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How to Publish Your First INDIE eBook or Book FREE

This is a quick kick starter for those who can put in sweat equity and want to self-publish.

Many Indie publishers will publish your manuscript for a price.  This blog is a quick kick-starter guide for those who can and will put in sweat equity and want to self-publish FREE.

Amazon provides all the tools for an independent INDIE author to utilize from publishing to marketing.  These tools are available to all genre of books, with one exception, you cannot market erotica genre through Amazon.

We recommend you start with an eBook as converting it into a book is easy if you follow these instructions.

If you are a new author just starting out here are some basic tips to get you headed in the right direction and avoid costly mistakes.

10 Tips to get you going as an Indie Author:

  1. Format your book in MS word utilizing styles, headers H1 – H4 etc., if you don’t know how to do this use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing’s (KDP) Free tool its foolproof.
  2. Download Amazons free Kindle Create Add-in for Microsoft Word (Beta) This is a great FREE tool to format for both chapters, headers, etc.
  3. Publish through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing’s (KDP) Easy to convert your file to a soft cover book.
  4. KDP FREE eBook covers provide services to make a book cover FREE. Remember you get what you pay for; there are graphic artists out there that can help make your cover more personal and unique.
  5. Graphics – If you can to do graphics, download GIMP The Free & Open Source Image Editor that can compete with adobe photoshop.  Yes, we use it all the time.
  6. Do you need charts, graphs, and pie charts for your book or report? Use Excel to create them.  Yes, Excel is excellent for certain types of graphics and with a few tricks they can be saved and used as images.
    • Paste the Excel charts, graphs, or pie charts into a word document (use a large format layout) past as an image then save.
    • If you have a high-resolution screen zoom in and print screen or “snip it” with the snipping tool.
  7. Editorial Services. Looking through Amazon Book reviews and comments the most common complaints are related to spelling, and grammar errors.
    • Spelling words can be challenging as there are significant differences between US, Canadian, and British, spellings of words. Decide on a country of origin and stick with it.
    • Bad Grammar. If you cannot afford professional Editorial Services, ask your friends to read your manuscript and then utilize Grammarly a free tool for grammar and spelling checks.  Most word editing programs that include grammar checks are subpar.
    • References and Citations are essential to professional eBook or book. If you do not know how to reference your material, hire a professional.“One of the authors of a book we edited had not kept a record of his references and citations.  Consequently, it took weeks and a lot of money and time to research his references and check all his text as the line between his words and a citation was blurred.”
  8. Meta tags Keywords and Genre research. Whatever your book genre you will need to research some keywords.  Amazon is a big search engine that categorizes information on books and products just like an internet search engine.  Education & Teaching > Studying & Workbooks > Workbooks.  Look at similar books to your genre and see the browse path. (It is located under  the Product details, Amazon bestseller ranks).
  9. Do You need a website? NO!  Use an Amazon Author page – an example.  Amazon Author pages are available once your book appears on Amazon Author Central.
  10. If you want a Website Content Branding Solutions, our sister firm can provide you with a One-Page Website Starting at $995. We will create a website that is simple, concise and to the point. Custom designed to attract clients to your brand with links to your book and author page on Amazon complete with full search engine optimization (SEO).

If you want a fully-fledged website to advertise your books and eBooks online because your books are so naughty, erotic, or just plain amazing, we can do the work for you. An amazingly tasteful erotic book website.

Watch out for Part 2 next week. We cover reviews and promotions on Amazon, social media and much more.

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