, Sidewalks, Walls, Gates, Trees, And Landscape need a "Long-term Asset Maintenance Plan" along with Operator Manuals and Bid Specs that are
Written by the Experts in our Community for our Community." 


I look forward to working with the Community and the current trustee board of Jackie and Richard, along with Keith Bailey as the first Board advisor, a 30-year professional property manager, and a former Facility Manager of 200 First Bank locations, to begin fixing the deteriorated common area assets.

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If this sounds like a community you want to be part of, read on.  Together, we can get there.


Downloadable Manifesto pdf

Downloadable The Crumbling State Of the Community