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Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs: Strategic Content Marketing


Would you agree, entrepreneurship has its benefits and its drawbacks? Entrepreneurship is the ultimate dream to be successful in business for yourself, be the expert in your field, set your hours, take a vacation when you want, take time for your kids, yourself, right? But, reality sets in; there are so many hours in the day. You have a dream of your business running smoothly, but all the pieces that go along from launching a new product or service to maintaining your business are authentic, leaving little time for all of the things you want to accomplish in the day, the week, the month, the year.

Who is the Book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs Targeting?


This book is for entrepreneurs and the thought leaders of businesses who want to use branding and content marketing to bring a sustainable stream of qualified leads into their sales cycles, and funnel.
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This Book Is for all Start-ups, Entrepreneurial Businesses and Thought Leaders

This book is to help you with your content branding marketing solutions and SMART decision-making process,  In addition it will help you with your startup marketing and thought Leadership marketing.

  • When do you have time to write content for your blog?
  • When do you have time to create a thoughtful website designed to attract customers?
  • When do you have time to think about colors that attract customers or time to design fresh graphics and images for your website?
  • When do you have time to blog and keep content fresh on your website for the search engines to find your business consistently?
    Feel like screaming for help and thinking the corporate world wasn’t so bad after all? Help is here.


This A-To-Z Guide to Strategic Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Professional firms is an all-encompassing guide on branding, content strategy, implementation, and activation.
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We wrote Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs: Strategic Content Marketing to share our knowledge and firsthand experience as content marketers in the trenches of a creative agency for all entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, consultants, and professionals. You can read and implement the advice or contact us for a consultation to partner with you to help take some of the strategic content marketing stress off your back.

Fresh Strategic Content is a must-do activity! Internet marketing is here to stay!


The Full Circle Marketing technique described in CONTENT BRANDING SOLUTIONS for ENTREPRENEURS - Strategic Content Marketing is a repeatable evergreen system that provides the highest ROI for your content assets that attract, retains, converts, and delights clients.
CONTENT BRANDING SOLUTIONS for ENTREPRENEURS is the encyclopedia on strategic content branding and marketing that will help you create a profitable and predictable B2B and B2C Content Marketing Strategy and implementation plan.

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Our goal with the book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs: Strategic Content Marketing is to show you the best ways to market and content strategies that are important in today’s business world.  The internet is here to stay.  The only way to keep your website relevant is to write more content,  make good choices, and hire professionals to do what they do best, write good copy.  Your website is the window to the world for your clients interested in doing business with you.  Keeping your website current is the way to help your business be foremost in the minds of your potential customers, so you can do what you do best running your business.

The book provides a step-by-step, hands-on process that can be executed in any business to generate qualified leads and more conversions, utilizing branding and content marketing on multiple channels.
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As entrepreneurs, published authors, ghostwriters, and communication specialists with a history in radio, TV, and the construction industry, we understand print and digital and share marketing knowledge; we have become experts. As a result, we have helped start, grow, and successfully launch multiple businesses.

CONTENT BRANDING SOLUTIONS for ENTREPRENEURS is the encyclopedia on strategic content branding and marketing that will help you to create a profitable and predictable B2B and B2C Content Marketing Strategy and implementation plan.
From The Authors on Amazon

Today more than ever, “You are the brand, and your firm is an extension of your personality and unique sales proposition and expertise.” So make sure you benefit from proven strategies that get results for your brand voice, visual Identity to build equity.

You Know You Need to Build Your Brand Today
Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs  


We share the best ways to succeed with Content Branding Solutions with entrepreneurs, professionals, and start-ups.  We show proven how-to ways to strategically utilize content marketing with proven solutions to help you on your journey to get results with increased sales, better positioning in the marketplace, and produce long-term success.

Get The Results  You Deserve
Build Your Competitive Edge
Build Your Brand Voice, Visual Identity, and Equity


This book is a practical, simple, accessible guide with diagrams designed to work as an effective strategic content marketing program.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

- Peter Drucker


This book will help You Open the door to Your Future Today


“Every time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it.  It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible.  Don’t put a ceiling on yourself."

- Oprah Winfrey

“Every entrepreneur has a driving passion, a motivation of self-worth to fulfill a lifelong dream that creates and shares, innovation, inventions, and thoughts.  Content is a tool that communicates those ideas.

Content is the energy at the center of all communication from the internet, businesses, marketing, advertising, services, and sales. We communicate with content, in words, sounds, images, and actions.

We communicate to persuade, to provide, and seek information and knowledge, to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions.  Content is at the center of all exchanges.

Content marketing is the creation and communication methodology used to distribute beneficial, relevant content consistently to attract, create momentum, and reach a clearly defined targeted market – with the objective of driving, and retaining customer action.”

- From the Authors Cheri luckinh and Peter lucking

Test your knowledge of Content Branding Marketing Solutions

Take our Content Marketing Quiz to test your knowledge and create your plan for Strategic Content Marketing.

1.       What is Strategic Content Marketing?

A.  Thought Leadership

B.  Attraction Marketing

C.  Magnetic Marketing

D.  A method of distributing Valuable relevant and consistent content

E.  President Barack Obama

F.  President Donald Trump

2.       What Are the Three Key Benefits of Content Marketing?

A.  Sales, Savings, and Customer Loyalty

B.  Subscribe, Win, and Grow

C.  Thought leadership, a go-to-market strategy, brand Loyalty

3.       Chose Five Content Marketing Examples That Could Work for You?

A.  Infographics

B.  Webpages

C.  Podcasts

D.  Videos

E.  eBooks, Books

F.  White Papers, Articles, and blogs

G.  Presentation and Public Speaking

H.  Apps

4.       What are the Typical Four Buying Steps?

A.  Check Amazon, read the reviews, compare prices, place an order

B.  Brand Awareness, Research - Education, Consideration, and choice, buy

C.  Read a magazine, see the product, read paid for recommendations, place an order

5.       Why Content Marketing?

A.  It Covers the last to traditional advertising buying steps

B.  It taps into the first two buying steps: Brand awareness and educating customers about a product

C.  A and B

6.       Why is content marketing so important to sales?

A.  Content marketing drives more sales

B.  Cold Calling sales outreach is as hard to do

C.  Puts sales on autopilot

D.  Content marketing lets you control the conversation

E.  A + C+ D

7.       How do I get started?

A.  Plan a marketing strategy

B.  Jump in and blog

C.  Write until my keyboard sets on fire

D.  Create Content

E.  Go to Mexico, sit on the beach, and post beauty shots

8.       What is the Secret of Content Marketing?

A.  Quantity of blogs

B.  Value – Content that connects and solves problems

C.  Email Blasts every day

D.  Repetition and consistency

E.  B and D

9.       What is Evergreen Marketing?

A.  A new boy band?

B.  Sustainable, reusable marketing and content that is identifiable and reusable across all platforms and mediums

C.  Is it naming your magazine 5280 because that’s the altitude of the city evergreen? A Denver magazine in the mile-high city

D.  A logo or a company name that tells people what you are doing to increase recognition immediately

D.  B and D

How did you score?

1.) D, 2.) C, 3.) All are correct. Pick your five favorites and stick to a routine. 5, 4.) B, 5.) C, 6.) A, C, & D, 7.) A, 8.) B & D, 9.) E

Our Book is Dedicated to You

Our Book is dedicated to You as the next Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Wojcicki, Coco Chanel, the Suffragettes, Barbara Walters, Maya Angelou, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and all other entrepreneurs who have shaped our world.

From the internet and aerospace entrepreneurs, media proprietors, industrial magnets, engineer and technology entrepreneurs, business magnates, investors, software developers, designers, musicians, authors, and philanthropists whose innovations, inventions, and thoughts have changed how we think.

To advocates for social, economic, sustainability, and climate change who are shouting for from the mountain tops holding us accountable.

Is this book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs: Strategic Content Marketing for you?  Are you an innovative entrepreneur, self-made small business professional with a dream, a passion, and drive to be a leader who will shape the world? Or a Start-up marketing entrepreneur, this book will help you.

This book is for the Thought Leaders who Act to Shape their Destiny.



▪ Communicate your story in TIMELESS messages through branded, CONTENT, and GRAPHICS for all your media needs.

▪ Utilize an eye-opening, step-by-step process that is clear, easy to read, and provides a practical blueprint on creating an income stream of qualified leads to kick start your business.

▪ Create a targeted content strategy and implementation plan, with unique sales propositions, offers, and messaging.

▪ Plant your flag to give you a competitive edge in an overcrowded digital marketplace.

▪ Build brand recognition, develop your website design and content to create brand positioning.

▪ Be the thought leader..

▪ Stay ahead of the trends without a list by utilizing attraction marketing in combination with pay-per-click.

▪ Use email marketing to increase conversions/sales.

▪ Use social media to distribute your content effectively through multiple channels to expand your reach and create conversion opportunities that translate to sales.

▪ Develop an evergreen content system, utilizing Full Circle Marketing with both short-form and long-form content assets that establish you as an industry thought leader in increasing your positioning in the marketplace.

▪ Distribute your content effectively with email, SEO’d content, through multiple channels to expand your reach and create conversion opportunities that translate to sales.

▪ Focus your conversion potential over time with the principles of thought leadership influence and market sophistication, and how to write comprehensive targeted sales and marketing copy as a result

▪ Avoid marketing bloopers that amateurs make


Cheri and Peter are communication specialists in a digital content marketing company specializing in creative content, graphics, website design, and associated consulting services they create excellence on paper and digital media.


“Cheri and Peter have a great ability to understand the nuances of a business and develop fantastic content that communicates with a powerful delivery that is spot on.”
- Stephanie


Content Marketing is the holy grail for any Entrepreneur’s Profitable Business.
This How-to book is the Secret Formula to Create the
Competitive Advantage All  Small Business needs to Thrive.


Let Us Create Content Together That Gives You a Competitive Edge on Your Journey - Starting Today.

Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing a New Book, eBook, Kindle by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking
Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing - This book is for Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional firms. The book shares branding, content strategy and implementation, activating your brand, website development, thought leadership, creating brand awareness, email marketing, social media, and much more.


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