Editorial Copywriter ▪ Manuscript / Report Evaluation ▪ Proofreading ▪ Developmental Project Editing ▪ Editing ▪ Copy editing ▪ Substantive and Structural Editing ▪ Stylistic Editing ▪ Formatting ▪ Indexing ▪ Referencing

If you are looking to produce a high-quality publication, whether, on paper or onscreen, our editorial services can help.

Our editors are Design and Construction Industry experts.  They are aware of the construction industry jargon that many potential clients may not understand.  They are fanatical to the point of obsession about, written clarity, and will translate professional language into clear text that all can understand.  Before the fix your content they fix the basics, grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and poor punctuation that drives them crazy.

When you create your own content, it is always prudent to get an independent copyeditor to catch any mistakes you might have made but can’t see.

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