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It is ghostly living in the shadows as a ghostwriter.  We are hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, white papers, and thought leadership pieces that are officially credited to other people and companies.

To ghostwrite white papers and research for other’s award-winning work is an art.  Many people ask us what type of content do ghostwriters write?  The answer is everything.

Content Branding Solutions Professional, Ghostwriters, Editors & Proofreaders can help You Become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

Ghostwriters create content for white papers, thought leadership pieces, memoirs, novels, nonfiction, fiction, business books, self-help books, and more.

When choosing a ghostwriter, chose one who is passionate about the subject.

Content Branding Solutions specializes in work for professionals from immigration law to sustainable practices which we are advocates.  Our work in the sustainable industry has won multiple awards for our clients.

We will happily research and help clients with referencing and researching citations in any subject.  We draw the line at completing the whole body of work without substantive input from the client; after all, it is not our book.  The voice of the client is paramount to their success.

The voice of the author, the client, needs to speak through the words.  It is important to us that the original thoughts of our clients shine through the words and the structure.

Why Would You Use a Ghostwriter?

  • Time: You have great ideas but no time to flush them out.
  • To establish yourself as an expert: You need to keep up your website content and blogs to build brand awareness and presence content.
  • Strengthening Your Brand: Freelancers, Small businesses, and start-ups need to grow their brand.
  • Writing blog posts or articles:  most of our clients think this is easy till they try.  Weekly or bi-weekly sounds easy. It’s not!
  • Writing is not your strongest skill:  Your profession is your strongest skill!  Hire a professional to take your book idea to the finish line.

Ghostwriting Methodology

Let us start with the easy one.  The client writes a simple outline, or dictates, a framework for each chapter or section of a white paper which the ghostwriter’s team edits, researches, and rewrites to take the reader on a journey.

The sophisticated ghostwriting services by our award-winning authors start with a book chapter outline; we will flush this out and develop each chapter.  Along the journey, we will find a methodology to include the thoughts and words of the client, however brief, to create ownership and ensure personalization.

Whether you are producing Biographies, Novels, Business Books, How-to Books, Text Books, or want to become an Amazon Bestselling Author, Content Branding Solutions can help with editorial services and full service ghostwriting.

Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Ghostwriters are anonymous, shadows.  We do not take the credit.  You can ask us who we work for, and the answer is simple, “we are under a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA).”

For our NDA agreements, we never write reams of legal jargon; we state, “Confidentiality of all client information provided, within the limits of the law.”  If you want to work with us, we believe in integrity, and expect that from our clients.

Ghostwriters often are credited as the Editors and Illustrators.

Do not run around telling everyone you have a ghostwriter, say we are researching for you, or editing, otherwise what’s the point of an NDA?  You have already spilled the beans!

What Are the Costs of Hiring A Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters and agencies engage based on a contract and or a monthly retainer based on the scope of services, length of content, and complexity.

Remember You Get What You Pay For; if you want reams of GOBBLYGOOK, the CHEAP OVERSEAS ROUTE is for your project.

Articles and blog $0.50 – $2.00 per word is a great guide, the more complex the subject, and research the higher the fee per word.

By the Numbers

  • An SEO blog, 250 -500 words starting at $250
  • A thought leadership white paper $1,000 to $2,500
  • A report starting at $2500 – $5,000
  • A marketing give-away booklet $5,000 – $20,000
  • Books, for example, a Kindle book of 24,000 – 30,000 words edited with minor ghostwriting services that tie the contents together uploaded to Amazon cost a fee of around $24,000.  This fee includes a book cover and Amazon Author page, not including images is reasonable.

As the complexity and amount of ghostwriting words rise in addition to the number of images; your overall project costs will increase.

What Will It Cost to Publish A Book Successfully from A to Z?

We have been through this process a number of times as the client, as the author, the Ghostwriter, publisher, and publicist, etc.,  The one thing that nobody ever shared was the total project needs and costs; here is a baseline for “Full service packages:” ghostwriting, editing, book design, printing, full color, hardcover to Kindle.

  1. Manuscript Development is dependent on the number of words and complexity $24,000 – $50,000. Including ghostwriting and editorial services.
  2. Book Publishing:  One week + 10 days for Amazon approval including book covers for book and Kindle, Amazon author page, editorials, Amazon search engine research, and placement, etc. $2,000-5,000.  This fee would include a paperback book printed on demand.
  3. Hard Cover Books Printing Costs: These can vary from a simple black and white novel run of 10,000 books to an expensive hardcover full cover book at $100,000. If you print in China, the print costs will be less, but you will need to ship and import your books.
  4. Book Distribution: Now you must get these books to market this will require getting into an appropriate catalog, which can cost up to 50% and 65% off the cover price, but more often around 35-40%.  This percentage is a big dent in your pocket.  Therefore, we recommend Amazon Kindle with its print on demand for books, which is a lot more sustainable.
  5. Branding: You need to look the part a Book launch website, (WIP) with unique graphics, banner graphics, and media images for the launch $3,000 – $12.000.
  6. Marketing Social Media: Set up and article placement $3,000 – $12,000.
  7. Marketing Budget: Amazon, pay per click, etc., $3,000 – $12,000. We recommend ads on Amazon where the readers gather.
  8. Book Launch Campaign: Name the price! $3,000 – $20,000+ If you want to be successful, we would recommend utilizing “On-the-Go Media Tracking” using conversion tracking software.  This tracking software will be the subject of an upcoming blog.
  9. NYT Bestseller Campaign: Name the price! $3,000 – $50,000+.
  10. Hire a publicist for a specific book or campaign starting with National Radio syndication and graphics $5000 – $10,000+

When publishing a book utilizing the services of a ghostwriter, editor, graphics, and others, the cost starts at around $40,000 and increases from there.

The most we have been paid to date for a project from start to NYT Bestseller Campaign was just under a half-million, $497,000 + expenses.  We coordinated all aspects of the successful launch.  That project cost number is rare, and the clients with this type of cash are rarer still.

You can see why a publisher takes on a lot of risk with an author.

Drop us a line for your Confidential Ghostwriting Project we will help you run the numbers

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Ghostwriters are passionate about stories that need to be told from memoirs to novels, from nonfiction to fiction, business books, to self-help books.  Hire a competent team of a ghostwriter with editorial services can launch your dream.  Give us a call; we love to write and illustrate. Call us to set up a Free Consultation 303 362 0498!

Peter Lucking co-CEO – Creative Director

I bring three decades of knowledge of integrated design, as an award-winning architect and illustrator, business marketing director, Amazon bestselling author, ghostwriter, and editor to help you market your product.

To date, Cheri Lucking and I at Content Branding Solutions have GHOSTWRITTEN and provided EDITORIAL SERVICES for eight Amazon bestsellers in the last two years.   We like to work directly with the future author to ensure success.  Let us ghostwrite content together that gives you the competitive edge on your journey starting today.

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Content Branding Solutions has successfully developed websites, with branded content, authored, ghostwritten, edited, illustrated, and publish thought leadership content from sustainable and economic white papers to articles and presentations on resilient design and law.

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