1. Lay the foundation for your SEO Success 2. How to Create Your Unique Firm Identity and Offer 3. Research What Your Competitors Are Doing – Now Do It Better 4. Tips to Fix Your Website’s Technical SEO Issues 5. How To Optimize Your Website Images and Pages to Improve your SEO 6. How To Optimize Your Google My Business Page 7. Get Testimonials and Reviews on Google and Yelp 8. Manage Local Business Listings and Reviews 9. Get Links from Websites in Your Local Area and national Area

SEO can be expensive for small to medium size Architects, Engineers, Contractors (AEC) firms if they fail to post regularly, and SEO each page as it goes live.  Many small to Medium sized Architecture and Interior Design practices focus on their work often neglecting their websites.  It is amazing how many Design and Construction firms have little or no SEO!

Organic search rankings take time and consistency; in the same way as building an influential portfolio of work.  Nothing happens overnight without effort and consistency.

Firms should never neglect or overlook their SEO.  If you want to improve your online search engine rankings to grow your firm, this is the place to start.

Do you Want to Be on Page 1 of Google for Your Area of Expertise?

The following inexpensive nine (9) SEO fixes will help you improve your rankings, so you are competitive in the marketplace, attracting qualified potential clients to your website for your area of expertise.

The following SEO Remedies in this article include:

  • Lay the foundation for your SEO Success by figuring out who your target market is
  • How to Create Your Unique Firm Identity and Offer – Your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)
  • Nine (9) SEO tasks to address
  • The importance of each task
  • The Time and Resources it will take to get the job done

This articular by Kristi Hines, "Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics (2019 Interface)"  is a great blog post that will help you understand google analytics, and contains updated screen shots.

1.  Lay the foundation for your SEO Success

Figure out who your target market is before you jump into SEO.  Why?  Because Search engine optimization SEO relies heavily on attraction marketing content, keywords, and long tail phrases that your target client is searching for and beneficial content that contains the answers to their problems.

You want your website SEO to prequalify and attract your ideal client 24/7/365 as a prospecting machine that can convert eyeballs to inquiries.

The following is adapted from, Ten Things You Need To Know About Your Customers.”  - (Info entrepreneurs, 2009) and is used to help you lay the foundation for your SEO and marketing success.

  • Who are Your Customers?
    • If you mainly contract with individuals, research your customers' gender, age, marital status, and occupation.
    • If you contract primarily with businesses, nonprofit organizations, etc., find out everything you can by researching them on the web. Look for what makes them tick, who are the movers and shakers, where do they gather, what are their values, etc.?
  • What do they do?
    • If you mainly contract with individuals, inquire about their occupations and interests.
    • If you contract with businesses, research and have an understanding of what their business is trying to achieve, read their mission and vision statements.
  • Why do they buy? Know why customers buy a service so that you can match their needs to the benefits, and Unique Sales Proposition (USP) your business can offer.

Yes, even Architects and Designers have a USP.  Focus on the value of your services, what you uniquely bring to the table (USP) and the outcome you are promising with your signature approach that provides a unique advantage that your prequalified potential clients need.  That is your offer.

  • When do they buy? If your website can attract customers just before or at the time they want to buy, you will increase your chances of conversion.  Note; people and companies do their due diligence and research for consultants in advance of a project.
  • Know the how, when, and where your customers determine they need your product or service?

In Colorado, for example, clients in the construction industry tend to start Design in late spring and then rush to get the drawings out to bid for the foundations to go in the ground the next spring!  If you work this back, you want to be on the thoughts of your clients before the New Year which is tough with all the holiday seasons that start around Thanksgiving.

If you do not want to be fast-tracking the project, you need your clients coming onboard no later than fall with contracts signed before the holiday mayhem.

Tip:  Get a head start by being the keynote speaker at conferences and tradeshows where your clients gather in the late summer through the fall.

The Danbury Mint has the art of the offer and its timing down to a tee, watch the mail.  Impulse buying at its best!  I know, my wife, is one of their biggest customers!

  • How do they buy? Many people will do their due diligence on professional firms online and then request a face-to-face meeting.  They have already qualified you, so inquire and listen to what they have to say first.  This information is priceless and can be used to rocket sales.
  • How much money they have? If you match your Unique Sales Proposition (USP) and offering to your customer price point, you will increase conversions and sales.  Adjust the services scope and complexity to match the fee.
  • What makes them feel good about buying? If you know what makes them tick, you can serve them in the way they prefer.

When I was a Theatre Consultant, I attended every show in every theatre across the US in every town I visited.  I would ask the Front of House Manager if I could get a quick tour, dropping my card in their hands.

I was always welcomed and often invited to meet The Facility Manager or On-Call Manager who would show me their facility with pride, often telling me what was wrong and what worked well - which led to the ultimate goal, presenting to the board of Directors and Success!

  • What do they expect of you? For example, if your client is a Repertory theatre group, they will expect reliable delivery as come hell or high water the show must go on.  If they are a Hospital, Project management, and coordination may be a key expectation.
  • Know the Clients preferred project delivery method, Hard bid, CM/GC, Design Build
  • What are their primary concerns?
  • What they think about you is Important? The Journey should be fun.  If your customers enjoy dealing with you and your team, they are likely to recommend you and be repeat clients.

When you Know Who Your Target Market Is You Can Consistently Deliver Superior Value and Satisfaction to them.

They Will Be Your Best Marketers.

From this exercise, you will learn and know a lot about your customers.  Who they are, what they buy, why they buy, the more you know, the easier it is to utilize your website to attract them to you.  It starts by talking to your top clients informally over coffee or lunch to find out why they chose you and your firm, but more importantly, what is important to them.

Now gather the team and instead of that boring Monday morning meeting, take an hour, use a whiteboard or post-it notes to home in on your clients and understand their needs.

The answers to these questions will lay the foundation for your SEO.

Need Help to Lay the foundation for your SEO Success  Get in touch!

Time and Resources:

Medium-High/Utilize website searches, power meetings, lunches, and social events where your potential clients gather to develop relationships and understand their needs.  Hold an office meeting and solicit responses and help from your staff.

2.  How to Create Your Unique Firm Identity and Offer

So now you know your customer needs from the exercise above you can work out your offer, simply by figuring out what problems you can solve for your clients and owners.

For example, get on board before your competition:  As a Theatre Designer and consultant, our repertory theatre clients and owners did not know where to start.  We became their trusted advisers, leading them through the process, starting with the program development and design team selection.

All firms and professional practices need a reason for their customers to buy, or contract with them and not their competitors.  Unique Sales Proposition, or (USP).  Your USP, identified by completing the phrase; "Clients and Owners will buy from me because my practice/firm/consultancy is the…?

Match your services and thought leadership to your Customer needs, wants, and demands.  Ask Your principals, your Marketing Director, your core services sales leaders your thought leadership team and yourself, be honest.


  • Why do our customers need us? What do we have to offer?
  • What benefits do our products or services provide?
  • What Value or benefits do you offer?
  • What concerns do you solve for your customers and how?
  • What makes your firm unique and why is that of value to your prospects?
  • What makes us stand apart? Why are we better than the competition?  It could be you thought leadership and knowledge.  Your Contract document record, etc.
  • What are our Market offerings (products, services, and experiences)?
  • How do we provide services that meet our clients preferred delivery methods?
  • How do we provide customer value and satisfaction?
  • Where should we utilize exchanges and develop relationships with potential clients?
  • What is our unique sales proposition (USP)?

When you have the answer to these questions, you can reposition your firm, and yourself, in the Market Place.

Generate a comprehensive list of value elements you offer and make sure you message these well in the content of your firm’s website.

Demonstrate persuasively the value of what you provide to help your customers make smarter purchasing decisions in all your marketing materials.

Your content and branding from, your sales materials, cut sheets, and leave-behinds, to your website leading with its SEO, and its persuasive call-to-action (ACT) should attract your clients.  Should utilize the simple A-B-C… Align, Believe Communicate, and Connect to give you the competitive edge with persuasive messaging content.

The answers to the questions in section one and two will drive your SEO, content creation, social media interaction along with many other attraction marketing channel developments.

Your content and branding from, your sales materials, cut sheets, and leave-behinds, to your website leading with its SEO, and its persuasive call-to-action (ACT) should attract your clients.
Content Marketing will drive your SEO, content creation, social media interaction along with many other attraction marketing channel developments.

Follow the Content Marketing Cycle…  Make Your Marketing Interactive, Build Relationships and Engage.

We write copy that creates a magnetic attraction designed to resonate and persuade more clients and owners FAST!  We utilize the A-B-C method; Align, Believe Communicate and Connect.

If you need help to Create Your Unique Firm Identity and Offer, give us a call 303 362 0498
Email: peter@contentbrandingsolutions.com 

Time and Resources:

Low-Medium / Whiteboard or post-it notes.

3.  Research What Your Competitors Are Doing – Now Do It Better

With the internet comes global competition.  For Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, and Consultants to the Design and Construction industry this means your online competitors, the out-of-town “carpetbaggers” are now a direct competitive threat across the continent.

Why do I limit it to the continent of the USA?  Competitive pricing.  However, on the larger projects, watch out the British are coming!

To be SEO competitive in your local area and stand out from the crowd you should analyze your competitors and geofence your competition.  For example, search for Denver Architects, or Colorado K8 school Architects in google.  Using the core services, you offer; search the internet using those keywords specific to an area, or zone, to geofence the competition.  Now analyze the local competition results of the top ten (10) in each competing area.  You will start to see a trend.

If you download this tool Free MOZ app for Google, you can see your competitors meta description, etc.

If you compete nationally in a specialist area, for example, Health Care, Hospital design, etc.  do the same SEO search exercise and see who pops up.  You will see all the firms that are continuously competing with you.

What does USA Continental Competition mean to small and Medium-sized firms?

The East Coast Powerhouse Architectural Firms are Already invading Denver.  Bennett Wagner Grody (BWG) are now Cannon Design.

If you are a small to medium-sized firm, watch out the big firms are gobbling up the local competition in the USA’s top twenty 20 growing city markets.  Why are they doing this?  To mitigate the usual, local versus out-of-town interview barrier, etc.

Colorado, for example, has a local bias when it comes to professional team selection.  Imagine your biggest fear has come true the big boys are now local; they have footholds in many firms.  Why am I telling you this? Because;

“Small to Medium sized local firms” need to up their content marketing strategy, starting with their websites SEO and content to compete and differentiate themselves from the “Big Boys,” office that is now just down the street

A Competitive Analysis Will Show You:

  • Your competitors, title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, image descriptions, image alt tags, etc.
  • Know who your top organic competitors are. The ads in the green boxes at the top of the page on Google are pay-per-click and don’t count.  It is interesting to note that Architectural firms are already using this tool to reposition themselves in the market.
  • Number and quality of their backlinks
  • Competitor keyword position tracking
  • Keywords they have missed that you can target

If you don’t have the time to do this Give us a call Now 303-362-0498 and we will provide you with FREE competitor analysis and present it to your thought leadership group.

Time and Resources:

Medium-High / Utilize a Word or Excel to list their Mata descriptions and SEO Keywords.

Apps to Use: SEMrush, SpyFu. Or contact us, we’ll provide you with FREE competitor analysis.

Need a Competitive Analysis?  Give us a call Now 303-362-0498
Or Contact Us

4.  Tips to Fix Your Website’s Technical SEO Issues

Now you have done your due diligence lets fix your website.

But my website looks fine!  Your website is a computer app, “Never judge it by the landing screen,” we need to look at its inner working s to find the technical problems, “inside the computer app program to find the broken HTML, and bits that slows down your website,” that will and can impact your rankings and traffic.

Just like your computer, we need to clean up your website to speed it up and fix issues so search engines can properly crawl and index your web pages.

The Most Common Technical SEO Problems on Your Website Are:

  • No SSL security certificates! There is no excuse for this get one!
  • Not device friendly: Many older websites do not scale properly so if this is the case refresh your website and fix everything in one go
  • Download Speed: Large unoptimized Image files can slow your loading time, reduce your image file size with an image optimization tool
  • Duplicated content may turn search engines away
  • Outdated content: Over two years old and not updated
  • Broken or outdated links: There is nothing worse than a 404 check all your cross-references and links.
  • Improper use of canonical link elements: What?  An HTML element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content issues
  • Un-optimized pages: (See how to fix this below)

We provide a full SEO Services to get your clunker running like a Ferrari.

Content Branding Solutions provides website SEO services to help bring your website to the attention of the search engines in your targeted region using simple geofencing with keywords to attract your clients.

Time and Resources:

TIME commitment very High.  Doing this work can take days on a large site.  Resources, Google Search Console, SpyFu or contact us.

5.  Optimize Your Website Images and Pages to Improve your SEO

Inbound Marketing is the most cost-effective marketing method a business can do.  Instead of the antiquated outbound unsustainable email blast and paper push attract your clients to you.  It all starts with Your website SEO.

Writing copy for a website is not the same as a proposal pdf Brochureware.  On-page content optimization is more than keywords.

Your goal is to utilize magnetic attraction marketing with persuasive words that are relevant to your core target market to qualify leads 24/7.  Improve Your Call-to-Action (CTA), and increase Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  Yes, magnetic attraction marketing utilizes advanced meta keywords and long tail keywords that are integrated into the body of the text positioned persuasively to attract and influence your core clients that you have many benefits to offer them at a value they can afford.

Premium content that is persuasive, clearly written attraction marketing copy, using your targeted keywords will have higher conversion rates, convincing your clients to know, like and trust you.  When Google recognizes your relevancy your search engine rankings will rise

Inbound Marketing is the most cost-effective marketing method a business can do.  Instead of the antiquated outbound unsustainable email blast and paper push attract your clients to you.  It all starts with Your website SEO.

Six Key Tasks to Help You Optimize Your SEO:

  • SEO Title tags: Its job is to tell visitors and search engines as conically as possible what content a webpage has. If you want to know more read this great article How to Craft the Perfect SEO Title Tag (Our 4‐Step Process) (Hardwick, 2018)
  • Meta descriptions: Search engines show the meta description in search results when a phrase or longtail keywords meet the search description
  • Meta Keywords: See sections 1-3
  • Image Descriptions: Image title, caption, description Alt tags:  Make sure you do this for all images on your site.  Note it helps if you have uploaded the image with a full descriptive name
  • Body Content: Write simple, clear, coherent content that your customers will find practical and educational
  • Utilize High-quality Premium Content That is:
  • Write for your target market audience, not your peers. Not too full of industry jargon
  • Shareable: Would share it?  Are the social sharing buttons readily available?
  • Scannable: Use short paragraphs, callouts, bold text, bullet points, numbered lists, quotes, , to make the text easy to read.  NO walls of Text!
  • Use clear Titles H1s – H4 with a keyword or long tail keywords in them


 A Well Optimized Website Will Convert More and Rank Higher in the Search Engines.

Time and Resources:

The time commitment on this is very high and extremely laborious.

The best resources are the All in One SEO Pack - pro version as it supports multiple Google features.  Yoast is an alternative.  We often see people have loaded Yoast but are not using it; perhaps they think it works without input!

Don’t Have the time?  Contact us; we’ll handle your site optimization for you, this is laborious work, there's an art form to the work and making it perform properly!
Need help Optimizing your Website?  Give us a call Now 720-979-8555
Email:  Peter@ContentBrandingSolutions.com

6.  Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Optimizing your local FREE Google My Business page is important for all business.  It is easy to update and can make a significant impact, on your SEO on branded search results pages, and businesses where feedback and reviews can push up your rankings.

Claim your Google My Business listing and verify it

With Google My Business You Can:

  • Build a free one-page website for your business with images. Great for retail, restaurants and professional practices like Doctors and Dentists.
  • Update your Google local listing
  • Share what is new
  • Get bookings
  • Get Testimonials and Google Reviews (See Below)
  • Review customer insights. All firms can benefit from this local information

Fill out as many fields as you can and include photos, to enhance your listing

Tip: Ask customers for a review!

Check Out the out the Google My Business page by Anderson Windows to see how this might help you as a guide.

Time and Resources:

You will be up and running in half an hour.  If you have the resources available.

7.  Get Testimonials and Reviews on Google and Yelp

Reviews on your local Google My Business are one of the leading search ranking factors on Google!   Many professional practices miss out on this FREE local listing tool.  Also, you can improve your conversions by requesting and getting reviews with feedback from your customers.

Some Key Statistics from Bright Locals 2017 Consumer Review (BrightLocal, 2017)

  • 97% of consumers looked online for local businesses in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day
  • 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

If you review this report carefully, you will notice that professional practices and firms in the design and construction industry, have yet to make the most of this tool.

Content Branding Solutions can help you 7.Get Testimonials and Reviews on Google and Yelp
Yelp and Facebook lead the pack as consumers’ most trusted review sites, followed by Google. - Source: (BrightLocal, 2017)

Therefore, a Yelp or Google review could help your reputation, particularly if you are a small Architectural practice, Interior designer or home builder that provides services locally to smaller private clients who are looking for one-off homes, a living room remodels, etc., claim your page.

Claim Your Yelp Business Page for Free and help Your:

  • Rankings in local search engines
  • Show customers why they should choose you
  • Influence Customer purchasing decisions

Online reviews can be equally important to your local SEO strategy as building referrals, endorsements, testimonials, and on-site optimization.  The type of firm you are will dictate whether you use the free service.

Many paid services exist that can help you organize and manage a review campaign.  For a small contractor or supplier, these can create positive press and help sales conversions when linked to a well thought out media coupon campaign linked to a short form squeeze page.

Renewal by Anderson ® windows TV, coupon and pay per click ad campaign is an excellent example of coordinated marketing, offering:  “Fantastic Discounts… NO Money Down!  NO Payments!  NO Interest!  And Hurry, this offer won’t last long…” combined a FREE consultation and the request for online customer reviews this strategy works wonders.  If you want to see the masters at work take a peak, they have + 1,500 online reviews.

“Columbus Day Flash Sale: Take 20% + an additional $25 Off Every Window through October 14th!”

Some Companies to Consider for Your Reputation Marketing

  • Google+ Local: As most people utilize Google as their search engine we recommend you get a Google My Business Page, it is professional.
  • Yelp: Helps people find places to eat, shop, drink and relax.  It's Entertainment based.
  • CitySearch: This is great for visitors coming to your city.  If you are a restaurant or retailer, this is for you

Our preference is Recommendations from friends for restaurants as these are validated and not bought.

Time and Resources: 

The Time Commitment grows the more sites you do.  A great review plugin for your site is WP Review Pro or WP Product Review Lite (FREE).  Or contact us, we’ll handle online review management for you!

8.  Manage Local Business Listings and Reviews

Now you have a Google My Business page, you need to control and manage your reputation, and the accuracy of your local business data.  Consistency, beneficial value, and satisfaction are critical in building all relationships.

An all in one tool like Moz Local or will give you:

  • Location Data Management
  • SEO Analytics
  • Success Assurance
  • API Access
  • Local Ranking Analysis
  • Reputation Management

There is a plan to help every size of business.

There are thousands of local directories that Data aggregators spread share and distribute local business information with multiple sources including Google, so make sure that your name address and phone number are current.

BrightLocal is a great tool to help you submit to local data aggregators to boost your local search rankings with their ‘Citation Burs’ Campaign.

Time and Resources: 

You can have this up and running in a morning.  Utilize, MozLocal, BrightLocal Or contact us, we’ll handle it for you!

9.  Get Links from Websites in Your Local Area and national Area

Most Architects and Engineering firms let alone General Contractors, and suppliers never think or consider backlinks.  However, backlinks to power-partners are easy to do and make total business sense.  Why wouldn’t you agree to feature your team's design and construction work with links back to all the team members websites?

Imagine if a potential client was searching for Theatre Architects / Designers and you and the whole team kept coming up in his search!  You will appear to be the market leaders and go to team.  Imagine if the Contractor CM/GC also complements and links back to you in the client’s search.  Now his initial concerns are answered, and he has prequalified your team when he makes the call.

Backlinks help build relevance in an area of expertise and point the search engine results to you!

All Backlinks Should Serve the Following Criteria:

  • Link back to your website
  • Provide the opportunity to speak to your local and national audience
  • Refer others with whom you have worked

Here are just a few Backlinks ideas to go after:

  • Set Up your LinkedIn Business page its FREE! 
  • LinkedIn article Placement Read more at LINK
  • Instagram this photo and video sharing network will work well for Architects, Designers, and Post images of your projects and do not forget to use hashtags.
  • National article placement through Ezine articles placement is FREE after you join. There is a Business section for Architecture and Interior Design.
  • Articles placement in local Media outlets like the local Business Journal
  • Your Local online business directory
  • Infographics get published all over the world. Research and gather data for the content, then create an infographic.  Now the infographic is ready; you need to make it easy for others to share it.  To do this, create your embed code using Siege Media generator.  When you are ready, submit your infographic to 100+ Infographic Submission Sites to Submit Infographics.
  • Guest blogging is the most effective way to reach new audiences. By publishing articles on other popular websites.
    • Use Google search queries to find blogs accepting guest contributors. For Example, drop “Sustainability + submit an article,” into the google search bar and you will see multiple calls for articles.
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + submit an article
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + guest-posts
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + inurl:guest-post-guidelines *
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + inurl:write-for-us *
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + become a contributor
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + bloggers wanted
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + submit an article
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + want to write for
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + contribute
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + become an author
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + guest post by
    • Subject/keyword/Longtail keywords + now accepting guest posts

*inurl: “If you include [inurl:] in your query, Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the url.” (Google, Na)

  • The local power-partner website from other businesses that are open to having a local partners page. For Example, Contractors should link Architects and vice versa for projects they have completed in partnership together
  • Get Interviewed
  • Local charities that feature sponsor page

Time and Resources: 

Remember all of these pieces take a lot of time commitment and must regularly do to maximize the most benefits.  Utilize, MozLocal, BrightLocal Or contact us, we’ll handle it for you!

if you are national and an industry-leading firm you should look at “ahrefs” or Majestic they are expensive but well worth the investment.

Content Branding Solutions takes the guesswork out of SEO success!

This article is a synopsis of some of the simple things you can do to improve your rankings.  We have not included LinkedIn as that is dealt with in detail elsewhere.

Always do something, on social media to increase your reach and improve your firm’s SEO.  Set goals for your marketing department, or if you are a sole proprietor, do a little bit at a time starting at the beginning.

If you get stuck, we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Don’t want to do it yourself?  Give us a call Now 303-362-0498 to see how we can partner with you.

Content Branding Solutions can handle any of these key On-page SEO and off-page SEO tasks to drive long-term online results for your business!


Peter Lucking

As the Creative Director of Content Branding Solutions, I put your Brand and success first.  Our team offers a wide selection attraction marketing services for the Design and Construction Industry.

“Our goal is to increase your ROI.  Great Content is an asset.”


BrightLocal. (2017, Na Na). Local Consumer Review Survey. Retrieved from Bright Local: https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/

Google. (Na, Na Na). Advanced Searching in Google. Retrieved from Resources and Search Strategies: https://sites.google.com/site/resourcesandsearchstrategies/google/advanced-searching-in-google

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