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Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs 

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a New Book by

Cheri Lucking - Peter Lucking

CHAPTER 4, Introduction - Website Development and Design


An excerpt from Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing. CHAPTER 4, Introduction - Website Development and Design a New Book, eBook, Kindle by Cheri Lucking, and Peter Lucking – Available at Amazon soon!

Added bonus From the Book

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Building, or Refreshing Your Website to Build Brand Recognition


Technology for your businesses is the first major investment most entrepreneurs make.  Whether it be a laptop, desktop, printer, or smartphone, we need tools to communicate.  Emerging technologies will significantly impact our way of communicating.  One thing is for sure unless you have a brick and mortar business, you need a storefront.  You need a website to be your 24/7/375 storefront, the world's window to your services.

Launching the business website is the most significant technological milestone for many entrepreneurs and small businesses.  It is the one-off highest cost after the investments in business technology.


The Biggest Technology Milestone for Small Businesses
54% Launching A Website

Source: Manta Survey 2014

Every small business must become known within its community and industry to be positioned for success; this is where your website, networking, and social media can and will make a difference if you are consistent and well-branded across all media types.

Your branded website, mission, vision, and values combined with your services should position your firm within the marketplace by defining your expertise and unique sales proposition that makes you stand above the crowd.

Your website should build brand recognition through timeless content that communicates your message and tells your story in words, images, and actions.

A Blue Line From Content Branding Solutions

Build Brand Recognition with Your website

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Building, or Refreshing Your Website to Build Brand Recognition:

If you answer “no or I don’t know” to any of these questions, you should contact a website design firm that has creative branding, graphics, and infographics knowledge and experience.

Are you thinking of building a company website yourself?   Think again.  Oh yes, there are many blogs out there that say website design is easy, and it can be if you know what you are doing.  If you do not, you could spend hours, days, months, and in some cases, years, along with a lot of money to have an unprofessional result.

Expert Tip: Hire an expert.  Save yourself the headache, by letting the experts do what they do best, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

We know of a design consultant firm who has spent over one year redesigning their website and employed an in-house web designer.  In truth, all they had to do was make it look eye-catching as they already had the architectural copy!

The first impression of the new website, site washed out, drab!  But worse, the site will not scale on all devices!

How will the world see your brand?  How will your website tell your story to attract, convert, and delight your target audience?

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Building, or Refreshing Your Website to Build Brand Recognition:

  1. You’ve Picked Your WordPress Theme or one of the many others available, or you are going to build the site from scratch. Great!
  2. The Website Dashboard. You get into the back end of the site only to realize there are a lot of moving parts.
  3. Time to Learn? Now what?  Do you have time to spend teaching yourself?
  4. Do You Know How To Create Graphics? A picture paints a thousand words.  Graphics, images, diagrams, charts, do you have them, or do you need someone to develop them for you?

BRANDING, GRAPHICS, and INFOGRAPHICS will help you stand out from the crowd, Content Branding Solutions

Credit: Wall Art Spray Graffiti Free Photo On Pixabay

  1. Content, can you write, are you a knowledgeable copywriter?  Do you know how to include keywords and phrases that will attract clients and elevate your online rankings?
  2. Content that Attracts And Delights. Do you know how to write content that search engines will find or, more importantly, your future clients?

Content that uncovers the REMARKABLE YOU, that trait, skill, product, service that makes you WONDERFUL at whatever you do.

  1. Do You Know How To Optimize Your SEO?. Do you know what it means to optimize your site using keywords, keyword phrases, and meta tags for SEO?
  2. Website Security?
  • Is your website secure? Watch out for the host up-sell!
  • Is your site protected from Malware? Why should you care?
  • Is your website backed up?
  1. Website Hosting. Who do you pick to host?
    • What does it mean to have your website hosted anyway? Is it 1999?  “Let's go Crazy… and party like it's nineteen ninety-nine?”
  2. Time is Money. How much time do you want to spend building the site creating relevant copywriting content?  Or do you have other things to do, perhaps run your business, design a building, get a proposal out, or “party like it is 1999?”

65% Of All the Sites We Build are Rebuilds of The Drag and Drop
Start for FREE All-In-Ones.

  • You get what you pay for; the $199 E-commerce sites are just that.
  • Squarespace, WiX, and Goddady sites are great if you know what you are doing and know how to customize the options to create a unique website and have great content, can write and understand SEO.
  1. Sales Copy, is it Working? Are you and your staff attracting, converting, and closing, by utilizing The Twelve Benefits of Content Marketing, or just waiting for the next RFQ?
  2. Marketing and Proposals. Are you and your team actively in front of your RFP’s?
  3. Do You Know How to Drive Traffic to Your Site? Or are you chasing the business like your competitors?
  4. Do You Have an Email Contact Capturing System? Basic or bigger?  A-Weber to Infusion, Constant Contact, or other?  Which one do you need?
  5. Do You Know What An Auto-Responder Is? Do you care?
  6. Do You Know How To Set Up An Email Inbound Funnel Series that Will Get Qualified Sign-Ups?
  7. What about LinkedIn and Facebook? How do you use effectively, how many new qualified leads has your LinkedIn brought in for you?  How many deals have you closed from social media?
  8. E-book, Article, or White Paper? Which one do you choose and why?  Do you need all the formats?  Do you know what a white paper is?  It is an essential component of Knowledge-based thought leadership attraction marketing.
  9. Do You Know How to Write a blog or a professional thought leadership article? What does that mean anyway?
  10. Back to Content, Can You Write Attraction Marketing Copy?
  11. Do You Enjoy Writing Laser Targeted Content and Sustainable Copy?
  12. Do You Have Time To Write With Logic, Clarity, And Style?
  13. Website Content - Do you know how to write to fulfill all the writing/content needed to build a functional, compelling, and useful website?


Cheri and I had never laughed louder than when a Radio DJ told us his show writers would write the content for his website.  Three years later, they came and asked us to rebrand and rewrite the content!

Just because you write does not mean you can write content and copy for your website; it is an art form.

  1. Do You Need Graphics, Illustrations, Pictures, Diagrams?
  • Do you want to spend your time creating?
  • Do you know how?
  • Do you have time to build your site?
  • Do you know what it means to optimize your pictures?
  1. Logo? Will anyone outside of your industry, recognizes your brand?
  2. You Have a Website; It’s Out of Date? What does that mean?  Why should you care it's been up for years?
  3. When Was The Last Time You Refreshed Your Website? You have a site; it needs to be updated every couple of years, what does that mean, have you done that recently?
  4. Are Your Marketing And Sales Materials Up To Date? When is the last time you updated them?  Are they written in a manner that will lead your prospects to buy?

A Website is an Organic Product that Needs Updating and Maintaining regularly to be Sustainable.
This is Vital if you want Results using Your Website 24/7/365 as Your Marketing and Sales Director

  1. Have you thought about a webinar or a podcast? What about a live broadcast on twitch?  Do you know how to put together an effective one?
  2. What are your firm's content marketing strategy, master messaging roadmap, and implementation plan for market activation?

$$$$ - Your Time, The Marketing Directors and IT Guru Dollars Add Up Astronomically - $$$$$$$$$$...  until You Wish You Had Hired A Website Design Expert from the beginning that Knows What They Are Doing.

The list goes on and on.  You will bump into things that you have never imagined and will realize you are buying something that you do not even know you needed or worse sold you something you didn’t need in the first place.

Expert Tip: Why not hire an expert?  Save money and get the benefits of an expert.  It is not too late.  Professional website developers are here to help.

CHAPTER 4  Contains:

  • 14 Reasons to Hire a Pro Website Content Developer and Designer
  • Websites Design Tips for Small Business & Independent Consultants
  • Website Design Secret – Colors Do Matter in Marketing
  • How a Website Ranks on the Search Engines
  • Branding and Your Website
  • How to Refresh Your Website
  • Twenty-Four Tips for Choosing A Web Design Company



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Strategic Content Marketing


Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing is The A-To-Z Guide to Content Marketing by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking




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Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing a New Book, eBook, Kindle by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking on Web site Design
Website Development and Design - Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs - Strategic Content Marketing a New Book, eBook, Kindle by Cheri Lucking and Peter Lucking.

Content Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs – Strategic Content Marketing – This book is for Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional firms. The book shares branding, content strategy, and implementation, activating your brand, website development, thought leadership, creating brand awareness, email marketing, social media and much more – Coming Soon on Amazon

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