19 Tips to Boost Your Email Opening Rates by 29

Part 1 - 20 How-to Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Open Rates

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The Email Marketing strategists at Content Branding Solutions share the best ways to increase your Email Marketing opening rates in this How-to guide, "20 How-to Tips to Boost Your Email Sales Funnel Opening Rates." In addition, we share the best ways to jump-start your email marketing sales and achieve better ROI on your Email sales Funnel Opening Rates.  In part 1, we list  Spam Trigger Words in Your Email Marketing Subject Line and content that you must avoid getting past the Advanced business spam filters.  These malware filter protections will trash your email marketing opening rates and copy spam word content based on its subject line.

In Part 2 of "20 How-to Tips to Boost Your Email Sales Funnel Open Rates," we cover  how to boost open rates and the best way "Professional Firms Can Benefit from Email Marketing Newsletters and Reports."

High Marketing Email opening rates are accomplished by expert attraction marketing copywriters who craft compelling email subject lines with persuasive content and copy that benefits the prospects.

1.           Are Your Marketing Emails Trash Or Cash?

How many emails do you trash a day?

The average person deletes 48% of the emails they receive a day!  Deleting emails takes us about five minutes.  Multiply that number by a year, and you get over thirty (30) hours a year spent deleting emails!

I bet you opt out of subscription lists when you are spammed with content that has no apparent benefits or value.  Instead, it goes straight to the trash folder.

The quickest way to trash:  LinkedIn navigator spam from Nejabaly Kumar - Quick connect, a quick question, or worse yet, it's been a while!  From a person I don't know, this is pure spam, a waste of time, and obviously, It will be a bit longer, or never.

Do you want Cash?  Use a hook to get a foot in the door.  Write snappy subject lines that appeal to our human predispositions, greed, or humor throw in words that convey value and urgency, and you will get a higher opening rate.

Well-crafted Subject Lines Hook Us into Opening the Email


This one got me.   Your website sucks (and you know it).... But, don't worry, mine does too.  I opened it and laughed.


From a guy with a beard… Are you looking for bearder results, even if just by a hair?

Expert Tip: Great intros get you noticed.

First, we need to know a little bit about our target audience.

2.           Are Your Email Marketing Prospects Early Birds?

Are your Email Marketing prospects early birds?  Your target market demographic will determine the best time and day to send your Emails.  For example, many entrepreneurs read emails between 5 and 6 a.m.; however, studies suggest Tuesday at 10 a.m. is the best time.  But Before you rush to a conclusion, we must look at openings, clicks, and responses to decide what time is best for you.

B2B emails to entrepreneurs, otherwise known as workaholics, will compulsively check and respond to emails every day.  Interestingly Weekends may yield higher opening rates when the overachievers relax.

20 How-to Tips to Boost Your Email Sales Funnel Opening Rates The Best Times to click from Content Branding Solutions

Self Employed Entrepreneurs and Workaholics checking emails.

How has covid changed your Email sales Funnel Opening Rates?

How have your habits changed?  Before covid, I used to look at emails on Saturdays between 7:00 a.m. compulsively –10 a.m. however, like many other entrepreneurs, I do not look at emails over the weekend today.

20 How-to Tips to Boost Your Email Sales Funnel Opening Rates The Best Times to Click from Content Branding Solutions

Be Normal Click on Tuesday advice from the expert content marketers at Content Branding solutions.

B2C Consumers are not as compulsive as many professional workaholics; consequently, they tend to open some exciting Emails on Saturdays, but Tuesdays are the best day to get clicks and responses.

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The Best Day of the Week to Send Emails

  • Thursday (highest percentage of open rates)

Top Performing Time for Send Emails

  • 8 a.m. – for Email Open Rates
  • 10 a.m. – for Engagement Rates
  • 1 p.m. – for the Best Results
An example Email Sales Funnel Copy to increase your opening rates could be:


Do You want High Value-clients?  Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile 

Dear XXX

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Expert Tip: Add a free beneficial giveaway to attract potential clients to your brand.

20 How-to Tips to Boost Your Email Sales Funnel Opening Rates B2C Best Times to click from Content Branding Solutions

 B2C Click on Saturdays if your target market is a consumer.
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Many studies have found that Emails sent overnight get opened the most in the morning.  This finding is a no-brainer; who needed the study?  So, the early bird does catch the worm.  If you do not want to be a night owl or an early bird, use a scheduling tool to send your email campaign out at the perfect time.

Sources: (The Best Time to Send Emails (Here's What Studies Show), 2019) (Leadem, 2017)

3.           How do we read Marketing Emails?

Expert Tip: 47% Of Email Recipients Open Emails Based on the Subject Line Alone!

4.           The Most Effective Words for Your Email Subject Line Are:

  • Upgrade
  • Don't use the hyperbole "Just a quick question" this is never quick.  Hyperbole is often used for serious, comic, or ironic effects.  In this case, the prospect knows that such claims emphasize the conversation and not be taken literally.  This tactic is a fail.
  • Content
  • Go
  • Wonderful

5.           The Top Subject Line Keywords for High Email Marketing Opening Rates Are:

Expert tip:  joke lines work to break the ice; please accept this connection request; I mustache you a question from a guy with a mustache.

  • Jokes
  • Promotional - Introducing
  • Congratulations
  • Revision
  • Forecast
  • Snapshot
  • Token
  • Voluntary
  • Monthly
  • Deduction
  • Free Delivery
  • Available
  • New
  • Alert

6.           Time-Sensitive Words Increase Email Marketing Opening Rates:

Expert tip: Words that Convey Urgency, "Only X days left, While offer lasts," will increase opening rates.

  • Breaking News
  • Urgent
  • Breaking
  • Important
  • Alert
  • Update

Expert Tip: 68% Of Email Recipients Report Email as Spam Based Solely on The Subject Line.

Subject lines beginning with "Re:" or "Fwd:" Spam filters consider emails with subject lines like "Re: [Your Subject]" or "Fwd: [Your Subject]" as spam when the emails are being sent to an account for the first time.  Some marketers use this technique to trick customers.  Therefore, such subject lines are considered deceptive and constitute a significant trigger for spam.


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7.           Do Not Use Spam Trigger Words in Your Email Marketing Subject Line

Is email spam driving you crazy?  Advanced business spam filters with malware protection will trash your email marketing opening rates based on its subject line and copy spam word content

Don't get trashed by spam filters; avoid these words like the plague to prevent your email marketing from being rejected.

Expert Tip: Spam trigger words are phrases that email providers and spam filters flag as fraudulent and malicious.  When they identify these emails, they are removed from the recipients' inboxes.    Unfortunately, these words and phrases typically overpromise a positive outcome with the goal of "hacking" sensitive information from the recipient.

When writing your email subject lines, you want to avoid over-sensationalizing and over-promising

Spam Words to Avoid In your Email sales Funnel.


Spam Words To Avoid in Your Email Marketing for B2C Commerce

As seen on
Buy direct
Order status This is used by hackers!
Orders shipped by XXXX

Spam Words To Avoid in Your Small Business Employment-Based Email Marketing

Additional income
Be your own boss
Double your
Earn extra cash
Extra income
Home employment
Home based business
Income from home
Make $
Online biz opportunity
Online degree… University diplomas
While you sleep
Work at home, Work from home

Spam Words To Avoid In Financial – General Based Email Marketing

Affordable, Bargain
Best price
Big bucks
Cash bonus
Cents on the dollar
Claims, Collect
Compare rates
Easy terms
Fast cash
For just $XXX
Hidden assets.  hidden charges
Incredible deal
Insurance, Investment
Lowest price
Million dollars
Money back
Mortgage, Mortgage rates
No cost, No fees
One hundred percent free, FREE
Only $
Pure profit
Save $
Save big money
Save up to
Serious cash
Subject to credit
Why pay more?

Spam Words To Avoid In Financial Business based Email Marketing

Accept credit cards; cards accepted
Check or money order
Credit card offers
Explode your business
No credit check, No hidden costs
No investment
Requires initial investment
Stock alert, Stock pick

Spam Words To Avoid In Personal Financial based Email Marketing

Avoid bankruptcy
Calling creditors, Collect child support
Consolidate debt and credit; consolidate your debt
Eliminate bad credit, Eliminate debt
Financially independent
Get out of debt
Lower interest rate, lower monthly payment, lower your mortgage rate
Refinance home
Your income

Spam Words To Avoid In General Email Marketing


Spam Words To Avoid In General Small Business Email Marketing

Auto email removal
Bulk email
Click, Click below, Click here, and Click to remove
Direct email, Direct marketing
Increase sales, Increase traffic, Increase your sales
Internet market, Internet marketing, Marketing, Marketing solutions
Mass email
Month trial offer
More Internet Traffic
Multi-level marketing
Not spam
One time mailing
Online marketing
Removal instructions
Sale, Sales
Search engine listings, Search engines
The following form
This isn't junk, and This isn't spam
Undisclosed recipient
Visit our website
Web traffic

Spam Words To Avoid In Medical Professional Business Email Marketing

Cure XXX, Cures baldness
Human growth hormone
Life insurance
Lose weight, Lose weight, Weight loss
No medical exams
Reverses aging, Removes wrinkles
Stop xxx, Stop snoring
Online pharmacy, Valium, Viagra, Vicodin
Fast Viagra delivery

Spam Word Numbers to Avoid in Email Marketing

100% free, 100% satisfied
4U - Avoid acronyms, abbreviations, and street slang
50% off
Billion, Billion dollars
Join millions of Americans
One hundred percent guaranteed, Don't sound like a car salesperson.

Spam Word Numbers to Avoid in Email Marketing Offers

BILLING ADDRESS – Spam filters see this as Hacker Central!
It cannot be combined with any other offer
Confidentially on all orders, watch out for hackers who want your information
Gift certificate, Giving away
Have you been turned down?
Important information regarding
In accordance with laws
Long-distance phone offer
Name brand
No age restrictions, No catch
No XXX, No middleman, No obligation, No purchase necessary, No strings attached
Prize, Prizes
Vacation, Vacation offers
What are you waiting for?
Win, Winner, Winning, Won, You are a winner!  You have been selected.  You're a Winner!

Spam Words to Avoid in your Email Marketing Calls-to-Action

Cancel at any time
Give it away
PRINT FORM SIGNATURE, Print out and fax
Sign up free today

Spam to Avoid in your Email Marketing Giving Stuff Away FREE

Free XXX, Free access, Free cell phone, Free consultation, Free leads, etc.

Spam Words to Avoid in your Email Marketing, Email Subject Lines, and Body Content

All-natural, All new
Drastically reduced
Fantastic deal
For free
It's effective
Outstanding values
Risk-free, Satisfaction guaranteed

Spam Words with a Sense of Urgency to Avoid in your Email Marketing

Act now!  Apply now, Apply online
Call free; call now
Don't delete
Don't hesitate
For instant access
For Only, For you
Get it now.  Get started now
Great offer
INFO YOU REQUESTED, Information you requested - Instant Trash.  Hackers love this one.
Limited time
New customers only
Offer expires
Once in lifetime
Order now, Order today
PLEASE READ - Never open or read this…
Special promotion
Supplies are limited
Take action now, Time-limited, Urgent, While supplies last

No-no Nouns to Avoid in your Email Marketing

Addresses on CD
Copy DVDs
Laser printer
Luxury car

Expert Tip: To avoid the spam filters, always use Spam Trigger Words Sparingly and with clear Context.

Email spam filters are sophisticated.  Using one or two spam phrases won't hurt you.  Always make sure to only email customers who want to hear from you, and receive your benefits.  Finally, constantly personalize your emails to optimize your campaign results and keep you out of spam folders.

 Your Marketing emails Could get sent to spam if you:

  • Don't include an unsubscribe button in your email
  • Send poorly-designed emails with broken or glitchy code
  • Address your recipient by "my friend" or "dear" (or not by their name)

Want to know more?  Source Hubspot.  The Ultimate List of 394 Email Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in 2021


8.           What Should We Appeal to In Our Email Titles?

  • Vanity - Don't wear last year's styles
  • Funny Subject Lines - Licking your phone never tasted so good!
  • Curiosity - *Don't Open This Email*
  • Greed - Luxury at a great price
  • Sloth - Grow your email list 10X ⚡ fasterwith these templates
  • Pain Points - How to Survive Your Next Overnight Flight
  • Re-targeting - Did you miss out on some of these new features?

"It has been estimated that more than 80% of the activities we do online are text-based." - Paolo Gaudiano (Gaudiano, 2019)

9.           Boost Email Opening Rates By 29.3% With Personalized Names

Cheri, check out these hand-picked looks,

Yes, we are suckers for personalization.  Three types of personalization will boost your opening rates, clicks, and revenue.

  • Personalize your subject line to boost open rates. Experian found that a personalized subject line increased open rates by 29.3% across all industries.  Note this works well for USP direct-mail campaigns
  • Personalize the Name
  • Personalize the content. "Cheri, this offer is just for you…


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