Get Results with Search Engine Optimization, 18 Tips to Grow traffic Organically

18 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Grow traffic Organically

Profit from More: Inquiries ▪ Customers ▪ Sales ▪ Conversions ▪ Closed Deals ▪ Delighted Customers ▪ with Search Engine Optimized Brand Imagineering

Discover how you can improve your firm's website ranking on internet search engines by having excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will Increase traffic organically.  This article shares how to improve your small business Search Engine Optimization Score to enable your website to rank higher on the internet.

We give you 18 proven tips and tricks on how to be up-to-date and adequately tagged utilizing WordPress SEO plugins that save time.  From your Post Title, Meta description,  Featured Image along with Facebook and Twitter descriptions and titles Search Engine Optimized?  We share how to use advanced Keywords Meta tags and headers to maximize your Search Engine Optimization and rankings to get more inbound traffic.

We share how to maximize your basic and advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Post and Page titles, meta descriptions so that your page analysis get results.

All small businesses and professional practices should Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to build brand equity and Increase traffic organically to:

  • Attract - Your target core income-generating Clients with your SEO Branded voice.
  • Convert - Your targeted Audience by Telling your story to build trust and rapport that develops a relationship
  • Close the Deal 24-7-365 as Your BD Marketing, Sales, and Services Manager
  • Delight Customers with social media posts that answer the core income-generating client's most asked questions and concerns for services, sales, and marketing.


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Fall in love with your graphics - But remember; it is the 'Search Engine Optimization' behind the curtain that matters." – Cheri Lucking

So how do we do to Increase traffic organically with SEO?

Profit from More: Inquiries ▪ Customers ▪ Sales ▪ Conversions ▪ Closed Deals ▪ Delighted Customers ▪ with Search Engine Optimization Brand Imagineering

1.           Define Your Core Market Areas to Create value in Your SEO

To Increase traffic organically with SEO, start by defining who you want to attract. Then, to attract your target market, create pages and post content that answers their concerns and most asked questions. To do this, you must know who they are and what they need.

Ask yourself what they need?   Small business firms and professional services and practices are generalists meaning that they do every type of service.  Being this broad may be hurting your marketing efforts. Instead, look for your niche or exceptional area of expertise that answers your target market's needs and concerns.  For example, we specialize in SEO attraction marketing content and graphics for all your service's needs, from websites to thought leadership services.

Low-cost services firms are flooding into the US market, looking for that 'big juicy' contract that all the local firms are vying for, just like you and us.   How many emails have you received from marketing bots asking to fix your SEO or website?  We receive at least 10 a week, and our SEO score for our website is above 90%!   Do they look? No can they provide the service?  Perhaps.  Find your specialized niche and market to it utilizing SEO content on your website and media pages.

If you are specialized in a specific market area or are a knowledge expert in a field, tell people up front.  Clearly define your expertise on your landing page, and market your thought leadership.  You can do this on your slider with a call-to-action that enforces your visual identity and starts telling your story, or just above the page, break in a branded voice.  Start your SEO from the get-go to create value and build equity.

Be the thought-leader or industry Leader in an Area
Watch the clients come to You.


Your Keywords should attract your target market and potential clients.

2.           Purchase a WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin

Make your life easy by taking the guesswork out of the equation with a WordPress SEO plugin and toolkit.  The tools provide on-page analysis with an SEO audit checklist that demystifies Search Engine Optimization.

We recommend*:

*We are not affiliate marketers of the recommendations.

Each WordPress SEO plugin has its benefits, pros, and cons, but they are easy to understand.  Often those highly touted "Built-in SEO tools" that come with some off-the-shelf website design are as valuable as the money you paid for them. But, don't be fooled; it is very competitive on the internet.

3.           Jump-start Your SEO with your Page or Post Title To Attract Clients

To Increase Traffic Organically with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Start with your Page or Post Title.  Use to attract targeted clients and build rapport; the title must trigger a reaction that answers the target market's concerns and triggers them to want to know more. In addition, the title must contain your SEO keywords, so the search engines understand why this page or article exists.

4.           Let the Crawlers discover Your SEO Paragraph to Attract and Grow your Following

Search engine optimization starts with the first paragraph, where crawlers, indexing, and ranking begin.  Maximize your results by interweaving the first paragraph content with the SEO keywords along with a description that includes the benefits and solutions that your core income-generating clients are looking for.  Provide solutions to their concerns and make sure keywords are used in the content of the first and second paragraphs(first 350 – 500 words).

To Increase Inbound Traffic Organically with SEO, make sure
Your first Paragraph states WHAT the page or post is about and WHO the page is for
Utilizes Meta Keywords to Attract Targeted Clients and search Engines

To Get Results, use a "One-liner" that Shares What You Do


For example, on Your Landing Page, Create a simple one-liner That includes your SEO page title

The Finest Unique Handmade Furniture and Wood Art Made in America from recycled Eco-friendly Urban Wood  - The Wooden wish

Sound is Our Business


Your images should speak to your one-liner, enforcing your visual identity in a brand voice that builds equity—reading the audience for your "Elevator Pitch."  Then, you have just seconds to retain potential clients.

You Can benefit from The Elevator Pitch to Retain Clients


Get your clients interested in what you do.  Use Your brand voice on your landing page; make sure you have an "elevator pitch" that includes your SEO meta tags and keywords before the page break.

One-of-a-kind American West Artisan Jewelry Hand forged by Amy Whitten in the USA in a unique American West Boho Southwest Style that embodies the Spirit of the Rocky Mountain Region, using Recycled 18 k Gold and Sterling Silver and Ethically sourced Earthstone Treasures to create Unique Statement Jewelry  - Liframy

5.           Maximizing your Page or Post Headers H1-H4, Bold, and Quotes To increase Readability and SEO score

Look at Liframy s Elevator pitch; the SEO paragraph content contains multiple short and longtail keywords that help the search engine recommend the site when a sequence of them comes up in a search.

STOP!  You Don't Want Clients?
No Meta Description or Meta Keywords
Just not worth the Investment to Make Money?


Most people who request a website review from us do not have the simple basics!

For this example, we are going to use this post as an example. Look at all the Header types... There are H1 through H5


Don't Get A Low Rank on Google Because
You Have No Meta Keywords or H1- H4 Tags etc.

Make sure you have Meta keywords along with a Meta Description
So that People can Find You.


If you have no meta-Keywords for the search engines to find you, your site is out in the boondocks beyond the black of cyberspace.  Now that is a lonely place to be.

Make sure you have Meta keywords along with a Meta description so that your target market can find you.

Use Form, Flow, and Function to provide a
Great user Experience on Every Device


If you have No Meta Description or Meta Keywords and No use of H1-H4, and No targeted area words or marketing, how do you expect to rank on google or, more importantly, for your potential clients to find you?

Expert  Tip:  Run your website as if it matters, and your firm will attract success.

6.           No Services Description


Believe it or Not, There Are Professional Firms
With No Services Description on the Internet!


A service description is essential; this may sound stupid, but what is it that you do?  Does your website clearly define your services?  Remember that search engine optimized elevator pitch and one-liner?

7.           Engage, Tell your Story to Build Trust and Rapport 

It is not just about search engine optimization. It's about telling your story and making a connection that engages, converts, and delights your clients. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurial firms, start-ups, and small business websites do not identify their area of expertise but happily show you a non-descript slider image of a generic product! As a result, they do not engage with or tell their story to the potential client.

Why?   Look at these to exact match services examples.  Which one would you use as the costs are the same in the end?  And we know this is true as Wendy, CEO of Wind River Wealth Advisers, is our client who first went down this path.

Wind River Wealth Advisers a custom Website design or A Financial Adviser Website Template

Expert Tip:  Build relationships with your brand voice and visual identity.  Tout your stars, thought leaders, and industry knowledge experts.  People buy people They know, like, and trust.

Let's take a Look At:

Tryba Architects starts by showing you where they are from by utilizing a strong visual identity in combination with persuasive words in a brand voice to build their brand identity.

The firm's core mission is written in persuasive copy, "Our Work…  (H1) central to our work is a sustainable, timeless design that reinterprets the past to meet the demands of the present." Their simple long-form landing page tells you everything you need to know without having to click through in words and images that trigger a reaction.  This format is an excellent setup for multiple media devices.

Are you Benefiting from a Brand Voice with a Visual Identity that Builds Equity?
Can You do it better? 
Do you need an Expert?

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Increase Inbound Traffic With Your SEO content, Brand Voice, Visual Identity to Build SEO Equity

Profit from More: Inquiries ▪ Customers ▪ Sales ▪ Conversions ▪ Closed Deals ▪ Delighted Customers ▪ with SEO Brand Imagineering

8.           Pick Your Images Wisely and SEO Them

Pick your images wisely, make sure they tell your story, and convey your message to get results.  Your pictures are your messaging, brand voice, and visual identity to build organic, sustainable long-term equity and followers that become clients if SEO correctly.

The Saying  "A picture is worth a thousand words" tells us that an image or graphic illustration may be better at conveying or describing something than the written or spoken word.  Often it is easier, faster, and more to the point to show someone something than to tell them about it.  That is why your graphics are so important.   – Peter Lucking, Creative Director at Content Branding Solutions.

Expert Tip:  To optimize your website for SEF and SEO, define your expertise by answering the who, what, when, why, where, how to increase your ranking scores with persuasive CTA, and use all the meta tags and descriptions that clearly describe your services. 

Make sure that you tell your prospects and clients what you do, emphasize your core services with a clear services description.  This description is your client's first contact with you.  Do this before the page break if you can.

Get Attraction Marketing and Make an Impression. 
Make sure your Website is Planting your Flag to Establish your Brand and Market Position.

To be the Expert Bring on the Knowledge Storm with Thought Leadership.


9.           Be The Thought Leader to Build SEO and a following

I see a knowledge storm on the horizon.  Many small businesses and professionals do not develop and share their thought-leadership or market knowledge and expertise.  Bring on the knowledge storm by telling people "why" and "how" you are good at what you do.

Build your Search Engine optimisation score SEO one Blog, article, and white paper at a time.  Media is your opportunity to refresh your brand and attract new clients.  Utilize Persuasive SEO content, copywriting, and attraction marketing to innovate your brand.

For example, a supplier might promote Fred, their representative, as the Knowledge-Leader in design, who builds architectural facades that go beyond sustainability.  Back this up with a third-party testimonial and position Fred as the expert and the supplier of choice to create third-party validation

10.           Third-Party Validation helps Retain, Convert Clients and Improving Rankings


Awards presented by your professional association are akin to being patted on the back by the old boys' club.  - Peter Lucking

Independent third-party validation by clients is a priceless resource; it increases your Search Engine Ranking by retaining and converting clients.  Simply put, they stay on your website longer, your rankings go up.

11.           Improve Your Call-to-Action (CTA) To Get your ROI on Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Costs Money.  Creating Attraction Marketing Copywriting, Content Copy, and SEO is expensive, so why not do it professionally to get results with a proven evergreen return on your investment by getting more sales utilizing a CTA?

Many entrepreneurial small businesses and professionals have no call-to-action (CTA).  Unbelievably, many top performers are worse!  Out of the Top 6 General Contractors in Colorado listed on ENR (ENR, 2018), only one has a proper CTA.  Wow!

Expert Tip: To Improve your ROI on your media content, have a call-to-action (CTA) to trigger your prospect to an action that might make them a client. 

12.        Device Friendly Branding, Your Website, and Search Engine Rankings

Is Your Website device-friendly?  Are you one of Colorado's many small businesses and professionals with branding related to the last century?  Are you one of the websites aimed at aging baby boomers and look like they were developed in the 1970s?  And what is worse, do you not have any Meta Description or Meta Keywords?  If this is you, you need to jump-start your website with a refresh.

Simple as this seems, many firms have difficulty promoting all products working in harmony and reinforcing their positioning within the marketplace and expertise with visual continuity and branding.

13.           Categories, Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Menus

We shared the benefits of your post and page titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords that make up an online snippet preview that you see in the search engines, now make your site SEF search engine friendly.

To be search engine friendly, use your page attributes, categories tags, and main website menu to give your users a great experience and enable them to search your site for content.

14.           Post and Page Featured Images

Ensure all your images have Alt Text, a title, caption, and description to improve your rankings.  More importantly, make sure images on your page have alt attributes, as even one or two missing alt attributes will reduce your rankings.

For Your social media feeds and shares, make sure your page has a Featured Image that is correctly sized and labeled.

15.           Social Media Settings

Don't forget to fill in your social media settings for Facebook and Twitter etc.  These are important to users who share content on their own media pages. Again, use your featured image as the source.

Create Socially Share-Worthy Content


Expert Tip:  Write your Snippet and Page/ Post title maximizing keywords and utilize as many characters as possible to get results.

16.           Utilize Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Improve Your Rankings and ROI

Capture all user interactions to increase your conversion rates by giving the right targeted visitor what they want before their limited attention span gets the better of them. They click through and move on to the next website.

Why should you care?

  • Higher conversion rate = better ROI
  • More cost-effective than finding more visitors = better ROI
  • Defends against limited click through patience of visitors
  • Ensure you are targeting your core money-making clients = better ROI.

Expert Tip:  Conversion Rate Optimization = better ROI

Analyze what is driving SEO and ROI by identifying key attraction areas and broken click-throughs.

12 Conversion Rate Optimisation 9CRO) Best Practices for Your Website in 2021

17.        Tools to Help Optimize Your Website ROI

There are many tools out in the internet's wild wilderness, but it all starts with a well-built professional website. Then, once you begin to gain traction, look to optimize your website ROI.

Content Square  Content Square is an award-winning platform designed with conversion rate optimization in mind.

Hot Jar  A conversion funnel " utilizes visual behavior to show their clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior which are the most vital indicators of visitor motivation and desire."

Content Branding Solutions  Digital Content marketing is our Business.  We specialize in Thought Leadership attraction marketing content, website design, and Search Engine Optimized graphics to give you a competitive advantage.

18.        Search Engine Optimization is an Ongoing Process

If you want organic results, it is essential to be continually writing and sharing new content, updating and refreshing your website,

  • 2 Articles blogs/posts min per month at 1000 – 1500 words or one white paper/report +2,500 words like this.
  • 2 SEO posts per month 350- 500 words if you have time.
  • Quarterly webinars.

The search engine's spiders crawl the web to find up-to-date, relevant content. So make sure they find yours.

Conclusion to 18 Search Engine Optimization Tips to Grow Traffic Organically

The goal is to get your SEO site score over 80%; anything less is a waste of time.   If you follow these 18 tips, you should easily hit 85-90%.

Use SEO Content to: Attract, Retain, Convert, and Delight Customers in your funnel or and wheel of delight

If You Want to Close a Sale – Delight Us - Tell Us Why We Should Hire You?


Remember to tell us why your product or service is better, what are its benefits beyond it meets XYZ?  Is it less expensive?  Faster to install?  Sustainable? More efficient?  What are its resilient design long-term benefits?

Expert Tip:  Tell your story.  Add in the Benefits of the products, the who, what, when, why, where, how to succeed?  Be a remarkable YOU!

By utilizing some geo-fencing words to target your regional marketing areas, for example, if you work primarily in Colorado and Denver, the words Colorado and Denver should be in your Meta tags and articles

Optimize your website by creating a better online experience that will maximize your conversion rates.


Profit from More: Inquiries ▪ Customers ▪ Sales ▪ Conversions ▪ Closed Deals ▪ Delighted Customers ▪ with Branded SEO Imagineering
  • Use SEO Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords.
  • Have a Services Description.
  • Define Your Core Market Areas.
  • Bring on the Knowledge Storm.Use Third-Party Validation.
  • Improve Your Call-to-Action (CTA).Geofence.

Increase your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

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