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Are you Thinking of Refreshing your Website?

Before you commit to refreshing your brand with a website refresh of your professional, Architectural, or A&E website design, get the facts.  Be honest with yourself, do what you do well with your clients, be critical, be creative with your Attraction Marketing Copywriting, Content, Copy and SEO Services, and Website development and design services.  It amazes me that many professional designer's and architect's websites have no call-to-action (CTA). No strong benefit or value that connects with their core income-generating clients, and very little architectural copy that would convince a looker or potential client to call. Even worse, many website design refreshes do not even follow the 12 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices for Your Website Design in 2021.  You land on an image slider that is supposed to convince a potential client to hire the firm based on a subjective, do I or don’t I like the image and style of a deserted building?  Get the picture!

Build Brand Recognition with Your Website Refresh


Pictures can only do so much.  It looks great, so what!  Why you?  Clients are far savvier than that!  They make decisions based on content that connects to their desires and concerns; yes, there are obvious ones, “cost,” etc., but trust lies at the heart of all financial decisions.  Why should they trust you? Are you a market expert or thought leader?

Thought Leadership and Your Website Design Refresh

Where is the thought leadership, the knowledge, expertise, and value that tells the client why they should give you their money and, most of all, that you will use it wisely?

"Thought Leadership and Social Selling is the art of positioning yourself in front of market trends.  – Cheri Lucking

Before you start refreshing your brand, spend a little time thinking about what the world will see of your firm through the window of your website.  What will a client’s first impression be?  Is it a limp handshake or a firm expert grasp?  Think about how you want to be perceived.

Think before You Refresh Your Website design Ask Your Self;

  • Why should they Hire You?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What makes you the knowledge expert in your field?

One professional firms’ site I looked at recently, “About page,” shows an image of many empty beer bottles on a table with members of the firm sitting around drinking!  The website copy proceeds to tell me how the firm’s work has been distinguished by…  I’m going to give this bunch of drunks $35 million to design my building? NOT!

First impressions are everything.  This example is a firm of great Architects whose awards and knowledge are exceptional, but the first impression leaves much to be desired.

Another consultant firm I recently viewed has three great images showing their core thought leadership pieces, wonderful.  Unfortunately, the word “Presentations” in the center image is spelled wrong in caps PRESENTAIONS.”  Had the firm spent some time and money on Editorial Services, the error could have been completely avoided.


Editorial Services and Editing Services

Whatever your passion, we can help unlock your future.  We are passionate about CONNECTING our clients with their future. The future is already here today.  Build your dreams one word at a time with CONTENT BRANDING SOLUTIONS Editorial - Editing Services at your side, creating persuasive media marketing and promotional materials that attract, retain, convert, and delight for all your editorial needs.

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First Impressions Count

Professional Manuscript, Report Evaluation ▪ Rewriting ▪ Developmental/Project Editing ▪ Substantive and Structural Editing ▪ Stylistic Editing ▪ Copyediting ▪ Indexing and References ▪ Fact-checking/Reference Checking ▪ Layout, Formatting, and Design ▪ Proofreading ▪ Editorial services


First Impressions Count.  You Have Seconds to Persuade Someone to Stay on Your Website.

Our experience with professional practices, interior designers, and the Design and Construction Industry that many firms underestimate the time-consuming nature of creating a custom website design.  Many firms expect the Marketing Director and IT guru to put together, somehow, all the moving parts that create a successful branded sales piece from content to copy and branding.

Don’t overload your Team.  Just because the Marketing Director and IT can put a great proposal together does not mean that they can write great copy and an SEO long-form, short-form, high conversion landing page.  Architectural copywriting is an art.  Professional copy attracts, retains, converts delights; the messaging complements and enhances the imagery.



Often a website design and development firm is hired with no industry knowledge, no Design, and Construction experience; the results can be seen across the internet, clones of never-ending building facades slipping meaninglessly across the page.

Hire a Design + Construction Industry Expert.  Architectural copywriters can be hard to find. Having an expert niche writer for Resilient Design, Sustainability Design, Architecture, Interior design, Theatre Design, and Construction is key to your success.

So, to help you get going on the road to success, here are:

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Creating or Refreshing Your Website Design to Build Brand Recognition:

  • You have picked your WordPress theme or one of the many others available, or you will develop the site from scratch.  Great!
  • You get into the backend of the site only to realize there are a lot of moving parts.
  • Now what? Do you have time to spend teaching yourself?
  • Graphics, pictures, diagrams, charts, do you have them, do you have time to create them, or do you need someone to develop them for you?
  • Content, can you write? Are you a knowledgeable Architectural copywriter for design and construction online media?
  • Do you know how to write content that search engines will find or, more importantly your future clients?

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Peter Lucking

Peter Lucking is a ghostwriter, an expert Architectural copywriter, content marketing strategist, and website developer and designer in Denver, Colorado.  He applies his expertise in the AEC industry as a niche writer for Resilient Design, Sustainability Design, Architecture, Interior design, Theatre design, and Construction.

He has ghostwritten multiple books, articles, and white papers for Professionals from Lawyers to thought leadership books and articles on sustainability and resilient design for the Design and Construction industry.

Content Branding Solutions Provides VERIFIED AWAI COPYWRITER FOR SALES & MARKETING - Cheri Lucking Personally Checks Each Piece


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Cheri and Peter Lucking are content marketing strategists, serial entrepreneurs, rebellious marketers, and technology experts.  They have started, grown, and successfully executed multiple businesses utilizing design, digital media, radio, and TV marketing.  They are bloggers, content writers, published authors, software gurus, crazy dancers, and animal lovers.  They love what they do and work SMART at what they love.

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Cheri Lucking

CEO of Content Branding Solutions

Cheri Lucking is co-founder and CEO of Content Branding Solutions, a creative digital content marketing company. We specialize in attraction marketing content, graphics, website design, and associated consulting services in Denver, CO.  She is a prodigy of radio and TV marketing, a serial entrepreneur, a published author, and a successful businesswoman.

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Cheri has written persuasive marketing copy and provided effective digital marketing content strategies for Fortune 500 firms, small businesses, professional practices, large corporations, and entrepreneurs.

Cheri is a professionally trained, certified business coach.

Peter Lucking

Creative Director of Content Branding Solutions

Peter lucking is an influential content strategist, designer, brander, marketer, motivator, and media maker—a marketing executive and entrepreneur published author and illustrator.

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Peter is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and consultants find new, innovative, cost-effective ways to leverage technology and marketing to facilitate rapid, sustainable business growth with measurable ROI.  His goal is to help you Double Your Firm's income in just 3 Years with the proven "Full Circle" Marketing Techniques Content Branding Solutions Utilizes, Consults, and Teaches.

Peter is a professionally trained, Designer.

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