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Why is it important to brand your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages?

Have you been hiding from LinkedIn and Social Media?  LinkedIn is a powerful tool for individuals and companies to showcase what you do and used to make new connections to help grow your brand bigger and faster.

LinkedIn regarded as one of the world’s most pressing social platforms for B2B; is not going away anytime soon.

Often, we see incomplete LinkedIn pages.  LinkedIn not branded, optimized, and filled out correctly is leaving money on the table for you and your firm.  Taking the time to optimize your LinkedIn profile and company page increases your chances of ranking in Google search, the critical real estate in search engine results.

14 Components to include on your LinkedIn page:

  1. A branded header customized and optimized to what you and your company do.
  2. Professional photo of you. Pursed lips blowing a kiss at yourself into the camera and using as your LinkedIn profile photo is not a great idea.  A professional photo of yourself is an investment in you.
  3. Complete all LinkedIn fields with profile, company description, and contact information are extremely essential.
  4. Write about the highlights and all aspects of your brand. If you are promoting yourself, you are the brand, the product.
  5. Be clear and precise describing you and your company and your experience.
  6. Extend your reach by creating a Showcase Page. LinkedIn Showcase Pages are a new way to highlight your brand, share specific content with target audiences, and develop relationships that matter:
  7. A picture does say a thousand words. Invest in professionally designed customized graphics that highlight your business or what you do.  Swiping graphics from the web is not a professional way to showcase your products and services.  Be the leader with custom graphics that others want to swipe from you.
  8. Consistently add activity on your LinkedIn page. Post frequently.  Write thought leadership articles, post relevant information on your page, comment, and share with your connections and followers.
  9. Keywords correctly placed in your experience section do matter. Keywords and acronyms should be written thoughtfully into your summary and experience sections so hiring managers can find you more easily.
  10. Include links to your website and blog in your profile, description, and posts.
  11. Engage with your current connections and page followers. Genuinely comment and share on other people’s posts
  12. Ask your network for LinkedIn Recommendations. Better to have third party validation on successful project completion, rather than blowing your own horn.  Boasting about yourself is not high on anyone’s list.  Make requests personal by asking for them through messaging or a phone call.
    LinkedIn and Social Media Branding By Content Branding Solutions
    Stanley Takase on LinkedIn Recommends Content Branding Solutions

    This is a great way to share what you’re doing with others to build relationships and help each other attract new business.

  1. Engage in LinkedIn Groups and actively engage. Find industry-related groups and share your insights and thought leadership.  LinkedIn Groups help others know you and create trust.  People buy people.  LinkedIn weights your participation in groups, posting status updates, commenting on posts, liking content shared by connections.  When others see your relevant activity, they are more likely to want to know more about you and your business.
  2. Invest in yourself. Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.  Hire a professional to help you put your LinkedIn package together and optimize it to its fullest potential.

Content Branding Solutions can help you tailor a package specific to your LinkedIn needs.

Invest time in content for all your social media pages especially a stunning logo that tells people what you do

Logo By Content Branding Solutions
A logo can tell your story.

Invest time in your hook lines in your LinkedIn job summaries that continue to tell your story of how you got to be where you are today.


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? Stanley Takase - Creating the Culture, Efficiency, and Relationships For Business Success ?

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"Apply these branding solutions to your LinkedIn, Company Facebook, and Twitter pages to reap the success."


Have fun, be truthful, and the world will come to you.

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