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The Content Spectrum for “Full Circle Marketing.”  Which type of Content is right for your business; Quality Content, Branded Content, or Premium Content? Which should you use for your website and overall marketing?

Let’s begin, jot down your thoughts as you read along-Whatever type of well-written content are you going to use? “Branded Content, Premium Content, or Content Marketing Services?”  Think carefully about how you apply the methodologies to your small business or professional practice.

What are the differences you ask? They are different methodologies, but all have a place in an integrated marketing approach. The answer depends on your business goals.

Understanding the Content Spectrum


Full Circle Marketing-The Content Spectrum What content do you need? Persuasive Branded Content, Premium Content, Content Marketing, we show you the pros and cons
The Content Spectrum for “Full Circle Marketing.” Which type of Content is right for your business; Quality Content, Branded Content, or Premium Content? Which should you use for your website and overall marketing?

Native Advertising

Paid Third Party Advertising: Format Radio, TV, etc., can support brand or direct goals; it is where the content matches the form, feel, function, and the quality of the media where it appears.

The demographics of the media and their buying habits become key to success. For example, KYGO, a Country and Western radio station would not be a place to market rap music.

Branded Content

Often a partnership utilizing co-op dollars or sponsorship advertising between a brand and the media, like Lego or the NFL designed to build brand awareness through entertainment, information, and or educational value.

Use Branded Content to Lift Brand Loyalty

Branded Content is designed to build brand awareness by association with its content and to share its values.

In a saturated market with ad blockers stopping all the annoying advertising popcorn on websites, and in media, in general, it is the answer to the saturated market overwhelmed with information overload. The fun piece in the storm.

Lego, the movie, is branded entertainment that builds brand awareness for Lego the firm and sells its products to its target market.

“Branded Content outperforms pre-roll across various Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI).”  - Nielson, 2016

In contrast to product placement advertising, an ice-cold beer chugged down by a hunk, or glass of champagne sipped by a feline goddess in a movie the branded content is subtle. The branded content can cut across generations to a wider target audience through non-traditional marketing utilizing entertainment on YouTube or a twitter post, or in some cases, a movie based around the product.

When a sponsor utilizes a market influencer to get noticed by people that share its values, it can influence the market.

Lego the movie is branded entertainment that builds brand awareness for Lego the firm and sells its products to its target market.

Premium Content is often associated with better more informative content and is often hidden behind a paywall, which may be as simple as sign up form or a book

“Premium” also connotes “trust” and “quality” in the advertising/ad tech/publishing business—and now those two words are also loaded. What The Heck Is 'Premium' Content? by Tobi Elkin, March 8, 2017

Weather station apps is a notable example of premium content bait and switch. You sign up you get the app, a little later you find they want you to pay for the better app that delivers it down your phone, this is nickel and diming, with the classic upsell which has become the annoying norm and is now found everywhere from Comcast to Bluehost. The annoying thing about the upsell is the person doing it is clueless about what they are selling.

Do not be an up-seller or an ad spammer with videos randomly popping up like stale popcorn; that is so last year! The up-sell is extremely annoying to your potential customers. It can lose you the sale before you even get started.

Use a Video Blocker for chrome - Automatically Stop Those Annoying Pop Up Instant Starting Videos.

Have fun and provide beneficial content that tells your target market why these sponsored, or affiliate products are of value and benefit to your target market. If you are unsure on how to do this drop us a line to see how we can help:

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Premium content for websites

Content Branding Solutions Creates Premium SEO’d Content for Websites or as Ghostwriters for books

Content Marketing

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing beneficial knowledge-based content through thought leadership articles and presentations to a clearly defined targeted audience, or to answer a specific need will organically drive profitable customer action

The future is today; Content Branding Solutions has not yet distributed your Content Marketing. – Peter Lucking

Content Marketing is educationally based. It is the sharing of the premium content through thought leadership and knowledge-based content to an online targeted market. It is directly written to address the target markets questions, issues, and concerns.

It may contain branded content, but it will not explicitly promote a brand, as it is intended to stimulate interest in a product or a service. It is always given freely and never hides behind a paywall.

Content Branding Solutions Provides Content Marketing Services for Websites to Books and White papers


So, what should you use for your “Full Circle Marketing?”

Think Smart, invest in branded content that will keep working year after year as your foundation for success, and if you have money left, look at stepping up to the next level.

Be aware that many marketing advisers and companies do not track and follow their proposed advertising methodology with conversion tracking software. We do! It will be the content for an upcoming blog in this series called On-the-Go Media Tracking.

Ad blockers are more popular than “The Big Bang Theory!” Interesting entertaining “Branded Content Marketing” can cross the line and score touchdowns with all generations.  – Peter Lucking

Have fun, let the marketing thoughts fly through your fingers onto the keyboard and use content for your foundation to success.

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At Content Branding Solutions we provide "The Content Spectrum" for “Full Circle Marketing.”  We help you decide which type of content is right for your business; Quality Content, Branded Content, or Premium Content.   Let us create content together that gives you a competitive edge on your competition starting today.

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