Are-you-ready-for-the-VIRTUAL-WORLD an article by Content Branding Solutions

The world, as we know it, has changed.  Are you ready to go virtual?  Have you laid the content marketing foundation to step up and operate in the digital space?

Is Your Strategic Content Marketing Ready For The Virtual World?


The most difficult action for many social people to take is to work at home.  Having a daily routine is essential to keep you focused and on track.

Communicate - Social Distancing Does Not Mean Being Socially Disconnected. 


Do a Virtual Health Check –  Refresh your website, social, media, branding, and marketing materials.  It is a never-ending job, use this time wisely and set up a system for your future success.

Things you can do to stay Motivated and Marketing: 

  • Stay positive. Create an action plan for motivation.
  • Create Digital Events – Nurture industry partnerships and reach new audiences.
  • Do a Dance Party with colleagues, family, and friends
  • Stay connected and communicate.  Working remotely with customers requires some new skills, but it all starts with your foundation.
  • Freshen up your website with clear and concise content, graphics, and images.

Maximize Your Google Search Engine Potential with SEF and SEO'd Content.


It is time to SEF and SEO your website to attract, convert, and delight your customers.   Putting your customers at the center of your content marketing wheel will create customer loyalty.

Double Down on LinkedIn for Organic Reach.


Create digital content assets to bolster your marketing distribution to create interest in your products through webinars podcasts etc.

Secure Your Site


"Lean into video more to create that connection and create spaces for people to adapt to this time.  Since it’s not going to end, begin prioritizing scheduling out into the future and locking people in.  Guide your target audience past this time and always have a CTA to create a Zoom meeting."  - Andres Nunez,  Keen Marketing

Utilize ZOOM


"Zoom is a great way to connect with clients.  Service businesses can run targeted ads to build their email lists and for every email, anew contacts receive access to a special course, downloadable, or a link to a live webinar/class.  This is prime time to build out that contact list.  We are lucky to live in a digital age during this unprecedented time in history."  - Kimberly Masiello, California Lifestyle Marketing

Create Virtual Tours


"With health concerns over the virus, consumers will be much more selective in determining which businesses they will visit.  How do you give them the confidence to do so?  A 360-degree panoramic walk-through virtual tour provides the opportunity to navigate businesses without leaving home. "  – Jim Osgood,


Consider laying your foundation with the 12 benefits of Content Marketing

12 Benefits of Content Marketing from Content Branding Solutions
12 Benefits of Content Marketing from Thought Leadership, Business Development, to Brand Awareness and Brand Credibility that will give you Higher Website Domain Authority.

Use The Top 12 Benefits of Content Marketing to:

1.  Delight Customers: More on-site content, more keywords, more SEO - More reasons for customers to stick around for the benefits.

2.   Google Loves Content:  Search engine Google gods are all about quality content and are your primary traffic referral search engine.

3.   Attract Strangers:  Increased referral traffic and visibility work hand-in-hand with content marketing that drives more sales and repeats the google content cycle.

4.  Create Brand  Authority: Higher Website Domain Authority.  Content marketing drives more visibility to your product pages, increasing Brand Awareness.  Valuable content that connects and solves problems increases your perceived expertise, authority, relevance, and trust of your site.  A higher domain authority correlates strongly with higher search rankings.

Why is content marketing so important?  Content marketing drives more sales.

5.  Delight: Content Marketing Grows a Social Media following.  Syndicate and share your content on your social media platforms for increased exposure and growth.

6.   Convert: Content Marketing Increases Conversion Potential.  Your primary objectives with content are to engage, inform, problem-solve, and bring value for your readers.  Don’t forget your clear call-to-action and tactful pitch.

Content marketing can answer 98% of your customer service and sales questions - freeing up time for you and your team.

7.   Content Marketing Amplifies Your Brand Awareness improves brand reputation, building credibility, and trust.  When people read your material, see your graphics and symbols, they are building an impression of your brand.  If that impression is perceived as helpful, informative, or enlightening, they will think more highly of your brand.

8.   Content Marketing Makes Life a Breeze for Your Customer Service and Sales Department.   In the beginning, many customers will find answers through an online search instead of reaching out to your customer service team.  If that sales department is you, a small business, consultant, or start-up, it frees up your time, reducing pressure.

Content Marketing helps you Capture Leads and Create your List.

9.   Content Marketing builds Relationships, Trust, and Credibility.  Engagement customer/reader relationships.  A greater brand reputation can help with the size and recognition of your audience, but great content can also increase the loyalty and closeness of your customer relationships.

10.   Content Marketing Can Apply to Any Business Model - however big or small from start-ups to conglomerates.

11.   Content Marketing Increases Sales 24/7/365, creating a faster sales funnel and flywheel for Inbound Marketing Success.

12.   Organic Growth with Compounding ROI: Decreased marketing costs and compounding long term life cycle value, compared to pay per click.  Your content investment works year after year.

Communicate - Stay Home and be Socially Responsible - See you in the Virtual World Today

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