As a Team, we create laser targeted attraction marketing content that converts B2B, and broader reach B2C Design and Construction Industry clients utilizing a combination of; content marketing and lead generation, email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) with geofencing to traditional advertising, and environment packaging, tailored for your product or profession.

  • We can buy media with your brand and target market in mind from radio to TV, social media to targeted video and multimedia advertising and marketing we only buy what you need to maximize your ROI.
  • We help you exploit cross-marketing opportunities from arbitrage, AdSense, and affiliate marketing. If it is appropriate, we will help to fund your promotions through sponsorship, Co-op marketing, advertising, funding, reimbursement, and fulfillment.
  • We create content branding and marketing solutions that communicate a compelling value proposition that increases conversion, utilizing social media blogs, to webinars and presentations all designed to increase visibility for maximum product exposure, reach and rankings.
  • We help you manage your brand by implementing attraction marketing techniques from social media, to public and media relations and event planning designed to work together to Maximize Your ROI. If your Public and Media Relations are not where they should be, we can help remedy the situation.
  • Thought Leadership is mission critical. Sell to Thought Leaders and Decision Makers.
  • Presentations at Professional Conferences can get you in front of your targeted market clients. We can script your proposal and coach your presentations for the conference with your Marketing Director and Team.

Laying the foundation for your Success! 

Content Branding Solutions provides creative solutions that target and connect you to your clients in the Design & Construction Industry.