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How to Ensure Your Company Gets the Most Out of Your Software Investments

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As an entrepreneur, watching your Small business expand in front of your eyes is incredibly rewarding.  It means you’re earning more money and seeing your career aspirations become a reality.  However, it also means there is more work ahead of you of hiring more employees, making new deals, and upgrading your small business software.  Because some software packages can get a bit pricey, this is not a decision to take lightly.  To help, Poppy Williams of and Content Branding Solutions have compiled 3 reasons why you may need new software, resources, and services like website design, marketing, thought leadership, and more, as well as how to choose the best software packages for you.

Accelerate Your Decision-Making Process and Help Grow Your ROI


“According to a recent survey, the average entrepreneur spends 68% of the time tackling day-to-day tasks and only 32% of the time on long-term goals, strategic planning, and other tasks that can help their business grow.”  -   Poppy Williams,

1 - Decide If You Need New Small Business Software

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Before you start looking at products and prices, you need to take a good look at your business now and determine if you actually need new software at this time.  The most obvious sign will be if the vendor or manufacturer is no longer updating your current program regularly.  You don’t want to be using old software, as doing so will hurt your opportunity to compete within your industry.  That alone is an excellent reason to move on.

Another reason that you may have to upgrade to a new package is if you are expanding your business and your current software does not suit your updated needs.  In that case, you will want to find a new additional program that can handle those responsibilities or a new, all-inclusive software package that can handle everything, new and old.

Discover the 7 Ways Manual Repetitive Tasks Are Eating Into Your Budget


McKinsey estimates that in 60% of occupations, at least one-third of the constituent activities could be automated.

You may currently have a program that meets some of your needs but not all.  If that is the case, you or your employees are likely completing manual tasks and using this program. However, no matter how you cut it, those manual processes are probably inefficient and waste money and energy that could be spent elsewhere.  In that case, find software that can really do it all, and/or:

  • Decide if the service should be provided In-house or is more cost-effective, outsourced.
    • If in-house, do your research or go to to help small businesses make the best possible choice of software. Read the reviews obligation-free before you call the sales department.
  • Outsourced if You don’t have the skillset and knowledge to do the task efficiently and get results for ROI, you should benefit from outsourcing.

For Example, You should share your decision-making process with your team. Ask and evaluate if it is more cost-effective to outsource or hire the staff to create the project, buy the small business software and manage content and program in-house?  What are the benefits and values to You, Your Team, and Your Firm?

For Example: Do you have a Marketing Director who presently creates all your Business Development, marketing, sales, and services documentation, including proposals, website management, and more?

You Might want to Consider Outsourcing for the Following Services:

For an entrepreneur, startup, small business, or professional practice, some things make sense in-house, especially when you need more control, and others are better outsourced and managed.

Evaluate the “Pros and Cons,” Make Sure You Understand the Hidden Costs
Small Business Software


Remember to build a brand, create equity, visual identity, and improve your bottom line. Then, decide if you can afford it, but more importantly, determine if you cannot grow reliably without the small business software or app.


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2 - Can You Afford the Small Business Software? Can You Grow Without it? What’s THE ROI?

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When looking at new software, it is essential to consider the cost, and if it is expensive, whether or not it is worth the price. Therefore, this is an excellent time to take a deep dive into your budget and determine what you can afford. In addition, be aware of potential added costs that may not be apparent up front, such as hosting and maintenance expenses.

Can You Try out the Program Risk-free, without any Obligation?
Is there a 30 day Trial Money-back Guarantee?


It is vital to be proactive because once you find a program that may work, you need to ensure that your financial health is on track to afford its implementation and usage.  Use comprehensive mid-level ERP software such as QuickBooks Enterprise to keep your finances in check and integrate across multiple workflows, so nothing is left out.  Along with tracking inventory and payroll, you need advanced reporting, so you are always aware of how much you must spend on new software and other crucial expenses.

3 -How Often will Your Small Business Software be Used?

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Once you create a shortlist of the small business software programs, it is important to look at your day-to-day and think about how often you will really use your new purchase. For example, will the software only be used temporarily for miscellaneous projects here and there, or will you use it numerous times a day?

Considering a CRM?
Which CRM Is Right for You?
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Also, consider the software's potential impact on your operations from BD, HR. marketing, sales, and services. For example, will it positively impact your finances and boost morale by reducing frustration? Finally, consider how long it will take for the new tech to pay off, how often it will be used to get to that point, and if the technology is actually positively influencing your bottom line when utilized.

Once you have this software, pull reports weekly for the first several months to check these factors and determine whether your business is better because of your purchase.  If you are undecided, you can re-evaluate over the next quarter or revert to your old system until you find a better program.

The CRM will Put Your Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Services  to Work Through Coordinated Management of your Team and Website.  – Peter Lucking, Creative Director of Content Branding Solutions

While changing the way you do business isn’t always easy, your company must evolve to succeed.  Think about the advice above when considering new software, and you can find the right tool to give you the best chance for success.

A CRM Provides Real-time Customer Tracking - If a prospect is researching your website for information on your products or services, you will see their interest before they even decide to contact you for more information!  Check out The TechBizGuide CRMs Reviews to find out more.

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Expert Tip:  Every business should utilize, proven small business software, working in combination with content marketing to get results, and improve Your ROI.  

If You can afford it, and need a new software program, check out Poppy Williams Reviews at the

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