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How to Get the Competitive Advantage with Thought Leadership, Copywriting, and Branding for Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small Businesses, and Professionals

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Successful Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small businesses, and Professional practices imagineer their brand to achieve the competitive advantage by utilizing Thought Leadership, Copywriting, and Branding to provide benefits and value to their clients and attract new targeted clients.

Winning entrepreneurs and industry leaders solve problems and provide value to their targeted clients.  Businesses create a competitive advantage when they understand that the benefits and values they provide to their clients begin with strong relationships that encourage versatility in delivery methodology, budgeting, scheduling, and execution.

As an example: The value to a building owner that a well budgeted, scheduled, and construction plan that can bring a project in, on time, and budget, without loss of the program, is priceless.  This value and benefit scale to meet all project types.

Imagine you are building a website for your business, the website developer (contractor) is continually nickel and dimeing you.  How do you feel?  Will you recommend them?  What happens when you find out that the promised Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nonexistent?

Always Under Promise and Over Deliver to Build Financial Trust


To be the knowledge expert, the industry thought leader, the market leader, the authority in your field; you need to demonstrate your firm's benefits and capabilities along with strategies that provide financial value.  You need to stand out from the crowd.  You need to write thought leadership content and be the leader.

1 - Imagineer Your Branding, BD, Sales, Marketing and Services Content

Get the Competitive Edge by Delivering Your Branding Promise Utilizing Thought Leadership, Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, and Value

Playing in the back of all clients' minds is knowing that they have an expert an industry thought leader; however, this knowledge will rarely outweigh their prime concern, money.  Money speaks louder.  Money makes the world go around.  Copywriting is a powerful tool to deliver your message and CTA clearly and precisely and increase your brand positioning in the marketplace giving you a competitive advantage.

The promise of a small business professional or consultant's well-coordinated project pales in comparison to building financial trust built around your brand. Of course, the project, widget, or service will be on time and budget. Still, more importantly, you are building relationships that last and bolster your brand positioning through referrals and endorsements.

Successful entrepreneurs utilize content branding solutions, and attraction marketing branded copywriting to emphasize financial trust and build relationships.  Remember you should tell your story online, clearly define how your business is unique, and provide a clear sense of what your company offers with CTA’s that trigger a reaction.

Build a Brand - Nurture Relationships
Build Value and Financial Trust that Connects by Utilizing
Thought leadership Copywriting and Branded Content and Graphics that Demonstrate the Firm's
Thought leadership, Unique Offers, Benefits, Value, and Successful Record with Clear CTA’s


The priority of most individuals, clients, project managers, corporations, and civic entities is being “on time and budget.”

Being “on time and budget” is the clincher that many entrepreneurs, small businesses, contractors, and design professionals fail to understand.  It is often the cause of friction and mistrust between the provider and the client.

However, when you make the final 4 on a shortlist and are called to interview or present, you are past the “on time and budget” phase. It is time to start building relationships; it is a get to know, like, and trust you phase; how will we work together as a team on our project phase?  It is time to tell your story with creativity and personality. Remember, people buy people they know, like, and trust.  Clients are trusting you with their money!

Expert Tip:  A small-business website and branding need to include a story that reflects the creativity and personality of its owner.

Content Branding Solutions Imagineers Your Brand for You to:

  • Tell Your Story Online
  • Persuasively describe how Your business is Unique in Words, Images, and Actions.
  • Provide a clear sense of what your Company Offers
  • To Build Trust and Rapport
  • Get more clients 24-7-365 with a clear call-to-action.


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2 - Create Your Competitive Advantage with Partnerships

Get the Competitive Edge by Telling Your Story Online: Be the Thought Leader Share Your Brand Knowledge as the Industry Leader

Build partnerships that take on the client’s team's concerns, and they will praise your abilities, giving you third-party validation that you can use in your marketing media.

When you build your promotional materials, website, leave-behinds, etc.,  promote and praise your star players.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Build Your Branding Around your Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
People Buy People They Trust.  People Validate People and Firms They Believe In


Clients want successful people to lead their projects.  Success often results in a partnership approach between the teams where respect is shared for each other’s concerns and areas of experts.

Thought Leaders can Charge a Premium for their Services

Being the market thought leader and knowledge expert allows you to charge a small premium for your services in a competitive market.  Your firm's branding and marketing copywriting focus should build your expertise and firms stars as the go-to people in the industry.  As an industry thought leader, all entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, and professional practices should charge a premium for their services.

“Arm yourself with the knowledge to get a competitive advantage and skyrocket  more sales"  - Peter Lucking.

Watch out for contractual scope creep even when you charge a premium for your services.  Remember that time is money.  Be clear and upfront on how changes to the contract will be handled.  Call them change-orders, scope-creep, little additions slipped in above and beyond the deal, happens all the time.  Do not nickel and dime, be professional and reconcile costs to scope, deliverables, and services.

An example of scope creep in Content Branding Solution's digital content marketing business is when we are asked to add another page on a website with its associated branding, editing, copywriting, SEO writing, images, content, or additional chapters to a book!  Whatever it is, it costs us time, and time is money. So be professional and considerate to your providers; they are part of your team.

Build Relationships with Clear Communication to Build Your Brand


Be competitive but stress the benefits and value in your proposals.  Remember that adding more time to a project is an additional cost to you.  Sometimes you should absorb the extra cost if it's minor choosing not to nickel and dime a client.  Remember, you are building relationships through communication.

A Solution to Scope-Creep is a Project Reconciliation Meeting to Rebalance the Funds to Match the Added Scope


Whatever your business, there will be additions to the contract; they may start slowly, but over time, they add up.  Your time is worth money.

Expert Tip: Looking for the Competitive Advantage in Sales Leads 24-7-365, and an Engaging Website Experience for your Customers?  Knowledge matters 15+ Years of designing and marketing.  Let's Talk Strategy.


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3 - Communicate to get the Competitive Advantage

Communication is our Business. We Communicate in Words, Images, and Actions for all your Digital Content Marketing Needs

Clear lines of communication and responsibilities often lead to better companies and plans for the client.

Use examples of how time and money saved by clear lines of communication that your firm helped orchestrate benefited your clients.  Address all concerns and request for clarification promptly for the benefit of the project by the team's combined efforts.

Get The Competitive Edge by utilizing Copywriting and Branding Media
Communicate and Highlight Your
Thought Leadership Expertise emphasizing Relationships that Matter and Provide beneficial Value


Clients want to know where the buck stops.  You may think that that is easy to answer, but I listened as a very notable competent contractor whose team failed to answer that question in a job interview worth a couple of hundred million dollars!

Build Community - Be the Thought Leader, partner with Providers and Clients.


Clients want to know that they got the best bang for the buck in their project, whatever it is from advice from the corporate lawyer to a deck extension or a building that meets their program, mission, vision, and values.

Was your last project delivered on time and budget?  Did you under promise and over deliver to provide client satisfaction?

Build the Foundation of Trust to Turn the Client’s Vision into an Innovative Success for all Parties

Treat your Clients' Project as if it were your own.


So, you know all of this.  So why are we telling you?  Because unless your business development materials from your website to your presentations address these simple issues, you could be losing projects and money.

Content Branding Solutions' mission is simple; to Communicate TIMELESS messages through CONTENT, GRAPHICS, and COACHING for all your media needs from Website Design to Full Circle Content Marketing.

4 - Brand Activation is One of the Secrets to Success

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Activate your brand through Branded targeted content attraction marketing copywriting.  Do this by utilizing sustainable copy, thought leadership copywriting, and branding to subliminally persuade people through words that speak with logic, clarity, and style.  Utilize branding in your images to illustrate what you are doing in a manner that translates into a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) for a long-term Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Build your branding, develop your website, practice your presentation, close, and hire a coach to review the results to be the best you can be.

Show How Your Services Can Save the Clients Team $$$ and Stress
Do not Use Preconceived Tricks - Use Logic and Knowledge


Whatever your product is, do not use clickbait tricks. Instead, tell a story that shows your knowledge, share your experience and creative solutions to tight budgets.  Clients and owners will believe you have the methodologies to create success for their project budget and values.

As an example:  An exceptional Construction Management Company with a fantastic track record of preconstruction services told me their secret to hitting their budget.

“There is always 10% of fat hidden in the Design team’s drawings that they can immediately Value-Engineer for the client.”  IS THERE?

This assumption may or may not be true, and this “virtual elimination” methodology will fail on any project that has been cost-effectively designed to meet the client’s program, mission, vision, and values, using SMART thinking in combination with KAIZEN – KANBAN, lean manufacturing, and design philosophies.

Whatever your service, product or widget, show the client team how you utilize your knowledge to evaluate options together to create the foundation that meets and exceeds their mission, vision, and values for the project’s success.

Leadership Solves Problems - Bring on the Knowledge Storm 


In life, if there is a problem, however small, you do not let it fester; you address the issue immediately and head-on.  You do not want gossip running rampant.  Successful Leaders like you solve the target client's problems every day utilizing content to address their concerns and share the benefits.

Evaluate options together with the team, with cost, goals, and visualize solutions; use pros and cons to evaluate the project:

  • Define the problem.
  • Generate possible solutions.
  • Evaluate the possible solutions.
  • Explore the answers, the benefits, and the downsides of each option.
  • Select a winning option.
  • Put the solution into action.
  • Evaluate the results - Cause Effects and Consequences.
  • Maintain and change.

Show the team you care about their project and client's company profit with great infographics.

Expert Tip: Ensure your marketing and sales materials deliver your promises with integrity to close the deal.

Show how your Services can be utilized for the benefit of the Client and the team.  Whether you are a top-ranked small business, contractor, or start-up, your website is the world's window to your team’s knowledge and experience.  Show your expertise, be the thought leader.  Create your call-to-action.  Build your window to the world with leadership that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Remember when you partner with Content Branding Solutions Your Brand Is Our Copywriting focus.

KEY TAKEAWAYS To Create the Competitive Advantage in Your Market Place

Copywriting ▪ Content Marketing ▪ Attraction Marketing Copywriting ▪ Content Marketing Copywriting ▪ Online Copywriting ▪ Content Writing Services ▪ Website Copy ▪ Attraction Marketing Media
KEY TAKEAWAYS to Get the Competitive Edge with Thought Leadership, Copywriting, and Branding for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small Businesses and Professionals
  • Use Thought Leadership, Copywriting, and Branding to highlight your:
    • Story Online
    • Show how your business is unique
    • Company offers with Clear CTA’s
  • Bring on the Knowledge Storm to improve your positioning in the marketplace
  • Deliver Your Promise to Close the Deal.
  • Build Relationships to Build Success.
  • Clear lines of communication and responsibilities lead to better companies and plans for the clients.
  • Leadership Solves Problems.
  • Utilize Content that delivers your brand message

Activate your brand with thought leadership through targeted content attraction marketing to get the competitive edge.  Do this by utilizing sustainable copy to subliminally persuade people through words that speak with logic, clarity, and style to images that illustrate what you are doing in a manner that translates into a compelling call-to-action for a long-term Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Content Branding Solutions' mission is simple; to Communicate TIMELESS messages through CONTENT, GRAPHICS, and COACHING for all your media needs from Website Design to Full Circle Content Marketing.

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Cheri and Peter Lucking are content marketing strategists, serial entrepreneurs, rebellious marketers, and technology experts.  They have started, grown, and successfully executed multiple businesses utilizing design, digital media, radio, and TV marketing.  They are bloggers, content writers, published authors, software gurus, crazy dancers, and animal lovers.  They love what they do and work SMART at what they love.

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Cheri has written persuasive marketing copy and provided effective digital marketing content strategies for Fortune 500 firms, small businesses, professional practices, large corporations, and entrepreneurs.

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Peter is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and consultants find new, innovative, cost-effective ways to leverage technology and marketing to facilitate rapid, sustainable business growth with measurable ROI.  His goal is to help you Double Your Firm's income in just 3 Years with the proven "Full Circle" Marketing Techniques Content Branding Solutions Utilizes, Consults, and Teaches.

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