Do you need Full Circle Marketing, Editorial Services? What the difference between Editors and Copyeditors? Substantive and Structural Editing? Find out.

As award-winning Amazon bestselling novelist, ghostwriter and author I can tell you that without an editor and comprehensive editorial services the words would not shine, the websites would be long-winded, and small insignificant errors would infest the pages like fleas on a fox’s back. Irritating to readers to say the least.

What are Editorial Services, and why might you need them? Well, if you are looking to produce a high-quality publication, whether, on paper or onscreen. Employing Content Branding Solutions editorial services can help you write brilliantly.

What Do Editors and Copy Editors Do?

Editors are experts in determining the final content of a body of text. You should listen to your editors and their advice; they are far more than just copy editors; they can make or break your content and story. Many of our editors are award-winning authors and ghostwriters.

Editors can evaluate your Manuscript, or report, and assess your project with careful attention to detail. The editor then provides a bullet-ed written critique for white papers and professional documents; we will focus on logic, clarity, and style to help you create your best content.

It is the hook that attracts the reader, content that connects keeps them reading.

Copy editors will review your writing, which includes an evaluation of some or all: punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, flow, form, style, and structure. This review helps us access the project cost and complexity. Copy editors are fanatical to the point of obsession about written clarity and will translate professional language into clear text that all can understand.

As industry experts, we are aware of professional jargon that many potential targeted clients may not understand. Copy editors will fix your content. They fix the basics; grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and poor punctuation which by the way drives them crazy.

When you create your content, it is always prudent to get an independent Editor to help with direction and a copy editor to catch any mistakes you might have made but cannot see.

Many of the websites and marketing materials that we review have so many editorial and copy-editing mistakes that it is often quicker to rewrite the content and where necessary, include integrated SEO.

Why Would Your Perfect Work Need Rewriting?

Did you miss the opportunity? Does your thought leadership article, manuscript, or white paper have significant problems with SEO, logic, clarity, or style?

Is it Manuscript long-winded? Is it difficult to read? Over complex and unclear, poorly structured or lost in translation? If so, we can help clarify the journey and tell your story.

The world is made of atoms; each atom gathers to tell a story— That story is all around us.

Based on your research, outline, and the contents of your rough draft, we can revise and create a new manuscript for you. This process may include some additional research and writing of original material. We may tell your story so that it evokes emotion; we may write copy and a narrative that leads you to your conclusions we will make it about you.

The simple five-step framework to create a thought leadership article that will avoid rewriting:

  1. Target your client rich audience. Is your thought leadership article going to address their concerns and attract them to you?
  2. Know why you are telling the story, writing the report, etc. “How will the import tax on steel effect construction costs?” Provide a valuable knowledge-based benefit.
  3. Target your client rich audience, is your thought leadership article going to attract them to you?
  4. Make your audience care by building trust, sharing knowledge, and telling a story that connects to their concerns.
  5. What factors will encourage readers and bloggers to share your story or report is it newsworthy?

Substantive and Structural Editing

Recently a dentist proudly showed us an article that they wanted to put up in the blog to attract new clients.

We were horrified; the pictures of rotting black teeth, red bleeding gums, and cracked missing teeth made us wretch. The overtly complicated text was mind-boggling. Elton Musk would have trouble reading it, and he is a rocket scientist!

How do you think his targeted clients would react?

Occam’s Razer- Less is more. Substantive editing, whether language, structural, stylistic, or copy editing, or a combination of the three, is intended to ensure that the document is suitable for its intended purpose and targeted readership.

Structural editing focuses on flow, form, and function. Is the document you have written logically organized and the flow of content to the reader clear, concise, and easy to read at the sentence, paragraph, and chapter levels?

This structural edit clarifies your position by developing your narrative to ensure your information conveys accurately and logically.

Sharing Knowledge is a tricky thing, as the proverb states, “there's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip.”

Do you Need Editorial Services?

In the end, it is up to you to decide. Remember your work is a representation of your business, and business and the internet are highly competitive. Investing in your content and how it is perceived on your website and media is perhaps a wise idea.

Many a project has been lost because of poor proofreading, terrible formatting, indexing, and fact-checking.

Services by Content Branding Solutions include full editorial services:

B2B Copywriting ▪ Content Copywriter ▪ Attraction Marketing ▪ Copywriting ▪ Architectural Copywriting ▪ Content Marketing ▪ Copywriting Online ▪ Copywriting ▪ Content Writing Services ▪ Website Copy▪ Social Media ▪ Press Releases ▪ Copywriting Marketing Materials for all Business.

Content Branding Solutions Services Include:

Cheri Lucking

I have been writing and editing all my marketing career. With three decades as an expert in Multimedia Marketing and an Executive in B2B and B2C marketing and writing scripts for radio, TV, and media combined plus nine book edits and multiple websites, and Thought leadership rewrites.  I see editorial services as the way to take any firm to the next level.

Professionals firms are the least trained sales and marketing people we have come across as they have an inherent difficulty in believing that their services are a product that needs delivery and effective closing skills; most of the newsletters we read are probably going to be deleted before they are reviewed or opened.

“Let us write, edit, and illustrate for you. Then coach your team to knock it out of the ballpark.  After all, it’s our passion.”

Coaching is an essential improvement for many professionals that pays for itself.  We train you to anticipate your client’s concerns.  Have the answers to their objections, fears, help lead them to the close.

Drop me a line for your Thought Leadership Coaching and Training

Phone: 303-362-0498 or Email me:

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