Content Branding Solutions provides rewriting services for your thought leadership article, manuscript or white paper that has significant problems with SEO, logic, clarity, or style. If you are having difficulties explaining or taking your reader through the outline, we can help clarify the journey and tell your story.

“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.” — Muriel Rukeyser, poet

Based on your research, outline, and the contents of your rough draft, we can revise and create a new manuscript for you. This process may include some additional research and writing of original material. We may tell your story so that it evokes emotion, we may write copy and a narrative that leads you to your conclusions we will make it about you.

The simple five-step framework to create a thought leadership article that will avoid rewriting:

  1. Target your client rich audience.  Is your thought leadership article going to address their concerns and attract them to you?
  2. Know why you are telling the story /writing the report etc. “How will the import tax on steel effect construction costs?”  Provide a valuable knowledge-based benefit.
  3. Target your client rich audience is your thought leadership article going to attract them to you?
  4. Make your audience care by building trust, sharing knowledge and telling a story that connects.
  5. What factors will encourage readers and bloggers to share your story or report is it newsworthy?

An example of a missed opportunity.

“Sustainability and Resilience in Architectural Design for Florida.” Many of the articles on sustainability and resilience are very dry, uninteresting and attract fellow professionals who are already converted and are unlikely to become your client as you are competing with them.

If you changed the spin on the article outline direction and focussed on attracting new clients the story you tell might just be Newsworthy.

“Will Your House in Florida be Under Water by 2025?” Ok, the title is, a bit over the top.  But if you back up the title with proof of rising seas and solutions to the flooding problem, for example, buildings on stilts just as the fishing village in The Cameroons on the banks of the Indian River did, you have an interesting sustainable, resilient story.

Your call to action might just work and result in new clients.

Rewriting is not fun!  So give us a call.

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