Content Branding Solutions provides images, copywriting and coaching for Thought Leadership for the Design and Construction Industry

Activate your brand with Thought leadership that is the centerpiece of your attraction marketing campaign.

Thought Leadership Branding is all about being associated with and answering the questions and concerns most on the minds your potential clients and owners are asking.  Sometimes they will not even know what that question or concern is until you provide a solution to their problem.

Thought leadership should begin on your landing page with great Architectural copywriting that highlights your knowledge and is interlaced throughout your website to produce attraction marketing copy that is persuasive.

Your core services, professional skills, knowledge, experience should weave throughout the sites copy to position you as the Knowledge expert and authority.

Why?   Because when the wall’s come tumbling down you need to be ready.  You need to be the Market Leader, the Knowledge Expert, and Authority.

“In the last recession, the construction industry lost 30% of its workforce, 2.3 Million people.  By the begin of Q1 of 2018, the US construction sector had climbed back to be at full employment.”

Source: Beyond Estimation Presentation by Vermeulens

Design and Construction firms, their consultants and suppliers that had specialty services and niche markets fared better than firms who were generalists.


Thought leadership lays the foundation for innovative change, and by advocating an industry-altering concept or method, we can initiate change on a large scale.

We innovate to expand the firm’s core business area by applying expertise in a new market segment that builds on a core service or improves an existing one, combined with attraction marketing, with a powerful call-to-action, that can change the world.

Successful, innovations often start with a simple problem that needs solving.  Art Fry, a 3M scientist, sat listening to the church service.  The pieces of paper he had marked his hymn book with kept falling out, he pondered how this simple problem could be solved.  The world-changing product was Post-it Notes.  Not just an excellent product, but what a story.

“Thought Leadership is simply about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.” – – Michael Brenner

Sustainability stalled during the recession.  Why?  The combination of mistrust of an industry that promoted sustainability at what was perceived to be extremely prohibitive cost at the detriment on occasion to human needs.  All for a plaque!  Today firms are jumping on the Resilient Design bandwagon.

Content Branding Solutions Thought Leadership in the Design and Construction Industry
Content Branding Solutions provides graphics, copywriting, and coaching for Thought Leadership

Plan for your success.  Firms with a master messaging roadmap, a master plan, tend to be more successful than those that play it by ear.  You would not build a building without a strong foundation.  Thought leadership needs coaching and nurturing to develop its full potential with a plan that identifies its key targets and client and owner concerns.

History shows us those thought leadership areas will rotate in and out of fashion, profound knowledge adapts, its name changes, but the core principals are the same.

Profound knowledge shines.  European vernacular architecture combined many principals of Sustainability and Resilient Design, creating a sense of place that many desire to visit and live in.  Norman Foster perused high-Tech innovative sustainable solutions, innovative buildings that respond to their environments, climate and are cool to be around.  Polite Architecture spread its wings in sculptural forms that delight from Frank Geary.  So, what has changed?

I challenge you to be the next thought leader in Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design or Construction

For example, in Colorado:

  • Where is the modern Architecture of Colorado that speaks to the soul?  Embodies the spirit of Colorado like Red Rocks?
  • Where is the 100-year master plan for the coordinated development of the I-70 corridors?
  • What are the next innovations in construction?

Thought leadership can bolster your sales and positioning in the marketplace, giving you a better ROI over an extended period. Most of all being an innovator and leader is fun and rewarding!

If you and your firm are interested in leading the pack, we want to help you open the world’s window to your inspiration. 

Is it time to Refresh your brand with a little thought leadership or some great architectural copy?  Is it time to re-visualize your Design or Construction firm?  Reinvigorate your product in words and graphics?  Rewrite copy and content so you can reach qualified customers for your business?

A new website can help you flourish, by promoting your expertise, experience, and exceptionalism, if you utilize a Design and Construction Industry expert content copywriter.

We want to be on your team.  Why wouldn’t you work with an experienced Digital Content Marketing specialist with knowledge of the Design and Construction Industry?  Specialists from Resilient Design copy, Sustainability Design copywriting and articles, to construction articles that make the team shine with our award-winning writing skills combined with a marketing and coaching expert can help you knock it out of the ballpark.

“Words have the power to be your ‘Rain Maker.’  Thought Leaders are bringing on a “Knowledge Storm” with customer-focused Articles and White Papers.  Why don’t you lead from the front?”  – Peter Lucking

Build Trust as the Brand with a Competitive Edge.

Your brand activation marketing must deliver thought leadership that offers valuable content that connects to your targeted audience and provides benefits.  If you do this, the process will bolster your sales and positioning in the marketplace, giving you a better ROI.

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To get your website and branding started here are:

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start building, or Refreshing Your Website to build brand recognition:

  • You have picked your WordPress theme, or one of the many others available or you are going to develop the site from scratch.  Great! Now what?
  • You get into the back end of the site only to realize there are a lot of moving parts.
  • Now what?  Do you have time to spend teaching yourself?
  • Graphics, pictures, diagrams, charts, do you have them, or do you need someone to develop them for you?
  • Content, can you write, are you a knowledgeable Architectural copywriter for design and construction online media?
  • Do you know how to write content that search engines will find or more importantly your future clients?

 “Are you great at Design or Construction?  We are great at communicating.  Let us communicate with you.”


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