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7 SEO Tips for a Website Refresh to Increase Traffic Organically

7 SEO Tips for a Website Refresh ▪ SEO Brand Refresh ▪ SEO The Traffic Generator ▪ Evergreen SEO Tips ▪ Website SEO


7 SEO Tips to a Website Refresh to Increase SEO Traffic organically can help Your website climb the SEO mountain.  Like it or not, every entrepreneur start-up, small business, and professional firm needs a clean, targeted, functioning website.  A website that the search engines can find organically and rank because you continuously add quality content creates a website refresh. These 7 SEO Tips will organically attract new customers.  Today more than ever, people are looking for social proof to build trust and recognition before deciding to buy a product or service.  Customers used to need to see a product 3 times to trigger a sale; today, it is 9 times!  You might have the most fantastic well-thought-out website and widget. Still, if you don't take the time to make sure you get traffic by utilizing these SEO tips with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and fully categorized images, alt text, etc., traffic will fizzle fast.

A  Website Refresh of the Branding and design with integrated SEO, interwoven with Attraction Marketing Copywriting, and Branding will give your brand the competitive edge to attract, retain, convert and delight customers as it builds relationships and trust.  People Buy People The Trust.

Content Branding Solutions uses a timeless design that will give your website longevity, don't believe us?  Please take a look at the second website we built, Real Magic Design; this is the website that got us started in this industry back in 2011.  Our website has not been updated since.  It is still relevant and not dated.

7 SEO Tips to  Increase Traffic to Your Business Website Organically


The 7 Elements of a Brand Refresh to Above are intrinsically tied to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a necessary long-term ongoing investment worth every dollar.  A Media and Website Refresh can help Position YOU as the Industries Expert, the Thought Leader, Knowledge Authority as the go-to firm for that service or widget.




7 SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website Organically for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Business, & Professionals by Content Branding Solutions
For an in-depth look at The Seven Secrets of Great SEO, read The SEO Mountain, "A guide to SEO."
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1. SEO The Traffic Generator

How to Utilise SEO to Generate Traffic ▪ SEO Website Refresh ▪ SEO Brand Refresh ▪ SEO The Traffic Generator


SEO Interwoven with Content in Website Refresh Creates the Virtual Highway to Your Online Storefront


When SEO is done correctly and consistently, keeping up with the changing SEO algorithms enables a steady flow of new customers.  Suppose you are utilizing Thought Leadership, Knowledge Authority Articles as the go-to firm for that service or widget. In that case, existing customers will return, and your positioning in the local marketplace will rise. Keeping up with the changing SEO algorithms helps the search engines locate you and move your website up in the rankings.  SEO articles are a constant necessity that needs to be a part of your online marketing, and you must remember your competition should be doing the same thing.

Expert Tip:  Fresh Content utilizing these SEO Tips is Equivalent to Running Consistent Radio and TV Ads but at a Fraction of the Cost

2. Slow and Steady Wins the SEO Race

Win the SEO Race ▪ Utilise SEO to Generate Traffic ▪ SEO Website Branding Refresh ▪ SEO Tips for a Brand Refresh


Well, Thought Strategic Marketing Decisions Lead to Better Outcomes


Create your Marketing Content Strategy to have a calendar and flow of work with actions, responsibilities, and a budget.


7 SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website Organically for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Small Business, & Professionals by Content Branding Solutions - Full Circle Marketing - create a Marketing plan for a Small Business', Consultants, Start-ups, and Professional Practice's Content Branding Solutions
Learn How to create a Marketing plan, Set Marketing Strategy for a Small Business, Consultants, Start-ups, and Professional Practice's from Content Branding Solutions

Expert Tip: Don't forget to add time and money for the SEO Tips articles and content Website Refresh that gets your site found.


"You might ask yourself, how can I run my business effectively and write content that keeps my website fresh and relevant regularly?"  

Unless you are a gifted writer and have studied the correct way to research and write your content in a methodology and manner that search engines will notice with integrated SEO, you waste your time. Your core business is suffering while you waste time on your website refresh.  Hire an expert to do this writing for you while focusing on what you do best, building your business.


5 Steps To An Effective Content Strategy a Article by Peter Lucking of Content Branding Solutions Denver Colorado USA
Read the Article, Five Steps To An Effective Content Strategy by Content Branding Solutions

Five Steps To An Effective Content Strategy that uses these SEO tips


Align your content with your customer's journey.  Identify what topics, needs, and questions will be addressed in your content.


Audit your existing content to determine what can be used as-is, what must be updated, and what must be created from scratch.


Determine the genre and format of each content piece.  Identify who will be the subject matter, experts, authors, and other contributors.


Determine the objective of each piece of content and how performance will be tracked and measured.


Identify what online and offline channels will be used to get content in front of targeted clients.

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Hiring a Professional Content Marketing Writers is Now Part of the Marketing Process

3. Is your Website ADA Compliant?

SEO and ADA ▪ Win the SEO Race ▪ How to Utilise SEO to Generate Traffic ▪ Evergreen SEO tips


Your Graphics, Images, and Pictures need to Include a Description to meet the ADA Compliance and SEO


Is your website updated to meet the laws regarding Americans with Disabilities (ADA)?  Websites like stores, ATMs, and elevators must make accommodations that make them more accessible for those with disabilities.  This standard includes desktop versions of the website, mobile, and tablet versions.  For most small businesses, you need to do the alt text describing all images on your site as a minimum.  Technology is continuously evolving, and the rules of ADA compliance are right in step.  If you previously have done an ADA compliance audit on your site, it is essential to check regularly to ensure that you are meeting updated rules and regulations.

4. Credibility and Authoritativ

SEO and the Knowledge Expert ▪ SEO and ADA ▪ Win the SEO Race ▪ How to Utilise SEO to Generate Traffic


Make Sure your Site is SECURE to gain TRUST!


If your website lacks the basics, a secure site, your potential customers may not trust you.  They might even get a warning that the site is not secure.  Prying eyes on an unsecured website in today's digital age sets you and your customer up for trouble, and Google spiders will punish you for it in rankings.  If you are not showing up on the first page of rankings or showing up on the fifth page, chances are Google will not allow you to advance.  What are you doing to help yourself get to that first or second page of Google searches?  Secure your site and use relevant SEO alt text on images and Thought Leadership, White papers Knowledge Authority articles as the go-to firm for that service or widget.  These Industry-leading articles help increase your website's domain authority.

Remember, your customers rarely view the research results past page one.  The higher the ranking, the more sales you may make if you are perceived to be trustworthy.  Of course, you can always utilize Pay-per-click ads to fool everyone off fake YouTube videos to make bogus claims.  LINK

Don't Sweat the List – Success is One Click Away!


It Has Become Increasingly Challenging to Accomplish the Goal of Attracting New Visitors, Retaining Current Customers, Strengthening Your Brand positioning, and Increasing Your Brand Awareness.

"If you don't know what you're doing, chances are you will be wasting massive amounts of time, money, and frustrate yourself to no end and turn off your audience.

Even when you do know what you are doing, a small SEO PLUGIN Update similar to the one in December 2020 to the All-In-One SEO PRO Pack can throw you a loop." -  Peter Lucking

5. Sustainable and Affordable Evergreen SEO tips are the Way to Increase Traffic after a Website Refresh

Evergreen SEO Tips ▪ SEO as the Knowledge Expert ▪ SEO and ADA ▪ Win the SEO Race ▪ Utilise SEO to Generate Traffic


SEO is a building block; Meta tags are the Bricks, but
The 'Focus Key Phrase' is the House that will Attract the Targeted Clients


SEO is a building block, Meta tags are the bricks, but the 'Focus key phrase' is the house that will attract the targeted clients.   Once you get started and create a plan to keep your site up-to-date and relevant by consistently adding interesting new content that contains focused keywords, you have the basis to keep growing your traffic for years to come.  Once your content is out there, it is out there for good remember to regularly refresh your website and content to make it sustainable and evergreen.

The buzz is going viral, but a viral video can last for a short while and be forgotten when the next viral video is released.  Back to Step 2., slow and steady wins the race.

6. SEO is Smart Business; use it Wisely to Advance your Small Business Domain Authority

SEO and Domain Authority ▪ Evergreen SEO Tips ▪ SEO Articles and Blogs ▪ SEO and ADA ▪ Organic SEO


Use SEO Wisely to Advance your Small Business Domain Authority


Organic SEO uses a strategic methodology that leads to better outcomes.  Taking the time to invest in your business is worth it in the long run.  The savings you have from not having a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront that only has a 5 to 10-mile radius can be invested into your online storefront that can reach across the world.

Taking the time to use SEO tools and hire an independent professional to help you write new SEO content to grow your online business continuously is profitable.  When is the last time you had a website refresh, website evaluation, written unique content for your site?

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7. The Cost of SEO

SEO Costs ▪ SEO and Domain Authority ▪ Evergreen SEO Tips ▪ SEO as the Knowledge Expert ▪ Win the SEO Race


EVERY website needs SEO To Attract Qualified Clients 24-7-365


SEO is needed on every website.  There are many options available, some great and some not so great.  Suppose your goal is to increase brand awareness, build targeted traffic and promote your business performance using the search results of Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines. In that case, you should pay attention to building the best possible ROI based on these SEO tips.

When hiring a firm to implement your SEO and or a website refresh, the costs will vary greatly depending on your business's needs and the level of experience of the service provider you choose to help you with this necessary marketing tool.  SEO content cost starts at a few hundred dollars for a page and can go up into the thousands for a full site.

Expert Tip: Monthly Content Creation Retainers can range from $500 to $10,000+/month, or $100 - $300+ per hour.


Working with an independent firm can save your firm tons of money if you choose the right service provider.  Choosing the right SEO solution for your company requires careful research to ensure you are connected with the correct service partner to help rank your firm higher on the lists.

Red Flags include, but not limited to, making claims of overnight success.  SEO done correctly will take up to six months to positively affect your campaign.  The SEO provider should work with you and explain how they plan to achieve your goals within a given timetable.  Taking the time to work with them to build a specific marketing campaign is highly recommended.

Stay away from SEO providers that recommend purchasing significant quantities for links, followers, or email lists.  Google and other search engines look for questionable SEO activity. Is your website relevant to what you are presenting or selling?  If search engines discover you are misusing SEO, your site could be blacklisted or penalized.

Low-cost options seem attractive, but in the long run, beware.  You will want to research their reputation and talk to previous clients to help you decide to move forward.  We always bump into companies that were promised full SEO. When we've done a backend evaluation, not one keyword is included on the site rendering your website almost useless in the world of search engines.

Today you need to add 'Focus key phrase' and Industry-leading articles and content to rank high in both pages and domain authority.



Content Branding Solutions can help design the right SEO strategy and Website Refresh for your business to accomplish your goals within your budget. To learn more, get in touch. We are just a phone call away.

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Developing Branding or Refreshing Your Website Content and SEO has its Challenges.

Are you learning the hard way?  You have a website, but you haven't had a single inquiry or conversion; why? 

Have you asked yourself what is wrong?  Could it be your lack of engaging Text, Content, and SEO?

What does that mean? 

Have you been sold a bunch of lies?



If your website doesn't contain quality relevant content for your product or services, Google and other search engines are beginning to get more sophisticated and can identify if you are writing misleading content and keyword stuffing to get noticed by the search engine consumers.

Google notices when your website isn't correctly SEO with fresh content and lets you know by pushing your site down in the rankings.

Content Branding Solutions


Content Branding Solutions, your solution for a website refresh, your marketing plan for SEO, compelling content, editing services, and original graphics for your business.


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