19 Tips to Boost Your Email Opening Rates by 29

Do you want to increase your Email opening rates?  Boost email sales?  Achieve better ROI on your funnel email series?

High Email opening rates are accomplished by marketers and copywriters who craft email subject lines that are irresistible.

1.  So How Many Emails Do We Delete on Average?

On average, we delete 48% of the emails we receive every day.  Deleting emails takes us about five minutes.  Multiply that number by a year, and you get over thirty (30) hours a year spent deleting emails.

You can see why we opt out of subscription lists when we are spammed regularly, with content that has no apparent benefits and value to us.

The optimal way to write email subject lines is to appeal to our human predispositions, greed, we all want the best deal.  Urgency, the countdown to the end of a sale appeals to our fear of missing out!  Well-crafted subject lines hook us into opening the Email.

First, we need to know a little bit about our target audience.

2.  Prospects Are Early Birds, Are They?

Your target market will determine the best time and day to send out your Emails though many people read emails between 5 and 6 a.m.  Professionals and science suggest that Tuesday at 10 a.m. is the best time.  Before you rush to a conclusion, we must look at opens, clicks, and responses.

B2B emails to entrepreneurs, otherwise known as workaholics, will compulsively check and respond to emails every day.  Interestingly Weekends may yield higher opening rates when the overachievers relax.

Self Employed When People Click - 19 Mind-blowing Email Sales Statistics to Increase your ROI

B2B When People Click - 19 Mind-blowing Email Sales Statistics to Increase your ROI

B2C Consumers are not as compulsive as many professional workaholics consequently they tend to open Emails mostly on Saturdays, followed by Tuesdays.

B2C When People Click - 19 Mind-blowing Email Sales Statistics to Increase your ROI

Many studies have found that Emails sent overnight get opened the most in the morning.  So, the early bird does catch the worm.  If you do not want to be a night owl or an early bird use a scheduling tool to send your email campaign out at the perfect time.

Sources: (The Best Time to Send Emails (Here’s What Studies Show), 2019)
(Leadem, 2017)

3.  How do we read Emails?

47% Of Email Recipients Open Emails Based on the Subject Line Alone!

4.  The Most Effective Words for Your Email Subject Line Are:

  • Upgrade
  • Just
  • Content
  • Go
  • Wonderful

5.  The Top Subject Line Keywords for High Open Rates Are:

  • Jokes
  • Promotional - Introducing
  • Congratulations
  • Revision
  • Forecast
  • Snapshot
  • Token
  • Voluntary
  • Monthly
  • Deduction
  • Free Delivery
  • Available
  • New
  • Alert

6.  Time Sensitive Words Increase Email Open Rates:

  • News
  • Urgent
  • Breaking
  • Important
  • Alert
  • Update

68% Of Email Recipients Report Email as Spam Based Solely on The Subject Line.

7.  Do Not Use These Words in Your Email Subject Line:

  • Assistance
  • Speaker
  • Press
  • Social
  • Invite
  • Join
  • Confirm

8.  What Should We Appeal to In Our Email Titles?

  • Vanity - Don’t wear last year’s styles
  • Funny Subject Lines - Licking your phone never tasted so good!
  • Curiosity - *Don’t Open This Email*
  • Greed - Luxury at a great price
  • Sloth - Grow your email list 10X faster with these templates
  • Pain Points - How to Survive Your Next Overnight Flight
  • Re-targeting - Did you miss out on some of these new features?

“It has been estimated that more than 80% of the activities we do online are text-based.”  - Paolo Gaudiano (Gaudiano, 2019)

9.  Boost Email Opening Rates By 29.3% With Personalized Names

Cheri, check out these hand-picked looks… 

Yes, we are suckers for personalization. There are three types of personalization that will boost your opening rates, clicks, and revenue.

  • Personalize your subject line to boost open rates. Experian found that a personalized subject line increased open rates by 29.3% across all industries.  Note this works well for USP direct-mail campaigns
  • Personalize the Name
  • Personalize the content. “Cheri, this offer is just for you…


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Knock it Out of the Ballpark by Using these Email Campaign Optimization Tricks to Increase Email Open Conversion Rates.

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10.  Straightforward, Subject Lines Get Open Rates Between 60-87%

(Company Name) Sales & Marketing Newsletter

I am tired of seeing Company newsletters and have unsubscribed to all but a few where I have friends working at the firm.

11.  Readability

  • Use an easy font to read
  • Readers will skim your content so use bullet points, numbered lists, or bold headlines to attract the eye
  • The contrast between text color and the background is key to readability
  • Keep it short and precise. Your readers time is valuable



We have tested this out on our blog to see the difference between article titles and responses.

13.  Keep It Simple -The KISS Rule

Subject lines with three to four words get more responses than shorter and longer ones.

14.  What Grade Level Should I Write an Email?

Messages Written at A Third-Grade Reading Level Are 36% More Likely to Get A Reply Than Those Written At The College Reading Level

Write at A Third-Grade Reading Level

You are 36% More Likely to Get A Reply Than Those Written at The College Reading Level!

Write, Less, keep it simple to get a response.

15.  Make Your Emails Snappy and Short

Long Emails are not as effective as short ones.   Only 33% of Messages Longer Than 2,500 Words Receive A Reply.  A 25-Word Email Is as Effective as A 2,000-Word Email.

16.  What Devices Do We Read Emails On?

Most people open emails on mobile smartphones or tablets.  Each generation is most likely to use the tools they are familiar with. As mobile engagement increases desktop use will decrease, but desktop web-mail will peak in the week as people utilize tools at work.

Mobile opens rise to 60% of all email opens during the weekend! (Nelson, 2017)

17.  How Many Words Make Up the Sweet Spot?

Between 50 and 125 Words; or Around the Length of This Sentence seems to be best as drop off is only 1% on each side of the sweet spot.

According to Boomerang’s findings:

“Emails with 75 – 100 words had the highest response rate at 51 percent.”  (More, 2016)

18.  Originality is Key

What is in it for the reader?  Be original, engage do not just provide information, request some too.  After all what fun is a Funnel Email series if you don’t get any feedback?

19.  Should We ask Questions?

Emails that Contain One to Three Questions are 50% Likelier to Get Replies than Emails Without Any Questions.

Boomerang found that “emails that asked 1-3 questions are 50% more likely to get a response than emails asking no questions.” (More, 2016)


  • Use short sentences with simple words. A 3rd-grade reading level works best!
  • Include 1-3 questions in your email funnel series
  • Make sure you include a subject line! Aim for 3-4 words with a keyword to get a response
  • Use an upbeat tone or scary negative tone to outperform the complete middle of the road blah
  • Appeal to our Ego, both the virtuous and naughtier wickeder sides
  • Modesty is for monks! Take a stand!  Be opinionated to get higher response rates
  • Use the KISS principle, keep your messages between 50-125 words keep it short and simple

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Peter Lucking

Have fun with your Funnel Email series to increase your conversion rate optimization.  Always remember your reader may have 50 Emails in their inbox.  Make yours stand out from the crowd.

“We believe that attraction marketing content, with thought leadership copy, and laser targeted placement is valuable to a professional firm’s positioning in the marketplace.”

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