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Every person and business is or should be a brand.  From the social influencers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to start-ups and small companies, each entity is a brand.

The power of branding is timeless.  Fifty-three years ago, the Nike brand opened its first retail store (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019).  Carolyn Davidson created the Nike Swoosh logo in 1971.

Branding Nike Logos
The power of branding is timeless – The Nike Swoosh logo 1971 – now!

Image Source: © Nike |

From the Red Cross to Apple, Google, and the Rolling Stones, iconic emblem branding is everywhere.  Branding creates product recognition, great branding is iconic and adds to sales; when you add a social influencer or celebrity, sales can skyrocket.

Build a  Brand on Timeless Messaging and Identity;  Make Your Dreams Come True.

Would you start a business without a Business plan?
Or start marketing without branding your firm in combination with a marketing strategy and implementation plan?


Create Your Firms:

  • Brand
  • Marketing Plan and Strategy to Carry It Out
  • Content Strategy Plan and Implementation Methodology
  • Brand your firm and products from your website to your marketing materials.
  • Creative Brief to help copywriters understand your companies mission, vision and values, thought leadership areas, and unique offerings.

Empower Your Business with Branding

What can a start-up or small business do to compete?  Create a marketing plan and strategy to carry it out.  Following this idea will help you spend your dollars, and time wisely, remember time is money.

Branding is a marketing methodology in which a company creates a name, slogan, symbol, or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.


  • Branding Creates Recognition
    • Powerful mission and vision statements create brand values
    • A timeless logo creates longterm recognition
    • A Website – the world’s window to your business
  • Branding Increases Your Business Value
    • Branding Generates New Customers
    • A 24/7/365 sales manager through a great branded Website
    • Proper branding can position you in the marketplace
  • Branding Creates Trust within the Marketplace
  • Branding Supports Advertising
    • Your brain creates a symbol before it translates it into a word
    • Your thoughts are not evaluating flavor you are evaluating memories of a flavor and a lifetime of experiences associated with that flavor. These collective memories are the filter through which we see, hear, and taste the world.
  • Create Branding that sends the Right Message- Your Company Message
  • Every Interaction with your Brand sends a message
  • Colors matter they can scream STOP or GO
  • Branding can Improve Employee Pride and Satisfaction
  • Branding is the sum of all parts that elevates a product above its competition

A better Brand leads to more Successful Marketing

As Shia LaBeouf states in his Motivational Speech, “Just Do It, don’t let your dream be dreams.  Yesterday you said tomorrow,” Get motivated.

Key Takeaways

Every Professional Company is a brand.  Every Brand should have:

  • Strategic Planning Content Strategy
  • Tactics and implementation Methodology
  • Create a Creative Brief to help copywriters understand your companies mission, vision and values, thought leadership areas, and unique offerings.

Skilled copywriters can turn your plan and strategies into cost-effective copy that connects with customers and drives them to take action


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Branding Solutions for Entrepreneurs: Strategic Content Marketing

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