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12 Website Design Conversion Rate Optimization CRO Secrets

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When Content Branding Solutions starts your "Conversion Rate Optimization CRO" program for you as an entrepreneur, small business, or professional practice, our website design team first focuses on the low-hanging opportunities.  To begin your "Conversion Rate Optimization CRO," our team of expert website designers work with you to compare your site to the competition, your firm's positioning in the marketplace, and the search engine rankings.  Together with you, our SEO team conducts a site content audit, looks at your page authority, domain authority, spam index, and inbound and outbound links.  Our Content Strategists and Branding Experts look at who, what, when, why, where, and how that make up the 12 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)  Best Practices for 2021.

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Content Branding Solutions' team looks for ways to increase traffic with you through  Attraction Marketing Copywriting, Content, Copy and SEO Services and images.  Together, we maximize the Conversion Rate Optimization potential CRO to your ROI.  These simple changes can dramatically help increase your bottom line, 24-7-365, by turning your website into a productive BD, Marketing, Sales, and service manager.  Below are a few of the Content Branding Solutions best practices for 2021.

12 Conversion Rate Optimization CRO Best Practices You Can Use in Your Firms Website Design:


1.      Start With The Basics for all B2C and B2B Website Designs

Is your website design Search Engine Friendly SEF and easy to use and navigate for your target core income-generating clients, SEO targets, and who are you targeting in the equation?   What is the 15-second impression like, what is the Unique Sales Proposition USP, and does it portray your firm's value proposition?

Our professional web copywriters perform a Site Content Audit; it is a professional review of how the content performs across the pages of a website to:

  • Drive traffic to the site
  • Drive Bd, marketing, sales, and services activities to help you achieve the company goals

Bottom line? It's all about Your Website Designs Content Performance

The Four Core Elements of Successful Website Content
  • Persuasive sales copywriting is based on proven direct-response principles; after all, you are trying to get site visitors to respond by guiding and triggering a specific action
  • Keyword research and strategic placement of keyphrases woven smoothly and ethically into customer-focused messages and SEO to attract your target market
  • SEO page title tags and meta descriptions that appeal to people so that your when your site comes up in search engine results
  • Understanding web usability and other essential technical web aspects such as straightforward navigation help guide visitors and convenient one-click access to product pages to delight customers.

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The copywriter role is a worker role. "But the Content Marketing Strategists advisor role is that of a leader."

2.      Clearly Communicate Your Value Proposition (Where, What, Why)

Targeted visitors and prospects attracted to your website utilizing SEO need to understand your widget and/or professional service value.   Make sure prospects can answer the following questions within the first few moments of landing on your site with ease to convert them into clients:

  • Where am I?
  • What can I do here? What's the benefit to me?
  • Why should I choose your product or service over the competition? Do your website development and design content and graphics tell the story?
  • Is there proof of these claims, references, and reviews?

Your website design should communicate your value proposition and speak to the benefit of the benefit for your visitors when they use your product or service.  Enhance your message with powerful, memorable, eye-catching images and hook lines.  Utilize color and text to guide the visitor's eye-path and scanning toward points so that they notice them immediately.

3.       Showcase Your Brand Logo/Name (Where am I?)

Your brand logo and company name should be visible and subtly repeated at least nine (9) times on the landing page of your website design to make that sale or create the memory.  Repartition of your branding can help begin the process of brand awareness and recognition so that when visitors see your logo again, it begins to feel familiar, starting the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  Make sure your logo and company name is centered or off to the left in the top navigation menu area so that it is clear and easy to find.

4.      Directional CTA Above the Fold (What can I do here?)

Do you have a clear Call-To-Action CTA above the fold?  Remember the 15-second impression? Will they see the CTA  above the fold?  Give visitors an explicit, direct action to take immediately (even if it is just a "Learn More" CTA like the one in blue above)  show them a benefit, a reason to stay.

Utilize your CTA's and value propositions to attract strangers.  The goal is to guide and convert visitors throughout the funnel to close the deal.  You want to begin the process of building trust to help convert prospects to engaged leads in the circle of delight and lead them smoothly to where you want them to go without making them dig around the site to figure it out for themselves.  Remember Occam's razor and the KISS principle Keep It Simple Sweety.


Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO in websites design a white paper by Content Branding Solutions, Denver Co with a link to the 12 Benefits of Content Marketing,
12 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices For Your Website design in 2021 from the Website Development and Design Experts at Content Branding solutions, Denver, CO



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5.      Make sure Your Website Designs is User Friendly  (How and Where do I do it?)

To maximize your Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO, make sure your website design is user-friendly, with clear navigation that tells your prospect precisely what they can do on your site.  You would be amazed at how many retail websites are hard to navigate and or find that widget you are searching for; consequently, they have a high click-through rate.

Don't be a Grinch -  Make sure Your website Design is User Friendly


Tailor your language at a reading level of your target core income-generating clients. Utilize tools like Yoast Flesch–Kincaid readability tests to ensure your text is clear and as straightforward as possible to eliminate any confusion around the action you want them to take.  Utilize persuasive content to create a hierarchy of activities you want your reader to take.

Always follow the 4-P rules of successful copy that works by delivering a:

  • Promise that meets the needs of the prospect
  • A Picture that helps the prospect see himself or herself enjoying the benefits of your client's products,
  • Social Proof (credibility, testimonials, demonstrations) that your website design can deliver on the promise with integrity
  • Push: motivating the reader to act now.

Expert Tip:  Know who your target market is; create a 3-D image of your prospect, understanding his or her interests, needs, and most important, deepest desires and feelings when it comes to the solutions your offers, promotions, and your USP for your website copy and integrated SEO.

6.       Utilize Content Hierarchy to Build Rapport (The Why)

How can content hierarchy help with your Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO?  Think about how hard it is to find a new place in town without a map and only an address?   How easy is it to find that place when your phone map app guides you to your destination?  (This is how SEO guides targeted clients to your website design).

Share the Benefit
Tell your Prospects WHY they should choose Your Widget, Product, or Service over the Competitions?


Don't be a grinch; build rapport with content Hierarchy to guide your potential clients down the sales funnel of your landing page to their destination utilizing a clear content hierarchy that tells your story. Utilize Content Hierarchy to Build Rapport that attracts, guides, converts, and delights clients to increase your website design conversion rate optimization, CRO.

Build a BRAND
Remember your Website Design Represents your BRAND, Tells Your BRAND Story, to Build a Relationship that
Deliver Results 24-7-365 for a Maximum ROI


Utilize Content Hierarchy in your Website Design to improve your CRO and: 

  • Help tell Your Brand story.
  • Build Rapport, and showcase you and your stars. People buy people and Brands they know, like, and trust.
  • Share the Benefit of your brand, widget, products, or services?
  • Share the Benefit of your Unique Sales Proposition, USP.
  • Leave a lasting impression so that visitors want to come back and tell others about your brand or product.
  • Position your website widget, product, or service to stand above the competition to win.
  • Close the deal or get the call and win the contract.

Expert Tip: The majority of visitors drop off after the page fold.  Place your most compelling CTA and USP above the fold, maximize the real-estate by placing it higher on the page in the slider so that your brand can be exposed to as many visitors as possible.

7.      Use Compelling Honest Headlines (Why should I choose your product/service over the competition?)

Many people, just like you, scan website designs by reading the headlines.  Ask yourself how my headlines and hook lines would stand out?  Try utilizing color or bolding them to attract and retain the eyes as you scan your website.  Use stylized effective, compelling content as an opportunity to double up on your value proposition and Brand.

Compelling headlines, and hook lines with clear Unique Sales Proposition USP, will increase the Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO of your website's design.  When combined with third-party reviews and client recommendations, visitors will be more likely to linger, learn and share the USP you are communicating.

8.      Social Proof - Third-Party Reviews, Recommendations, and Testimonials

Third-party reviews, recommendations, and testimonials on your website design will increase your Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO.

Expert Tips for Third-Party Reviews, Recommendations, and Testimonials:

"Content Branding Solutions has extensive expertise in the field of web design and implementation.

They took the time to research and study my company's needs and goals for my website, along with the many regulations required for my industry.

They worked very hard to explain every detail of the website build and made appropriate and industry-specific suggestions for my website's success.

Peter and Cheri are lovely to work with; personable and professional with each step of the process.  Their commitment and integrity are unsurpassed.

I strongly recommend Content Branding Solutions to build and implement your website!  ~ Wendy Nelson

  • All forms of social proof are crucial in establishing credibility and validating your value proposition and Unique Sales proposition claims

Expert Tip: When you arrive at a website design, you are searching for a solution to a problem, widget, or service. You are looking for help.  Be the knowledge expert, the industry thought leader, or the service expert in your industry and help Clients like you make decisions with powerful CTA's that convert.  

Showcase your social proof in high traffic areas. Your conversion rate optimization, CRO,  will surge as your site is exposed to more visitors looking for a solution to their problem, widget, or service.

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9.      Offers, Promotions, and Your Unique Sales Propositions, USP

Always share the Benefit of the Benefit in your offers, promotions, and Unique Sales proposition, USP.  Emphasize offers, promotions, and use them in relation to the 4 Ps and 3 Cs!

The 4 Ps are Product, Price, Promotion, and Place -
The Four BD, Marketing, and Sales Variables under Your Control.


The 3 Cs are Company, Customers, and Competitors -
The Three main Environmental Factors in Your Market Place.


Emphasize Offers with Concise, Compelling CTA's that Trigger a Must-have Reaction.


Expert Tip: Do not use tired non-ADA compliant flashing pop-ups or display banners that follow visitors throughout the website design.  Ad blockers will get these tired remnants of the past.

10.           Guarantees, Warrants, & Return Policies

Many licensed Professional firms like Architects cannot provide guarantees.  They will not guarantee or warrant anything associated with their professional services.   However, they should build relationships and trust like any other business.

Build a BRAND - Build Trust through Thought Leadership in Your Profession or Industry
People Buy from People like YOU that they Know Like and Trust


If you have a satisfaction guarantee or return policy — emphasize it!  Satisfaction guarantees and return policies build BRAND trust, industry credibility and alleviate many clients purchasing anxieties.  They will happily close the deal for you. Don't believe us.  Take a look at how Anderson Windows or the Danbury Mint market their products and services.  Learn from the Experts.

Expert Tip: Skyrocket your BD, marketing, and Sales by emphasizing guarantees and return policies within proximity to CTA's and throughout the checkout experience, and long-form website design landing page close.

11.           Messaging, Copy, and Content

Keep tone and language throughout the messaging experience of your website design consistent.  Using "you" language, in combination with attraction marketing and benefit-driven copy that is compelling to visitors of your website, helps create the feeling that they are being spoken to directly and that you have their best interests and concerns in mind.

Expert Tip:  Personalize and Imagineer your products.  Personalize the messaging, imaging, and copy helps close the deal; look at how the Danbury Mint makes it all about you.  

12.           A Picture Paints a Thousand Words, Let's Paint The World for You!

Use eye-catching, head terming memorable imagery that highlights and complements the value of the product(s) or service(s) offered and helps create a compelling experience that makes visitors feel connected to your brand.

Eye-Catching Innovative Graphics Tailored to Tell your Firms Story


As Frederick R. Barnard stated back in 1921, "A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS." 
– Let Content Branding Solutions Paint Your World for You.

At Content Branding Solutions, we know how to uncover your REMARKABLE YOU, that trait, skill, product, service that makes you WONDERFUL at whatever you do.

Content Branding Solutions Website Development team of website designers, Branding Experts, and Content strategists are passionate about YOUR BRAND WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT and WEBSITE DESIGN MARKETING.  We would love to create your eye-catching graphics combined with persuasive content that connects you to your clients.

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We believe in marketing your website to YOUR WORLD of targeted clients to create long-term success for your business.

Starting with Your Website CRO and SEO


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