“Don’t fall in Love with your graphics what is behind the scenes is more important.” - Cheri Lucking

Is Your Website up-to-date and Properly Tagged? 

Do you need a website Refresh and SEO Optimization?


“Don’t fall in Love with your graphics what is behind the scenes is more important.”  – Cheri Lucking

No Meta Description or Meta Keywords

For this example, we are going to use Denver, Structural Engineering firms.

In the Google search engine type in “Structural Engineers in Denver

You will see a lot of geo-fenced ads at the top of the page, followed by residential, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s list, YP/yellow pages.  Scroll and click through to page 2 of the google search results, and there is Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers halfway down the page.

Martin/Martin is ranked number 3 in the Denver Business Journal, 2018 Largest Denver-Area Engineering Firms (Elsbury, 2018) yet they have no Meta Keywords or any H2 tags; thus, they are pushed down in ratings on google!

So how will an out-of-state design firm find Martin/Martin for their next project?  Referrals, perhaps?  Or through the websites ‘News Feed?’  Not likely as there are no meta Keywords for the search engines to find.

Make sure you have Meta keywords along with a Meta description, so people can find you.

Type in “Denver Architects” into the google search engine.  Arch West, Tryba, Oz, and the Davis Partnership come up on page one.  Why?  They have Meta descriptions and Meta Keywords.

Look at the Google maps and type in ‘Denver Architects.’  There are 20 results per page and 185 results for architects in Denver.  Where does your firm rank on the google search engine?

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If you have No Meta Description or Meta Keywords and No use of H1-H4, and No targeted area words or Marketing, how do you expect to rank on google or more importantly for your potential clients to find you?

No Services Description

Services Description is essential, this may sound stupid, but what is it that you do?  Does your website clearly define your services?   Many Architects, Engineering firms and consultants’ websites do not identify their area of expertise, but happily show you a slider image of a building!  Why?

For this example, we are going to use Denver, Architectural firms.

Type in Denver Architects into the google search engine.  ArcWest, Tryba, Oz, and The Davis Partnership come up on page one.

ArcWest has clearly defined its service location and services description with a testimonial as you scroll down.  Well done!

Tryba Architects has a stunning video utilizing powerful copy to make a statement that catches the eye.

The core mission of the firm is written in persuasive copy, “Our Work. (H1) Central to our work is sustainable, timeless design that reinterprets the past to meet the demands of the present.”  Their simple long-form landing page tells you everything you need to know without having to click through.  This format is a great set up for multiple media devices.

Tryba Architects are also utilizing a regular, well-written news feed articles of interest that are beneficial to their clients with Meta Description and Meta Keywords that find them by the search engines.

So, what are you doing? Can you do it better?  Do you need an expert to help you?

So now let us look further down the rankings at “rr Rowland+Broughton” an award-winning, industry-leading architectural firm.  Apart from the fact that this firm has no Meta Keywords, there is no services description on the landing page.  Continue scrolling down; we see some award-winning designs, interior designs, but no urban design which is on the tagline.

When we view the page source by right-clicking on the image, in the Google click, the second from the bottom, we see the website has a meta description on line 34.  it reads: “R+B is a nationally recognized, Colorado-based, award-winning architecture design firm specializing in residential architecture, hospitality architecture and interior design.”

Who searches for R+B?  Out of the 185 results for Architects in Denver how many are not Colorado-based, award-winning architecture design firm, etc.?   What makes them stand out from the crowd?  They do magnificent work, but who will find them?  Where is the call-to-action (CTA) or where is the contact information hidden?

Make sure that you tell your prospects and clients what you do, emphasize your core services with a clear services description.  This description is your clients first contact with you.  Do this before the page break if you can.

Stop sitting back and waiting for the next RFQ, RFP.  Be proactive in your marketing and make an impression.

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Define Your Core Market Areas

Many architects in Colorado are generalists meaning that they do every type of service.  This may be hurting your marketing efforts.

Specialists, out-of-state Architects flood into Denver for that ‘big juicy’ contract that all the local firms are vying for, just like you.  If your firm is not a specialist, the local A &E teams are often pushed into the position of doing the local representation, contract drawings, and construction supervision.  If that is what you want to do, become the go-to-team, the expert in the field, and promote it in Denver.

If you are specialized in the specific market area or are a knowledge expert in a field, tell people up front.  Clearly define your expertise on your landing page.  You can do this on your slider with a call-to-action, or just above the page break.

Be the thought-leader in an area and watch the clients come to you.

Bring on the Knowledge Storm

Many professionals do not develop and share their thought-leadership or market-knowledge, and expertise.  Bring on the knowledge storm by telling people and developing both, the why and how you are good at what you do.

For example, a supplier might promote Fred, their representative, as the Knowledge-Leader in design, build sustainable and resilient architectural facades that go beyond LEED.  Back this up with a third-party testimonial and/or position Fred as the expert, and the supplier, rep and architectural firms that use Fred all get the Benefit of the Benefit.  Add success stories, as nothing sells like success, and you have a very sustainable product.

No Third-Party Validation

Awards that are awarded by your professional association are like being patted on the back by the old boys’ club.

Independent third-party validation by clients is a priceless resource.

Improve Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

Many professional firms in the Architecture and Engineering fields have no call-to-action (CTA).  Unbelievably, many top contractors are worse!  Out of the Top 6 General Contractors in Colorado listed on ENR (ENR, 2018) only one has a proper CTA.  Examples:

  • Lead your prospect to an action that might make them a client
  • Would you like to know more? Set up an appointment with Bob to find out how XXX can help you save money…

Branding and Your Website

Simple as this seems, many firms have difficulty in promoting all products working in harmony and reinforcing their positioning within the marketplace and expertise with visual continuity and branding.

Out of the top 45 General Contractors in Colorado listed on ENR (ENR, 2018) only a handful have branding that relates to this century.  Most of these websites are aimed at baby boomers and look like they were developed in the 1970’s.   And, what is worse, they do not have any Meta Description or Meta Keywords.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Capture all users’ interactions to increase your conversion rates by giving the right targeted visitor what they want before their limited attention span gets the better of them, and they click through and move on to the next website.

Why should you care?

  • Higher conversion rate = better ROI
  • More cost-effective than finding more visitors
  • Defends against limited click through patience of visitors
  • Ensure you are targeting your core money making clients

Analyze what is driving SEO and ROI by identifying key attraction areas and broken click-throughs.

There are great tools out there:

Content Square

An award-winning platform that was designed with conversion rate optimization in mind.

Hot Jar 

A conversion funnel, “which utilizes visual behavior to show their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.”

Suppliers to the Construction Industry

Tell us why your product is better, what are its benefits beyond it meets XYZ?  Is it less expensive?  Faster to install?  What is its resilient design long-term benefits?

Add in the Benefits of the products, who, what, when, why, where, how?

  • By utilizing some geo fencing words to target your regional marketing areas for example, if you work primarily in Colorado and Denver the words Colorado and Denver should be in your Meta tags and articles

Optimize your website by creating a better online experience that will maximize your conversion rates.

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Elsbury, C. (2018, Feb 16). 2018 Largest Denver-Area Engineering Firms. Retrieved from Denver Business Journal: https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/subscriber-only/2018/02/16/2018-largest-Denver-area-engineering.html

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