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Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing is one of the best business books of 2020, compelling practical, and knowledgeable. The book shares the secrets to branding and content marketing in a helpful hands-on manner, must-have addition to your digital business library.  This book explains everything you need to know to build your online business effectively and efficiently.

This book explores Strategic Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Businesses.  The book shares branding, content strategy, and implementation to activate your brand—a guide to website development and thought leadership. Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs will help you create brand awareness, email marketing, social media strategies, and much more to communicate your message.

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12 Master Classes for just $1,997 - A Comprehensive Master Class series To Branding And Content Marketing that will help you Create Your roadmap to success

Our companion Master Classes are coming soon.  Learn and work hands-on with the experts and authors to create your best online presence to succeed in today’s overcrowded internet highway.  

One of the book and Master Classes topics includes branding; have you carefully thought about your branding? Does it convey your message effectively to your customers, both new and existing? Is it time to refresh your brand?  The personality of your website and documentation says a lot about your firm. 

First impressions do matter; from color to images, the branding will either stand out, attract, and retain customers or push them away.

 The job of your website is to tell your brand’s story to the consumer at the moment they are looking to decide to buy your services.” ~Cheri Lucking

Another Hot Topic - The Missing Link in Many Website Designs is NO SEO!

Think about it, if you went to a library or Amazon and all the books were randomly filed, how would you find that one book you are looking for?  Internet search engines need to have categories just like the Dewey decimal system in a library.  These are known as meta tags and meta keywords, or long-tail and short-tail keywords, when combined with a meta description and title the search engines can find your post, blog, or page and site.

Website Design – Search Engine Optimization SEO


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 Who is your target customer?

 To create effective, beneficial SEO, you must understand who your customers are and their goals.

Keyword Research can provide you with laser-focused search data that can help you answer questions like:

  • Who are they, and how many people are searching for it?
  • What is your target audience searching for?
  • Why are they searching for it?
  • When are they searching for it?
  • How what keywords are they using?
  • In what format are they looking for information?

Today industry-leading companies and their owners are the new empire builders of the earth; they plant their flag and logos everywhere like swarming locusts. They ravage the world, devouring small businesses and whole countries.

Website SEO-SEF

Create a list of keywords related to your business's core services and market area of influence.  For example, Cupcakes, Parker, Colorado, with your list of keywords and phrases associated with your Unique offer, is the start of your search engine optimization (SEO).

The actions you want your clients to take should lead directly into the way you will layout your site contents and make it Search Engine Friendly (SEF)

Now is the time to refresh your brand and website; use this time wisely.

Content Branding Solutions, your solution for a better online experience!  See you in class!

About The Content Marketing Strategists Article, and White Paper Authors

Content Strategists Who Skyrocket Sales

Cheri and Peter Lucking are content marketing strategists, serial entrepreneurs, rebellious marketers, and technology experts.  They have started, grown, and successfully executed multiple businesses utilizing design, digital media, radio, and TV marketing.  They are bloggers, content writers, published authors, software gurus, crazy dancers, and animal lovers.  They love what they do and work SMART at what they love.

Image of a book and Kindle CONTENT BRANDING SOLUTIONS for ENTREPRENEURS - Strategic Content Marketing by Peter Lucking and Cheri Lucking Content Strategists for Content Branding Solutions, Denver, Colorado
Content Marketing Strategists Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking can help Skyrocket your Sales with TIMELESS messages through CONTENT, GRAPHICS, and COACHING for all your media needs.

Cheri Lucking

CEO of Content Branding Solutions

Cheri Lucking is co-founder and CEO of Content Branding Solutions, a creative digital content marketing company. We specialize in attraction marketing content, graphics, website design, and associated consulting services in Denver, CO.  She is a prodigy of radio and TV marketing, a serial entrepreneur, a published author, and a successful businesswoman.

Cheri and her husband, Peter, are nationally recognized speakers on content branding, Strategic Content Marketing that combines digital marketing, social media.  Through there company and webinar Master Class The Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing, they provide real, actionable advice to attract, retain, and convert, qualified leads to paying customers.

Content Marketing Builds Brand Awareness, Visibility, and Consumer Trust


Cheri has written persuasive marketing copy and provided effective digital marketing content strategies for Fortune 500 firms and successful small businesses, professional practices, large corporations, and entrepreneurs.  Cheri believes high-quality content is vital for influencing conversion rates.  Concise content allows you to connect with your consumers as you meet their needs, combined with clear CTA's, enable the reader to know what to do next.

Cheri is a professionally trained, certified business coach.  Cheri shares her knowledge as a digital marketing trainer with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional practices.

Book and Kindle - Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle - Secrets to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness, by Cheri and Peter Lucking provides straightforward, researched advice to live a healthy life.
Tips To Live A Healthy Lifestyle, Copywriting, Editorial Services, Content styling, Book Cover Design, Graphics and infographics by Content Branding Solutions, Cheri Lucking, and Peter Lucking

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Peter Lucking

Creative Director of Content Branding Solutions

Peter lucking is an influential content strategist, designer, brander, marketer, motivator, and media maker—a marketing executive and entrepreneur published author and illustrator.

Influential Content Strategists can Connect all the Divergent Pieces to Create
a Comprehensive Marketing Plan that Benefits Your ROI


Peter is a famous guest blogger published by multiple marketing publications, a sustainable columnist, and a prolific ghostwriter.  Peter provides actionable advice from an author and illustrator in the content marketing trenches.

Peter is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and consultants find new, innovative, cost-effective ways to leverage technology and marketing to facilitate rapid, sustainable business growth with measurable ROI.

Cheri and Peter started  Content Branding Solutions to help entrepreneurs and small businesses create there brand, through evergreen attraction marketing content that transform their businesses over time.

Double Your Firm's income in just 3 Years with the proven "Full Circle" Marketing Techniques Content Branding Solutions Utilizes, Consults, and Teaches.


Keynote speaker at marketing conferences and digital marketing trainer for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional practices.

Before the pandemic, Peter was an in-demand speaker booked over 52 times each year to deliver actionable sessions on personal branding, marketing strategy, and sales.  As Co-author of Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Cheri and Peter continue the keynote speaking with The Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing  to share their knowledge and help firms grow successfully in the future.

Peter is a popular guest blogger for numerous publications and international advisor to early-stage technology and social media companies, via many startup Institutes.

Peter has branded and created marketing copy, graphics, and images and provided a digital marketing strategy for many successful companies and entrepreneurs utilizing the "Full Circle" marketing techniques developed and championed by Content Branding Solutions.

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Cheri and Peter are the co-hosts of The Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing.  This hands-on online digital Master Class focus is Content Branding for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional practices.

The digital Master Class is based on the award-winning book Content Branding Solutions For Entrepreneurs.  The Strategic Content marketing modules lay the foundation for success with branding and teach you the A-Z proven strategies and cutting-edge tactics that will help your firm succeed.

Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing a New Book, eBook, Kindle by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking - Available on amazon

CONTENT BRANDING SOLUTIONS for ENTREPRENEURS - Strategic Content Marketing is The A-To-Z Guide to Content Marketing by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking.

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Our Award-winning book Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs and our online Master Class, The Accelerated Program for Nine-Figure Content Marketing  will dramatically improve your branding; we share our knowledge with you on how to attract, convert, and connect with customers through all your media channels to grow your businesses.

The Best Content Branding and Marketing Strategist have an in-depth Knowledge of
Editorial, Content Writing and, Graphics combined with SEO and Social Media Marketing Skills.
They are Aware of Trends and New Directions in the Marketplace.


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