Making a marketing mistake is forgivable.  But not correcting the error is tragic and can have undesirable consequences, like an unanswered request for information, (RFI).

I knew we should have answered that RFI!  Gif Courtesy of

An active marketing Master Messaging Roadmap strategy, with a comprehensive marketing implementation plan digital marketing campaign, is as essential as an excellent safety record or being on time and on budget.   Your digital marketing plan should be part of your Design or Construction firm’s business plan for success.

There is a clear correlation between Design and Construction company’s success and positioning in the industry that does online marketing well, and those that don’t.

Look at these leading Colorado Construction firms’ websites: Source  (Elsbury, 2018)


Notice the great hook-lines, calls-to-action, and clear services.   Learn from the leaders.

Now look at:

  • Spectrum In our opinion the site feels dated. They appear to be more interested in finding new superintendents and laborers than attracting new clients.  It’s a great firm with a poor online message. We can help them!
  • Weitz - DELIVERING PROJECTS IN WAYS THAT CAN'T BE DUPLICATED - Not sure that is a great hook line!
  • PCL Did we just dropped into the ’90s?  I have worked with the great team at PCL in Denver on the Ellie Caulkins opera house.  The website does not reflect the firm's talent and experience.

We can help these construction firms!

Which firms have the best, persuasive, clearly defined online presence?  Which ones do you think are attracting qualified clients?  Which ones have a call-to-action that would entice you to act?

Where is your website in comparison?  Take a look now! 

Simply being online with some arbitrary Facebook posts is not online marketing.  Your plan and implementation methodology must work!  It should show quantifiable results.

Misled by unscrupulous online website marketers?  Many of us are victims — the sad stories of contractors from almost every trade and field from large General Contractors to Homebuilders, and the sub-trade electricians, plumbers, and suppliers that have spent thousands of dollars on their website and then thousands more on online marketing, only to have dismal results.

Apart from the obvious, no SEO, no meta description and keywords, not device friendly, etc., we will narrow down the seven (7) most common Design and Construction industry marketing mistakes, that we see repeated time after time.

Knowing the seven common marketing mistakes can help you attract the right prospects and grow your business!

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Seven (7) Marketing Bloopers Design and Construction Firms Make and How to Fix Them

These marketing oversights, missteps, errors and slipups can cost your firm its position in the marketplace.  Fix them ASAP.

1.  Know Who Your Target Market Is

You will be surprised at how many firms do not know or are unsure of who their target market is!  Who is yours?

All firms should spend time evaluating who the core income-generating clients are.  Your target market should be at the center of your marketing strategy, your messaging and where and how to market your business.

How to Find Out Who Your Target Market is:

Begin with a simple analysis with an excel spreadsheet of who your past and current clients are, what you did for them and the value of the contract.

Sort this out into the highest contract values at the top down.  Look for trends and indicators.

  • The Trends and indicators are a great sample of who your future clients are going to be.
  • Now dig down identifying multiple income-generating markets and loss makers.  Stop marketing to the loss makers.

Maximize your staffing and your core teams to match the demand and income generating areas.  Cut the dead wood and invest in a marketing partner.

Align your marketing strategy and website messaging around your target market and its associated markets.

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2.  Your Website Communicates the Wrong Messaging

Your practice and core business should solve a problem and create value for your target audience.  Problem-solving and creating value is where communicating your message and a unique sales proposition (USP) is essential.  The USP is your messaging.

Why is this important?  First-time visitors don’t know what you do; you have fifteen (15) seconds to tell them and convince them to stay before they click through.

On one sub-consultants’ site, I visited the messaging was so confusing that I thought they were Architects.  It turns out they were Cost Consultants!

First impressions are crucial.  Fifteen seconds is a tiny window for you to convince a reader that your product and or service meets their needs.

Check out what a visitor to your website sees.  Now, go to multiple members of your firm and ask them to open the site on multiple devices and give you their first impression.

The results may be alarming.  If you are surprised, please give us a call 303-362-0498

Your website should communicate your messaging.  Your promise should come through clearly on all devices showcasing your product and services, clearly and persuasively.

How to fix Your Master Massaging:

Marketing messages, creative pitches, and hooks should be short, snappy, and easy to read communicating the value, benefits, and, promises that your company brings.

“We frame ideas, create pitches to hook your clients and increase your sales and income.  Every sale counts to the bottom line.” - Cheri Lucking, Co-CEO. Content Branding Solutions

Your Master Messaging Should Communicate:

  • Who you are, what makes you special your unique sales proposition (USP)
  • What particular value or benefit you create, and the area of expertise you bring to your target market
  • Why you? Why should they do business with you?
  • Your Promise

Great master messaging must have a call-to-action (CTA) that compels and convinces your target audience to contact you

3.  Your Firm Is Only Showcasing Your Qualifications

If your Design and Construction industry firm is only showcasing that you are “competent and qualified” you have not narrowed down the competition.

Every Team in the NFL is “competent and qualified” to play football!  But only one team will win the Super Bowl.
Make sure its Your Team that Wins

If you are just “competent and qualified” you have not targeted your prospective ideal client or helping to narrow down the potential prospect’s decision to you.

You are competing with over 6,500 of America’s leading general contractors, and 9,000 plus specialty-contracting firms, not to mention more than 10,500 service providers and suppliers.  (AGC, 2018). those are terrible odds.

Increase your odds by standing out from the crowd!

How to Convert a Suspect into a Qualified Prospect Build on this

Stand out from the crowd.  Differentiate yourselves from other construction companies.  Research the competition, find a weakness and exploit it by highlighting your superior skills and expertise in this area.

For example, a client is down to the selection of two companies:

  • Company A is qualified, but the corporate structure as an employee-owned firm means that decision-making prosses might be slow and cumbersome.
  • Company B is qualified. Its decision-making process is clearly defined and well structured.

Who Would You Select?  Who Would You Trust with Your Money?

When you are differentiating your firm from the competition, put yourself in the client’s position and check if you are:

  • Clearly defining your expertise online; Why is your firm the first choice for that buyer and project?
  • How do you meet their needs?
  • How do you address their concerns?
  • Do you build trust?
  • Have you got a call to action?

Qualified prospects must read your copy and believe; they must be persuaded that,  “Your company understands their needs and can address their concerns!  They need to know they can trust you to deliver their project.    Your Firm is the Best choice for them.”

Contact Us to help you Communicate Trust.”
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4.  Your Website may be Ineffective

The first contact and impression of your firm will be online.  In today’s digital world they may have searched for you through Google, found you in a local construction magazine or news source or been referred to you.  The first contact and impressions will often be through your website.

Your online presence is a WEB-BASED GENERAL SALES MANAGER that can attract your target clients 24/7/365.
You are paying for it, so get it working for You.

What do clients do when they arrive at your website?

  • Scan your site for first impressions; if they like what they see in-a-glance they will then
  • Instinctively make a judgment
  • Establishes confidence in your ability to serve their needs – or you can almost guarantee they will be bouncing on to your competitor's website

The 15 Second Rule:  Why you should care more about your bounce rate, and how long your visitors stay than the number of visitors.

Focus on “dwell time,” rather than vanity metrics like page views.  Creating quality content is extremely important because Google cares about how deep people navigate into your site, whether they hit the back button, and worst of all, whether they return to the search results page because they didn’t find the information they were looking for.”  - Jon Lister, Strategist, SEO at Elite SEM shared this advice at Klaviyo’s E-commerce Summit.

Focus on your image and readable 15 second messaging.

The Solution

Invest in premium content and a professional website created by a firm of Design + Construction Industry Experts who know your industry.  After all, your attraction marketing website copy should be working 365/24/7 as your General Sales Manager, and prospecting machine.

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5.  Outdated Information On your website

Conten Branding Solutions refreshing websites and marketing for the design and construction industry.
Your Website may be ineffective and out-of-date.

Take a glance at your site and see how current you are:

  • Is the landing page layout and colors the trendy 2010 trend?
  • Do you have an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) that provides secure, encrypted communications between your website and an internet browser?
Contact Content Branding Solutions for a website audit to secure your site
Check if your site is secure.
  • Is your Project Gallery drab? Are you showing images of a reception desk, empty lobby or beer bottles around a conference table?
  • Copyright 2016?
  • Is your last blog post more than a year old?
  • Do you have broken links? 404’s
  • When did you win your last award? 2005!

You get the picture.  If you answer yes to any of these, I am going to guess that you haven’t updated your website.

Clients who visit your site will probably think your business is inactive, that you are no longer the go-to firm, the experts in the field who leads the industry.

The Solution:

Get up-to-date. 

Make sure that copyright and blog posts are up-to-date so that your targeted clients will see that your business is still active, and your superstars are alive and well.

Make sure your website software and plugins are up to date and your calls-to-action link correctly.

6.  No In-depth Project Reviews on Your Website

Share your successes.  Show your targeted potential clients how your existing client’s value and benefit from the collaboration.

Develop short, interesting documentary style project updates and reviews, utilize images and client statements, with solutions to challenges that the team solved to show that you are the expert in the field.

The Solution:

Provide before and after photos linked to persuasive copy that is beneficial and provides value to your target market.  Share your knowledge as the thought leadership group with the go-to team.

Don’t forget to:

  • Include a description of the project
  • Meta Description for both the articles and the images
  • Interweave Meta Keywords throughout the articles
  • Add a testimonial from the client team
  • Share your superstar's knowledge

7.  Tracking Your Website Analytics

Without any analytics in place, you are making decisions with limited information.  As a minimum, you should use Google Analytics, it is easy to install and follow.

Website analytics, from
Tracking Your Website Analytics.

For Example, A Lack of Inquires Could Suggest:

  • A high bounce rate/conversion problem
  • A high click through
  • Nobody is attracted to/or visiting your website
  • Poor, or no SEO

If your marketing team is not reviewing your website analytics on a regular basis, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to increase your construction firms sales.

The Solution:

Analytics are your website report card.

Review the data regularly to ensure your firm's online presence is performing at its peak potential.  Adapt and change to make improvements, as you understand your core target clients, needs and concerns to engage with them more effectively.

Not sure what marketing mistakes you have and the best way to fix them?  Get in touch; we can help.


Making a marketing mistake is unavoidable after all we are human.  Minimizing mistakes and errors is the key to success.  But not correcting the error is tragic and can have undesirable consequences, like an unanswered request for information, (RFI).

Don't Get Upside down by making marketing bloopers; create the content marketing funnel that attracts, converts, and sells your product.

Seven (7) Marketing Bloopers Design and Construction Firms Make and How to Fix Them from Content Branding Solutions, Denver, Colorado
An upside-down pyramid makes a great content funnel.


AGC. (2018, Nov Na). Construction Data. Retrieved from Associated General Contractors of America (AGC):

Elsbury, C. (2018, May 11). 2018 Denver-Area Largest General Contractors. Retrieved from Denver Business Journal:

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