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The On-the-Go Media Tracking Revolution

Standout from the crowd with trackable real-time Digital and Traditional MarketingAdd integrated ON-THE-GO MEDIA TRACKING and Conversion Tracking software into your website, book launch, or media marketing, and watch your business grow.  Full Circle Marketing is about results.

Many advertising agencies and online media marketing groups will sell you packages.  Do you have on-the-go result tracking to see if your hard-earned marketing dollars are working?

Radio and TV will tell you about the Arbitron and Nielsen ratings.  The information will give you an idea of rank, audience size, and composition of the radio listeners and television consumers that are watching.  Can they give you the real-time results of your media online advertising campaign?

It is not about Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing:  Which One Is Better?  It’s about using each wisely with results tracking and adjusting the marketing to meet the demand on-the-go in real-time as it is happening.

INTEGRATED ON-THE-GO MEDIA TRACKING is far more than pay-per-click or targeted Facebook marketing.  It is a methodology to see a result that is greater than using a bitly URL shortened link or a custom link from google shortened.  It is about tracking marketing, the sales in real-time in your sales funnel. Let’s take a look at how Pay-Per-Click works.

To help us understand how this all works, we will use an example that most advertiser can understand. Pay-Per-Click AdWords Campaigns.

How Pay-Per-Click AdWords Work on All Media Channels

Pay-per-click drill down to increase your sales is beneficial to know as your SEO works comparably; think of keywords as meta tags.  Think of broad matches as metaphrases or long-tail keywords.  When you add the +sign to your search, it refines the search on all browsers, using it in a Pay Per Click campaign does the same thing.

Let’s look at a Pay-Per-Click Keyword Drill Up to the most effective matches:

The On-the-Go media Tracking Revolution. Stand out from the crowd with trackable real-time Digital and Traditional Marketing
How Pay-Per-Click AdWords Work on All Media Channels

Pay-Per-Click Keyword Match Types

Broad Match - almost never used

Also known as Expanded Broad Match:

Keyword: Mens Formal Shoes

Matches:  Woman’s shoes, Formal dress, Mens Flip Flops, etc., not very refined broad number of clicks will cost you $$$

Initial Bids: 20 % results

Anchored Modified Broad Match (BMM)

Keyword: Mens formal + Shoes - The Search Must Have + Shoes that’s the plus sign

Matches:  Woman’s shoes, Formal shoes, Mens formal + Shoes, Boys + Shoes, dogs winter Shoes etc. Not very refined

Initial Bids: 40 % results

Dual Anchor Modified – Used Situationally for Discovery

Keyword: +Mens formal + Shoes

Matches: +Mens + Shoes, +Mens + Shoes formal, +Mens formal + Shoes +Mens formal hunting +Shoes etc. More Refined

Initial Bids: 60 % results

Fully Modified – Broad (BMM) Always used

Keyword: +Mens +formal + Shoes

Matches: +Mens + Shoes  +formal, +Mens + formal + Shoes,  +Mens +formal hunting +Shoes etc. More Refined

Initial Bids: 80 % results

Phrase Match Keywords– Used Situationally for Word Order

Keyword: Mens formal  Shoes”- The Search Must HaveMens formal Shoes

Matches:  Mens Formal  Shoes in Miami, Mens Formal  Shoes in Denver.   Refined but can be Geo-Fenced

Initial Bids: 80 % results If you want to GEO fence add the zone, Denver, etc.

Exact match - Always used

Keyword: [Mens formal Shoes] The Search Must Have [Mens formal Shoes]

Exact Matches:  Mens Formal Shoes

Initial Bids: 100 % results

We can see that the last three types of keyword matches are the most likely to give the results that a client might want out of a pay-per-click campaign.

When the keyword research is completed well, the 100% RESULT would be the result we would all like to see.

What if you could adjust your Marketing and tracking in real-time to maximize your ROI of marketing dollars?  Would you do it to launch your new firm or product?  YES.

Integrated On-the-Go Media Tracking can be used for any product type of marketing from book launches to edible products. It is the wave of the future. Change the way you market today with a Content Branding Solutions Marketing Partnership; it can change the way you market today.

The On-the-Go media Tracking Revolution allows us to narrow down our focus exactly as the pay per click drill up/down will enable us to do.  The difference is this can be done in Realtime to achieve a near-perfect result that is measurable.


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Are you a champion of CURIOSITY and WONDER?  Do you love LEARNING new things?  Then the ON-THE-GO MEDIA TRACKING REVOLUTION might be for you.  Find Your Brilliance with Content Branding Solutions On-The-Go Media Tracking Revolution call us today.

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We believe that YOU are UNIQUE that every practice every brand, every company, every organization is EXCEPTIONAL.

We believe doing EXCEPTIONAL WORK for our clients starts with LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING what they do and who they are.

We are passionate about CONNECTING our clients with their future; after all; the future is already here today.  We believe that by sharing the benefits of ON-THE-GO MEDIA TRACKING REVOLUTION at a reasonable price, we BENEFIT TOGETHER.

We have mastered the trends now it is time to knock the paradigms out of the ballpark to make way for THE NEW.

Buzzwords like STORYTELLING, THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, USER GENERATED CONTENT, and CONTENT MARKETING are great marketing tools, but as our founding firm Real Magic Design strove to do was bring real MAGIC cutting-edge ON-THE-GO MEDIA TRACKING REVOLUTION to take the tried-and-true to the next level.

We know how to uncover your REMARKABLE YOU, that trait, skill, product, service that makes you WONDERFUL at whatever you do.

Our mission is simple, to share ON-THE-GO MEDIA TRACKING REVOLUTION with the World one campaign at a time.

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