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How to Increase Your ROI with Content Branding Marketing Solutions with Five (5) Major Ways Content Marketing Can Work for You, in Any industry.  Proven Content Branding Marketing Solutions to Rev-up & Refresh Your Business Content and Website design that work 24/7/365 to attract qualified prospects from the Brand Imagineering Team at Content Branding Solutions.    Build your business with these simple attraction marketing solutions that utilize copywriting with built-in SEO, in combination with branded content marketing is an asset that works 24/7/365 to attract qualified prospects as part of an effective attraction marketing solution and campaign.  In addition, we share Six (6) Easy Ways to Make More Sales Now as a bonus.

This article will explain the Five (5) Major Ways Content Marketing Can Work for You in Any industry.  We will use examples based on the Construction Industry Marketing, how Branded Content Marketing works, and what the thought leaders in industry are doing.

If you are a Green eco company, or in the solar alternative energy market, a consulting firm, or a provider of services for healthcare, a Money Manager, or in Finance, these solutions are for you.

The article focuses on:

Five (5) Major Ways Content Marketing Can Work for You, in Any industry with examples.

  • We share what Content Marketing is and how it can work for you.
  • We explore result-driven branding copywriting with built-in SEO in conjunction with Content Marketing to benefit you with examples.
  • We look at examples of how content branding marketing solutions can get more sales.
  • We discover how targeted branded content marketing gets more customers using examples to help you.
  • Together we see how Copywriting with built-in SEO makes business easier to run and how it might benefit you.
  • Discover how Branded Content Marketing can increase efficiency and improve market penetration.
  • How did it increase the firm's value, brand voice, visual identity, and overall equity?
  • As a bonus, we share Six (6) Easy Ways to Make More Sales Now

Branded Content Marketing
Attracts, Engages, and Connects with Prospects
Convert Suspects to Qualified Prospects when Combined with a Powerful Call-to-action

Persuasive copywriting with built-in SEO, rich with relevant, targeted keywords, will attract qualified customers who match your Construction companies' skills and offer.  Well-written content with built-in SEO helps you fill your pipeline with new potential clients and feed your marketing funnel with a steady stream of new customers.

Your website branded content marketing will help you grow your business 24/7/365 every day of the year, letting you focus on your skill and trade. - Cheri Lucking

Professional companies, small businesses, and growing Design and Construction industry companies in the AEC sector are desperate for attention, search-engine traffic, new projects, and clients.  Does that sound like you?

If yes, you can increase your reach and improve your market positioning to get the competitive advantage with Copywriting with built-in search engine optimization targeted at your core income-generating clients.  Consequently, this will increase your ROI by making your content marketing solutions work 24/7/365 for you.

Expert Tip:  To get a competitive advantage, invest in persuasive Attraction Marketing, Copywriting, Content, copy with targeted SEO services to increase your ROI.

Content Branding reflects your company, its aspirations, and how people perceive and want it to be.  Take CAT, for example; If you're in the industry, I am sure you have heard of them.  Their brand voice, products, and visual identity directly reflect the target market's needs, thus building brand equity.

The yellow safety color subconsciously reminds us of them; it says CAT to anyone in the Design and Construction Industry.

Content Branding Marketing Solutions are everything from logo to content. Cat for example uses Construction Industry Marketing for its Attraction Marketing Solutions
CAT's Branded Content Marketing is compelling. They use the psychology of color and association for the Brand Marketing.

What color speaks to your industry; what color will subconsciously increase your market share?  Find out by reading the Psychology of colors in Branding and Marketing before you rebrand or refresh your companies identity.

For example, Money Managers and Finance companies should utilize blues to create trust, as seen in this professional example for Wind River Wealth Advisors.  Compliance with industry standards and regulations does not mean that your site must be boring.  After all, isn't your goal to get a competitive advantage over the competition?

Imagineering Your Brand by Repositioning Your Firm to get the Competitive advantage
Branded Content, Images, and Graphics to tell your story


Expert Tip: Utilize color in your branding to subconsciously influence your target audience, do this by knowing your core income-generating market.  Who are they?  What do they do?  What do they like?  If your thought leadership articles and blogs answer their concerns, you are on your way to a great ROI on your brand investment.

Establishing your brand takes dedication, continuity, and patience.  Start with your website design and build inbound traffic around it.  To build inbound traffic, use branded content marketing, simply Copywriting with built-in SEO that attracts core income-generating clients to your brand.

What is Content Marketing?

Copywriting ▪ Attraction Marketing Copywriting ▪ Content Marketing Copywriting ▪ Online Copywriting ▪ Website Copy ▪ Attraction Marketing Media


"Content marketing is the engine of your business." - Cheri Lucking

Content Branding Marketing Solutions:

  • Focuses on the brand's values, brand voice, and visual identity, not on its products or its services.
  • Generates conversation around the brand through thought leadership articles and white papers. Content Branding Solutions Blogs are great examples of thought leadership attraction marketing copywriting with built-in SEO that speak with a brand voice and visual identity.
    • Example: If you are in the solar industry, stop doing the hard sell; use articles and case studies to show how solar can save energy. Attract your target audience to you by answering the questions in your target market's mind.
  • Attracts targeted prospects to the brand through added value. Your blog should add value and answer the needs or concerns of your target market.
    • For example, expertise, self-performance in steel erection, or acoustical isolation adds value in the construction industry.
  • Storytelling gives you the Competitive Edge by differentiating the brand from the competition. We build brand stars, as people buy from experts in the field they know, like, and trust.  Check out Dry fly Marks website brand storytelling.
    • Example: Financial consultants and Money managers should create Quarterly white papers about finance 2021 – Market Pro 3rd QTR update that follows industry regulations.

What channels should You use for Your Branded Content Marketing

LinkedIn Attraction Marketing Solutions ▪ Facebook Branded Content Marketing ▪ Media Content Branding Solutions ▪ Website Branded Content Marketing


Content Branding Solutions as a creative agency recommends that your branded content marketing combines with multiple marketing channels as part of a comprehensive marketing plan to attract inbound traffic and generate leads 24/7/375.

Which Content Marketing Channels are Professional Firms Using Today?

The following responses come from a recent survey conducted by Marketing Charts (Hubspot)

What type of content do you need for your Content Branding Marketing Solutions ?
Good News Content for your Attraction Marketing Solutions - Thought Leadership Content for your Branded Content Marketing - Presence Content: Copywriting with built in SEO for your brand marketing but where should s is what others like You are Doing you put it?

This is what others like you are doing for Content Branding Marketing Solutions

✔ Content Marketing Copywriting with Built in SEO
✔ Attraction Marketing Solutions for Multimedia
✔ Branded Content Marketing for LinkedIn Professionals
✔ Content Marketing for Facebook Friends and Family


The various survey findings revealed a pattern in the top channels working today? They all involve COPYWRITING.
Which Is Best Website Content Marketing Email SEO Or Social Media The Answer Is All four Working in Unison


Are the top channels working today?   Attraction Marketing Copywriting with built-in SEO is paramount to your success, whatever media channels you use.

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Create Qualified Leads and Steady Cash Flow with Attraction Marketing

How to use Content Marketing - What is best for You?

LinkedIn Content Marketing Solutions ▪ Facebook Branded Content Marketing ▪ Media Content Branding Solutions ▪ Website Branded Content Marketing


  • Attraction Marketing Website Search Engine Optimized Branded Content, images, and copy that attracts, utilizing persuasive brand imaging to create a powerful visual identity like Cat's logo above, helps convert prospects to clients psychologically.
  • Dedicated Services Sales Pages linked to thought leadership articles that drive inbound prequalified clients to short and long-form Landing pages set up as marketing funnel pages that:
    • Demonstrate your firm's skills as the knowledge experts in the industry
    • Build trust through creating stars in the field.
    • Have a clear Call to Action that sets the next stage in the sales funnel or flywheel and Converts
  • Thought Leadership articles with integrated SEO that targets your core income-generating market on your website to attract new potential prospects.
  • Integrated Calls to action interlaced from the landing page call-to-action (CTA) to the last services page
  • Email marketing to current customers and prospects with short, bulleted, and precise backlinks to the thought leadership articles.

Note: I have to say, "I am exhausted and inundated with emails."

  • LinkedIn for Professionals: Utilize backlinks with thought leadership articles, short posts, and project updates linked to a schedule to get prequalified leads.
  • Instagram for Artisans, updated product images linked back to a project page on your website.

Example: Liframy Earth Stone Jewelry See the "join Amy" on Instagram CTA's.

  • White Papers that provide clients with beneficial information that they need
  • Informative Videos created around your expertise
  • Helpful Guides and Reports like this one What is a Creative Agency

Use Content Marketing and Copywriting with built in SEO for Your Business
Need Help?  Hire Content Branding Solutions Today

How to make Content Marketing Work for You

Content Branding Solutions ▪ Attraction Marketing ▪ Branded Marketing ▪ Brand Content Marketing


Content marketing is based on your customer needs; its focus is not a hard sell but matching your core customer's needs and concerns to your knowledge as the experts in the industry, your products, and services.

Content marketing is not self-promoting; it is about being a knowledge resource, helpful, inspirational by providing valuable, beneficial content in a consistent and timely manner that will attract your ideal targeted markets.

So, What Hot Topics Should You Write About?

Expert Tip: Read the list below and jot down what you could do to answer your clients' needs and concerns.

Examples of Construction and AEC Industry Content Marketing Blog Topics


Think about how these types of topics might work for You,
Jot down your ideas or go to the next section to find topics in your industry.


  • General Contractors
    • Preconstruction Services: How can they save you time and money?
    • Potential Email capture: Download the Pre-Construction Guidebook with convincing copywriting with built-in SEO
    • Sustainable Construction Trends: Resilient Design.  Sustainability.  Net-zero construction.  Green at No Cost
    • Construction Cost Trends in XXX (Note this is your area of expertise and core target market)
    • Constructability: Differentiations in Construction Techniques and when and why you should use them
    • Teamwork: How to improve the Design Construction Relationship between the design and construction team
    • Cost Saving Building Enclosures: If a product can save time, why not use it.
    • Sound Attenuation in Multifamily construction
  • Renovation Contractors be the Go-to Resource:
    • 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency
    • Inexpensive Sustainable Solutions for Your Home
    • The do's and don'ts of Kitchen Renovation
  • Home Builders be inspirational with ideas and photos that solve buyers' problems:
    • The Reemergence of the mudroom: New Foyer Keeps Family's Entrance Clutter-Free
  • Roofing Contractors, "Chase the Storm" flyers, geo-fenced Google pay-per-click
    • Articles and blogs: Timely advice like a report on, How to Determine if you have Hail Damage


Cheri and Peter Lucking, our CEOs, lead a Team of Content Branding Strategists and Content Writers that Create, Mentor, and Coach you to success utilizing Thought Leadership, and Thought Leadership Marketing Content Writing Services:

Let’s Work Together to Unlock Your Future Today; call 303-362-0498


Examples of Professional Attraction Marketing Topics


The Realty Groups Content Marketing

  • How to Finance Your Renovation
  • The XXX Development is now available
  • Ten questions to ask when buying a house

Healthcare and Insurance Groups Branded Content Marketing

Expert Tip: Don't forget to submit your blog to FeedSpots Top 100 Insurance Blogs and website feed; this is also a great place to see what your competition is doing.

Investment groups Brand Marketing

Expert Tip: Some Professional practices are not allowed to advertise, so using white papers, reports, and copywriting with built-in SEO will organically increase brand awareness.

Sustainable Products and Services Brand Marketing

  • How to be Green at No Cost. Note we provided editorial services for this marketing book
  • Stop Global warming with these Alternate Energy Systems
  • The Best Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Master Craftsmen Branded Content Marketing

Expert Tip: Use professional Thought Leadership Services to help with your white papers, blogs, and content.

Specialty Reports and white papers can be daunting to read for the average Joe, so make sure you carefully aim at your target market.


Content for All professionals, Industry and Small Business Articles, YouTube, etc.  May Include


  • Cost Comparisons and reviews: Construction methodology cost comparisons
  • Materials Costs and trends
  • Supplier Shortages
  • A Picture Tells a Thousand Words - Photos: Before, during, and after photos with project details, location, project type, etc., do not forget your company name in the description.  Explain what people are looking at as potential clients in the body text because they may not be as knowledgeable as you.
  • How-to Guides: Educational construction guides to educate your prospects and assist them in their decision-making is a win.  White papers and eBooks are great ways to share this type of educational content while showcasing your expertise at the same time.
  • Case Studies: Case studies are a great way to showcase your staff, knowledge, and projects.  Make sure you describe your approach with client testimonials to show your prospects who you are and how you build a client's dreams, alleviating their fears.
  • Videos: Short educational, how-to, and FAQ videos are simple to do and deliver value.

Expert Tip: We are way beyond the product unboxing and quick review unless it's as good as this, VKB Modern Combat Grip Ultimate Review from an expert in the field.

Whatever You Do Make It Fun Reading, Soft on the Eyes with Easy Flow; Reading Level of a Third Grade Student.

Not Convinced That Content Marketing Will Work for You?
Keep Reading!

Five (5) Major Ways Content Marketing Can Work for You, in Any industry

Content Branding Solutions ▪ Attraction Marketing ▪ Branded Marketing ▪ Brand Content Marketing


Five (5) Ways Content Marketing that utilizes Attraction Marketing Copywriting, content, copy, and SEO can work for you as the cornerstone of your attraction marketing strategy will achieve positive results in the following ways:

  1. Builds Brand Awareness

A well-thought-out content marketing plan strategy, a comprehensive implementation plan with attraction marketing content, and Copywriting with built-in SEO will help organically and directly position your firm in the marketplace if your website has SEO!

Brand awareness will help your firm gain exposure to introduce your company and its solutions.  Your thought leadership blog articles and white papers will organically increase brand awareness.

  1. Establish Expertise

Establish yourselves as the credible go-to experts by publishing educational thought leadership articles related to your firm's knowledge, products, and services.

Expert Tip:  By being the thought leader in your field, you give prospects a reason to hire you, and past customers flock back to become repeat clients.

  1. Increases Leads

Content marketing helps attract qualified customer leads as your firm builds lasting relationships.  In addition, content that is perceived as valuable and of benefit in resolving your client's problems encourages trust and engagement.

  1. Engage with Qualified Prospects

Prospects want to read material that is of interest to them resolves their issues, challenges, and concerns.  Remember that an article must take your reader on a journey with a defined goal and conclusion.

Precisely written attraction marketing copy should attract qualified customers and promote your interests persuasively with great copy that convinces potential clients that they can get to know, like, and trust you.

Expert Tip:  Great content copywriters are journalistic; they create new beneficial content for you that tells your story from Construction Industry trends to sustainable and resilient construction methodologies.

Content Marketing Copywriting can Engage with Qualified Prospects for You


  1. Increase Sales

Increasing sales and creating a high return on investment (ROI) from your website should be a priority for every Design and Construction Industry business.

Digital online marketing can help your practice attract and capture online leads 24/7/365 days of the year.  A well-thought-out content marketing strategy, driven by a master messaging roadmap in place, is so important.

Without capturing, tracking, and distributing your sales leads, there is no way of quantifying your web page success.

A targeted ongoing content marketing strategy can efficiently help you grow your construction business.

Well done, You got this Far, so here is Your Bonus

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Schedule a Personal One-on-one to Imagineer Your Brand

Six (6) Easy Ways to Make More Sales Now

Content Marketing Solutions ▪ Content Branding Solutions ▪ Attraction Marketing Solutions ▪ Brand Content Marketing


Yes, you are busy now, but what does the future market hold?  A downturn?  Position your firm for long-term success.  Get started today with Six (6) Easy Ways to Make More Sales Now.

  1. Create a Master Messaging Road Map.
  2. Set a Marketing Budget that matches your scope.
  3. Decide who, what, and why you want to be known, professional, reliable, trustworthy, well managed, good quality, great value?
  4. Choose a Powerful logo representing you, your message, and your services.


A logo should tell you what a Company Does
Be Memorable as a Content Branding Piece

Content Branding, Brand Imagineering, Logos, graphics, infographics, Content Branding Solutions, Denver, Colorado
The Big Sky logo tells you what they do as a part of construction Industry marketing.

What makes the Big Sky logos persuasive and influential?  First, Big Sky hints at what type of construction they do, versus others that fall short with no clue what they are selling.

A well-designed brand logo speaks a thousand words, like cate it can subconsciously influence your decision.

Are you looking for a Creative Agency  Contact us today!

"A creative agency is a team of content strategists that uses innovative strategies to
Help clients achieve their goals.
Creative agencies are sometimes called marketing agencies."

 What is s Creative Agency - Download PDF




5. Storm the Internet with well-edited Thought Leadership Articles and white papers to position yourselves as the experts.

6. Market your Superstars as the experts in the field.

Branding your Construction firm is far beyond just "being on time and on budget."  It is about connecting with your client's mission, vision, and values, answering their needs and concerns to build trust as the experts in the industry.

Expert Tip: use Thought Leadership to Innovate and Activate Your Brand and Skyrocket your BD, Marketing, and Sales.

Check Out
>>>The Secret "Double-o-Seven" to Contributing Authors, editors, and Ghost-writing <<<

Conclusion to Increase Your ROI with Content Branding Marketing Solutions

Branded Content Marketing ▪ Copywriting Solutions ▪ Branded Marketing Solutions ▪ Content Marketing


Content marketing is an ongoing process.  Therefore, consistently posting relevant, quality content helps to build up a continuous flow of traffic to your site for years to come if you follow the outlined procedure. You want to be Your Industry thought Leader but don't have the time to get results with contributing Authors, editors, and Ghost-writing.

Use Attraction marketing copywriting, content copy, and SEO that tells your story and convinces potential clients that you are the thought leader and the Knowledge expert to trust in your industry will attract clients only if it is well edited.

Suppose your Thought Leadership articles, content marketing pages, and images are SEO optimized correctly, with a compelling Meta description and Meta keywords targeted at your core clients and services.  In that case, your article will drive prospects to consider you a valuable information resource increases your credibility with them.

Content marketing engages with prospects to grow your business day after day!

Now's the time if you aren't currently integrating content into your overall marketing strategy.

If you need help, contact us for construction industry marketing and content advice!


Hubspot.  (2018, Unknown Unknown).  The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018.  Retrieved from Hubspot:

Peter Lucking co-CEO - Creative Director

As co-CEO of content Branding Solution, a creative agency, I Bring three decades of Knowledge about the design and construction industry as a business marketing director, award-winning designer, theatre consultant, Amazon bestselling, author, Ghost-writer, and award-winning illustrator, and editor to help you market your product.

"As an advocate for sustainable and resilient design and a Construction Industry Expert, let us create Content together that gives you the competitive edge."

Content Branding Solutions has successfully authored, ghostwritten, edited, illustrated, and published thought leadership content from sustainable and economic white papers to articles and presentations on resilient design, culminating in "Green at No Cost" and Amazon bestselling book on sustainable design and economics.


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We help firms envision their goals and deliver the content to succeed in a competitive market.

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