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Would my professional service firm benefit from an e-newsletter?

Writing a monthly or quarterly email newsletter has advantages:

Would my professional service firm benefit from an e-newsletter? See how from Content Branding Solutions, Denver, Colorado
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1.    Content rich and useful information goes a long way

Content rich and useful information means you to your subscriber that you have something useful for them, a reason to spend any time opening your email newsletter and looking forward to the information shared.

2.    Stay in contact with your current clients to help solidify the relationship

Don’t assume that your subscribers are your friends and it’s ok to ask them for a favor.  You must earn their trust and respect.  Engaging in conversation that doesn’t waste their time and has perceived value is an excellent approach.  Asking for their advice in their area of expertise could get the conversation going.

3.    Create interest in your company

Share an interesting story.  Add visuals that are captivating and eye-catching.  Show the human side of your company, pull the curtain behind oz.

4.    Share successes and increase lead generation

Showcase the completion of an interesting project.  Ask the client to provide you with a testimonial.

5.    Roll out new ideas and sales opportunities

Considering bringing in a new line into your firm, ask advice from your subscribers.  Put together a contest

6.    An inexpensive way to market

Skip the high printing and postage costs.  Email newsletters are eco-friendly both for the environment and your pocketbook.

7.    Sets you up to be the expert in your field

Thought leader, expert, own what you know and share the knowledge with your subscribers.

8.    A chance to let others hear your voice and see your vision to help them

Tough competition in the world today.  Present your vision, mission, and goals so your subscribers can get to know you and your company.

9.    Let your clients and future clients know your personality

Whether you are funny, serious, or shy, be you. Let them know you are a master gardener in your backyard, or that you enjoy shopping and preparing a five-star meal for your spouse, or you are a book worm or bicycle enthusiasts.  Let them know you reward your staff with a job well done, and that’s why they enjoy working with you.

10.  Helps you evaluate client interest in your products and services


Need a great FREE email Newsletter Template Check out Mailify

What do your prospects, clients, friends, colleagues, relatives ask you about your work?  What insider information do you have to share that will make their day?

When you share nuggets of information that help others in a fun and exciting way, it makes you more approachable, and the trust piece for them to most likely pick up the phone and call you the next time they are in the market for your area of expertise, products or services.

Ok, now the scary part.  You are asking yourself, “Where do I begin?”  You’ve established the benefit of a newsletter but feel you don’t have the time to write one, or the expertise; we have your back, to the rescue.

A Content Branding Solutions Expert or Outsourced Elsewhere Can Help:

  1. Pinpoint your “voice” or the “voice” of your firm
  2. Determine Mix of material, promotional, real content, informational
  3. Edit to put your best forward. Editors and content creators will tidy up your grammar, spelling, and content
  4. Bring out stories and metaphors to include in your publication
  5. Success stories from clients, vital. Creates third-party validation for you and your firm
  6. Create the design of the e-newsletter and add graphics when needed
  7. Determine the best editorial format
  8. Decide if we are going to include article summaries with hyperlinks back to your site, or entire articles.
  9. Set up e-newsletter to respond to whatever device it is on, phone, tablet or desktop
  10. Decide frequency for the e-newsletter to avoid burnout from your side and the reader. Goal to leave them wanting for more.
  11. Guide you through the requirements of the U.S. ICAN-SPAM Act

Find an expert to help you launch your company E-newsletter Action Plan.

A knowledgeable company will help breakdown the process into bite-sized chunks to make the process enjoyable and worth your time. Find an expert that can pull out the information that makes you tick and write and present it for you in a way that showcases your personality, what makes you and your firm different, help create your e-newsletter with a combination of content-rich information, marketing, promotion and create a satisfying read.  An expert should help you drill down and focus on finding your voice to write to your target audience.  Help you create a template that will have clear and consistent parts, “about us” and “useful” sections.  Help you decide what to call your newsletter, what the subheading of the newsletter will be and how often you want to release the newsletter, weekly, monthly, quarterly?  Consistency is critical, so once you commit, it is essential to get your publication out the door on a regular basis.

You know it's time.  You’ve been thinking about writing an e-newsletter, work to get it “Hot off the Press”!

Cheri Lucking

With three decades as an expert and Multimedia Marketing Executive in B2B and B2C, in radio, TV and media marketing I see these 21 Obvious Tips for producing an email newsletter as the key to your newsletter success.

Professionals in the A&E industry, from Architect to Contractors are the least trained sales and marketing people we have come across as they have an inherent difficulty in believing that their services are a product that needs delivery and effective closing skills, most the newsletters we read are probably going to be deleted before they are reviewed or opened.

“Let us write, edit and illustrate for you.  Then coach your team to knock it out of the ballpark.  After all, it’s our passion.”

Coaching is an essential improvement for many professionals that pays for itself.  We train you to anticipate your client’s concerns.  Have the answers to their objections, fears, help lead them to the close.

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