Content for Professionals, lawyer, • Branded Content for Architects and Quality Dentist

Is the copy and content of your website meaningful and engaging, or are you just adding to the noise?  Quality content is worth more than quantity when writing to your target audience.

Is Your Branded Content Appropriate to Your Small Business or Profession?

There should be deference in the voice of the content, for an immigration lawyer, or the branded content for Acoustical Consultants, and professionals; Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, to the words used on the used car sales website.

Quality content development isn’t cheap, but it is a necessary component to maximize your efforts and return on investment.  The benefit of well-written contentment with integrated SEO is it works organically year after year, giving you a great return on investment.

Developing or Refreshing Your Website Content Has Its Challenges

  • Are you learning the hard way? You have a website, but you haven’t had a single inquiry or conversion.
  • Have you asked yourself what is wrong? Could it be your lack of engaging Text, Content, and SEO?
  • What does that mean?

Fact:  If your website doesn’t contain quality relevant content for your product or services Google and other search engines are beginning to get more sophisticated to identify if you are writing misleading content and keyword stuffing to get noticed by the search engines or consumers.

Trust - Attract New Visitors and Retain the Current Audience

It has become increasingly challenging to accomplish the goal of attracting new visitors, retaining current customers, strengthening your perception, and increasing your brand awareness.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, chances are you will be wasting massive amounts of time, money, and frustrate yourself to no end and turn off your audience.

Fact:  If you don’t offer value worth your prospects time and energy, you’ve wasted a lead.  Additionally, if the only opportunity you have on your website is one contact form on your Contact Us page, you’re missing people.

Fact:  Giving away useful information without requiring capturing your visitor's information also helps build trust.  How many times have you gone to a website, intrigued by the information, but the only way to get the free download is to give them everything about you and your business?

Turn-off!  You want to leave your audience wanting more, not a bad feeling about your product or services.

Does the Text on Your Website Reflect Your Products or Services?

The text, or content on your site that tells a story about you, your company, is on topic, introduces a new product or service or is entertaining or teaching, must include information and keywords that are carefully thought out and written into each article, blog, or thought leadership white paper.  Simply adding a collection of random keywords will not get you noticed by the search engines and worse, may have an adverse effect.

Content Branding Pyramid

What type of content do you need for your website?
Good News Content - Thought Leadership Content - Presence Content.  What do you need for your website?

Good News Content

'Bringing good news,’ Content that is so rich and engaging for customers, they will tell your story both on and offline through word-of-mouth.  A notable example of this is the inspirational works of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Thought Leadership Content

Curating high-quality content by sharing knowledge and expertise to become the go-to knowledge expert and authority.

Presence Content

Presence Content to position your firm in the market place

  • Addressing a core targeted client need for information
  • Building an audience and following
  • Getting found – SEO
  • Getting Traffic – SEO / pay per click

Content for Professionals

  • Content for an Immigration lawyer, for example, needs to be easy to read, targeted at the core clients reading level, not lawyer speak.
  • Branded Content for Architects and Designers needs to be less technical and more conversational to start a dialog and build trust with potential clients.
  • Copy and Content for “Quality Dentist” the “$59 cleaning and whitening mass service” dentist needs to make the differentiation between quality and quantity.
    • “Quality Dentists,” who have a reputation in excellence should tout, “Our Award-Winning Dental Team Will Help You Look Your Best and Feel Your Best in XXX "or… Use images of your awards on the slider.
    • If you are a “mass service dentist” use the: words trust, top rated, with the $59 Cleaning, Exam & X-Ray‎ the look good crowd will flock to your doors. Add a few reviews, and real pictures from happy, satisfied clients; you are golden.

As an example, many professionals service-based companies,  accountants, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, consulting, management, training, architecture, design, engineering, utilities, or quality of life, companies may have the bones of a website but haven’t included eye-catching, search engine optimized content that matches up to what the customer is searching for on the internet.

Content with integrated SEO meta keywords

Whether you are writing a blog, article, or thought leadership white paper, your text and content properly written with a cloud of keywords integrated throughout are the beginning steps to getting your company organically noticed and ranked on the search engines for free.

The Content Cycle

Many professional companies are creating great content however the content cycle is often neglected due to schedules and leaves gaps.  The result is that an audience that may have been on the cusp of a sales conversion is lost.

Your content and branding from, your sales materials, cut sheets, and leave-behinds, to your website leading with its SEO, and its persuasive call-to-action (ACT) should attract your clients.
Great Content Marketing will drive your SEO, content creation, social media interaction along with many other attraction marketing channel developments.

Keeping up the content cycle in a timely manner is necessary.

What do we need to think about when creating an article, blog, or thought leadership white paper?

  • Ask yourself, what is the point my firm is trying to get across to my potential client?
  • What clients am I trying to attract?
  • How will they find me when searching on the world wide web?
  • Blog every week or at the very least every other week to develop page authority. Write a blog primarily for your audience.  Write about topics they are interested in including relevant keywords so that your audience will notice and start clicking.

Create content regularly, once, or twice a month.

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, ‘Voice Search!’

Voice search technology is here

Alexia, Siri, Google Home, are examples of voice search technology.  Integrating short voice-search questions, keywords, commands, more informal phrases are the leading SEO marketing trends this year.  The more concise your content is on your website, the more likely you will get noticed and begin to rank closer to the top of a page on the search engines using voice technology.

Watch for our blog for more insite to using voice technology in another article from Content Branding Solutions.

Make Sure Your Marketing and Website Content is SMART

SMART Goal setting from Content Branding Solutions-Denver-Colorado
Time is money. Using SMART goals saves you running around in circles.

An image can say a thousand words - Be SMART use your dollars wisely.

Cheri Lucking

With three decades as an expert and Multimedia Marketing Executive in B2B and B2C, radio and TV industry, copy and content writing is a key component to creating marketing campaigns.  Another set of eyes on your copy can take your marketing piece from OK to extraordinary.

A professional’s expertise lies in excelling in their profession, not necessarily in writing outstanding SEO integrated content for their website.

We excel in writing content, from ghostwriting to website content we enjoy our craft to help others shine in what they do.

Get in touch with a professional to help you take your website and marketing to the next level.

“Content Branding Solutions.  Your solution for a website refresh.  Compelling content, editing services and original graphics for your company"

Coaching is an essential improvement for many professionals that pays for itself.  We train you to anticipate your client’s concerns.  Have the answers to their objections, fears, help lead them to the close.

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