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Profit from More: Inquiries ▪ Customers ▪ Sales ▪ Conversions ▪ Closed Deals ▪ Delighted Customers ▪ with Brand Imagineering

Are You a small business or professional, and do you want to get results today?  If the answer is yes, branded content with a creative strategy and delivery tactics to stand out from the crowd is part of your solution.  Brand Imagineering combined with High-quality branded content gets results.  But who exactly is Content Branding Solutions, and what do we do?  We share with you small marketing tips that can impact your bottom line substantially.   Branded content includes articles, and whitepapers, for your website, infographics, YouTube videos, podcasts, and films.

Branded content is utilized to address an issue that exists in the core income-generating target audiences.  When used correctly with thought leadership, branded content will attract clients, drive engagement and retention by increasing brand awareness and improving brand loyalty to get results across all your platforms.  Branded content always includes storytelling that lets the reader know you and trust you as the industry leader.  Content Branding Solutions promotes your stars to invoke a feeling of trust, respect and build relationships and rapport in all your Branded Content.

A-B-C Align Believe Communicate and Connect with Branded Content


Examples of Branded Content include The Lego Movie, Marvel movies, Gatorade The boy who learned to fly; these companies use branded content solutions to promote a solution to an issue that exists.  Of course, the benefit they receive in return is more sales.   But I can’t afford that I hear you cry.  Yes, You Can, and every small business can, and if you continue reading, you will find out how you can get results utilizing brand imagineering .

Build your Brand with One Industry-leading Article at a Time
Branded Content Develops Your Brand Voice, Visual Identity, and Equity as You Profit


How can You Profit from Your Brand Imagineering and Content Branding Strategy?

Profit from More: Inquiries ▪ Customers ▪ Sales ▪ Conversions ▪ Closed Deals ▪ Delighted Customers ▪ with Content Branding Solutions

Get Content Branding Solutions To:

  • Drive More Inquiries
  • Attract more Customers
  • Get More Sales
  • Make your business run smoother.
  • Get more Efficient and Effective
  • Increase the Value of your firm

If you are interested in results, you can tailor your content branding solutions to work for you 24-7-365.  After all, shouldn’t your digital content branding work for you?

Ok, that all Sounds Easy, Right?
But How Should a Professional or Small Business like Mine do this for B2B or B2C?

To Get Results B2B Professional Services Marketers Branded Content should utilize:

Branded Content should utilize: Thought Leadership ▪ Reports ▪ eBooks ▪ White Papers ▪ Articles ▪ Infographics ▪ Webinars

Get Results Professional Firms Digital Content Marketers should utilize:

  • In-Person Events (Covid halted that one!), so try an eBook to share your knowledge and be seen as the Thought Leader and expert in your field as part of your digital content branding.
  • Reports and eBooks are Lead Magnets that position you as an expert in your field by sharing your thought leadership knowledge to attract new clients. You Deserve a landing page like this for your eBook.
  • Case studies to Drive More Traffic with targeted SEO edited and rewritten by expert content strategists.
  • White Papers and Articles to Generate Income and Build a Following, target your core income-generating clients with your keywords, meta tags, and SEO to help attract people who need your services year after year.
    • Use articles and white papers to develop business and increase search rankings organically as your 214-7-365 BD developer, marketer, and services managers by answering the most asked questions as part of your digital content branding.

B2B Marketing should focus on their Website, Blog, LinkedIn, and places where Businesses gather.


  • Sharable Infographics to Get more Exposure and Backlinks; using images back linked to your site can be shared across the web.  This technique will help you get back links to your website to improve your website rankings when used correctly.
  • Podcasts or Webinars to Attract New Clients and Retain Existing.  Note* We are all worn out by online events that are utilized to develop relationships.  Yes, people buy people they know, like, and trust, so make sure your website sells you and your stars.   People will research you and your business before deciding to move forward with your products and services.  Is your online presence up to par? Attend our FREE webinar just small business marketing and ask us directly how digital content branding can help you.
  • Use Your Professional Services Website to let people get to know, like, and trust you and your team.  Take a look at this example and imagine how we could showcase you and your Professional practice.
  • Answer the Why - With Results Take a look at 7 Reasons to Trust, a Fiduciary Wealth Advisor.
  • Third-Party Validation - Endorsements and Reviews. Ask for them from satisfied customers. 
  • Videos as described above, but share the reviews and advice to build your audience. An oversaturated marketplace, making it difficult to break in without that must-see viral video.
  • A Great B2B website like this one.

Expert Tip: B2B Digital Content Marketers should solicit ideas and drafts from experts in the field like Content Branding Solutions Copywriting team. Marry your keyword, SEO strategy with storytelling that addresses common problems and features interesting images that speak to your brand identity.  Never forget to use a CTA.

B2C Marketing should focus on their Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

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To Get Results B2C Small Business Marketers Branded Content should utilize:

Imagineered Branded Content: ▪ E-Newsletters ▪ In-Person Events ▪ Visual Brand Identity ▪ Informative Infographics and White papers ▪ Third-Party Validation

To Get Results B2C Digital Content Marketers should utilize:

  • E-Newsletters – Simple, straightforward, professionally edited, and well-written attraction marketing content delivered once per quarter is an excellent tool. Make your content have value to your targets to get opening rates of 33% or higher.  Link to your professionally written attraction marketing copywriting, content and SEO articles, and white papers.
  • In-Person Events - Go as the industry leader where your audiences gather and share your knowledge.
  • Brand Identity that tells your Business story. When you arrive at the Wooden Wish, the branding tells an eco-friendly story showcasing a reverence for handcrafted wood art created Dry-fly Mark.  His products, branded images, and powerful CTA land a catch in style.  Imagine what branded content from Content Branding Solutions could do for you.
  • Images are Your Visual Brand Identity – Get results with images that create your brand’s visual identity. You get what you pay for:  Those cheap stock images we see on many professional practice websites just don’t cut it.  Take a look at Amy’s statement, jewelry; it has stunning branded product images that speak of the Liframy Statement Jewelry Studio style and visual identity.

“Evergreen branded content marketing is the implementation of marketing concepts and practices that transcend fads and providing organic long-lasting, sustainable expertise which will work across a variety of marketing platforms and mediums year after year, for a Beneficial ROI.”  - Cheri Lucking

  • Outsource Your Social Media – The never-ending, time-consuming marketing that you can’t afford to ignore. Or make it easy with Instagram like Liframy, placing images and content on both the website and Instagram that matches.
  • Informative Infographics and White papers that share your knowledge and tell your story
  • Like and Share Buttons. Use them on your website; they are free, people like to share content and products that connect with others.
  • Third-Party Validation - Endorsements and Reviews. Get them if your profession will allow.  If not, create compelling reasons for others to Trust You and want to hire you!  Wind River Wealth Advisors is an excellent example of how this technique works.

Expert Tip: Digital Content Marketers make sure in Your Quarterly E-Newsletter,  to Promote your new articles and white papers (Titles only).  Always use images with stopping power.  B2C Focus on personalizing products; take a look at The Danbury Mint marketing.

In simple terms, target where your core income-generating clients gather or invent your crowd of followers and give them something that benefits them.

Imagine how you could benefit from the branding knowledge experts at Content Branding Solutions as a part of your brand Imagineering and marketing strategy.  We share with You how to put your customers first and get the results you deserve. So call us, FREE of obligation.  Let’s get to know each other and find out how we can both benefit.

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