Full Circle Marketing Series Part 4 - Business Presentation Coaching

Business Coaching

There are very few naturally gifted orators and presenters; most coached and trained to success.  People buy people, so why not improve your competitive edge with a coaching session or two?

When you improve your self-confidence and the effectiveness of your interactions and presentations with Business Coaching and Presentation Coaching, the result can help you and your team to work smarter.  Improvement creates influence and improves your competitive advantage.

Individual Coaching, One-on-One Coaching, Thought Leadership Coaching, Training or Team Coaching; a coach can improve your self-confidence.  Next presentation you'll be ready to give great online or live performances that knock it out of the ballpark.

Why Might You Need a Business or Presentation coach?

Ten Reasons You Might Need a Presentation Coach:

  1. Presenting scares, you; the words get stuck in translation.
  2. You want to improve your life, business, career, relationship, etc. You want to take it to the next level.
  3. You need someone to bounce off ideas or to run through your presentation; consider a different perspective, an expert opinion.
  4. Create Influence; Gain a competitive edge in your industry or team.
  5. Improve self-confidence and human effectiveness; You want YOU to be much, much better.
  6. You're going through a big transition.
  7. You're a high achiever.
  8. You want more meaning in your life.
  9. You want to make more money.
  10. You are willing to invest in your success.

At Content Branding Solutions, our team of Certified Sales Trainers and Coaches will coach you to success.  We are hands-on, whatever your level we can help.

Excellent Sales Training, and Sales Team Coaching Rockets Your ROI

Content Branding Solutions provides coaching and sales training services for professionals, from Architects and Contractors to small business owners and practices.

Your Business Is Perfect; You Don’t Need Coaching?

I was looking for a dentist for some emergency dental work.  The first company I phoned answered the phone with:

“What do you want!” 

then said,

“The dentist is out phone back later!”

I never phoned back.

First impressions do matter.  Whatever your business if you interact with client's, your team might need training and coaching with the goal to always present your business in the best light.

What Coaching do we at Content Branding Solutions Provide?

Content Branding Solutions provide Business and Presentation Coaching.  We will coach you to be your best.  We will help you master the fundamentals of lead generation, appointment setting, and delivering high-quality presentations through scripts and objection handling.

You may have the most excellent idea, but if you cannot communicate that thought persuasively, you will not succeed.  

I was trained by Eric Lofholm, a Master Sales Trainer who has taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world.

They say that it is hard to coach those who are close to you.  I trained and coached my husband Peter; if I can teach him, I can teach you.  In his career, as an architect, his presentations helped close 99% of all interviews he attended as a Design Principal for SBD.

Drop me a line 303 362 0498 or cheri@contentbrandingsolutions.com to find out how I can help you

  • Speaker Training and Coaching – Become the keynote speaker.
  • Individual Coaching – Work to refresh and bring out your competitive edge.
  • Thought Leadership Coaching and Training – Live presentations to keynote speaking both online and in person.
  • Team Coaching – Achieve the results to put your team at the top of your field. Bring out your team’s expertise, experience, exceptionalism, and trust.  People Buy People.
  • Intensive One-on-One Coaching – Be the Market Leader, the Trendsetter, the Knowledge Expert, the Authority.
  • Interview Presentation Coaching – Coaching to Win – Intensive team coaching on-site; Presentation and Interview Coaching to Close more sales. It is an art.
  • Sales Training - Lead generation and appointment setting. You will learn how to handle scripts and objection handling.
  • Webinar Coaching to Build your Crowd. Learn how to attract your audience and hold their attention with enthusiasm and knowledge.  Leave your crowd wanting more.  Learn how to share knowledge with fun!
  • Monthly Executive / Principal Coaching – Learn and grow your abilities to match your knowledge.


Business & Presentation Coaching and training is an essential improvement for many professionals that pays for itself.  Every time you close a deal, you make more money.

We train you to anticipate your client’s concerns; have the answers to their objections, fears, and help lead them to the close.

Cheri Lucking co-CEO - Certified Sales Trainer and Coach

“What’s the point of great tools, if you can’t present them well?”

With three decades as an expert and Multimedia Marketing Executive in B2B and B2C, in radio, TV and media marketing, I see these common sales mistakes recurring time after time.

As a certified Trainer and Coach, we have observed that Professionals, from Architects to Doctors, are the least trained sales and marketing, people. Many professionals have an inherent difficulty in believing that their services are a product that needs the delivery and practical closing skills.

“Let us write, edit and illustrate for you; then coach your team to knock it out of the ballpark.  After all, it’s our passion.”

Drop me a line for your Expert Coaching and Training

Phone: 303 362 0498 or Email me: cheri@contentbrandingsolutions.com

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