Content Branding Solutions utilizes the internet to thoroughly checks the accuracy of facts, and quotations referenced in all the documents we produce.

If you have used a reference but do not know its source, we will find the source for you. This process is extremely laborious, time-consuming, and will add additional costs.

If you are looking for references in the Design and Construction Industry from Sustainability to resilient design we can help.

Plagiarized content is unacceptable, we will discover it and rewrite it for you.  You will be surprised at how many original works are the works of others.

One “Thought Leader” in our industry thought that writing an article meant copying it from another source and just changing a few words!

We will help you put your personal spin on your article, in your voice and words. 

Content Branding Solutions Editorial Services Include but are Not Limited to…

Give us a call if you need help with your fact or reference checking