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Some Construction Companies and Contractors understand that the benefits that they provide to clients begin with strong relationships that encourage versatility in delivery methodology, budgeting, scheduling, and execution.

The value to a client that a well budgeted, scheduled construction plan that can bring a project in, on time, and on budget, without loss of program is priceless.

Be the Construction Knowledge Experts the Market Leader, the Authority in Your Field

The benefits of safety, quality management and virtual construction capabilities along with procurement strategies play in the back of a client’s mind, the knowledge that they have an expert will rarely outweigh their prime concern money.  Money speaks louder.

The promise of well-coordinated work pales in comparison to building financial trust.  The building will be on time and on budget.  Utilizing Content Branding and Attraction Marketing copywriting to emphasize financial trust.

Build Value and Financial Trust That Connects – Utilize Great Copywriting with Graphics that Demonstrate the Firm’s Record

The priority of client representatives, Project Managers, of most corporate and civic entities is being on time and on budget.  This is the clincher that many design professionals fail to understand.  It is often the cause of friction and mistrust between the Design Team and Construction Team.

Build partnerships that take on the Design Team’s concerns, and they will praise your abilities, giving you third-party validation that you can use in your marketing media.

Build A Website with a Team of People – People Buy People They Trust

Clients want successful projects.  Success often results in a partnership approach between the teams where respect is shared for each other’s concerns and areas of experts.

Time is money.  Clients want to know how change orders and request for clarification are addressed promptly for the benefit of the project by the combined efforts of the team.  Clear lines of communication and responsibilities often lead to better plans for the client. Use examples of how time and money was saved by clear lines of communication that your firm helped orchestrate.

Build a Website that highlights Your Expertise and Relationships that Matter and Provides Value

Clients want to know who the buck stops with.  You may think that that is easy to answer, but I listened as a very notable competent contractor failed to answer that question in a job interview worth a couple of hundred million dollars!

Build Community – Be the Leader

Clients want to know that they got the best bang for the buck in their building that meets their program, mission, vision, and values.  That was built on time and on budget.

Build the Foundation to Turn the Client’s Vision into a Landmark Project

So, you know all of this.  So why am I telling You?  Because unless your website addresses these simple issues, you could be losing projects.

We help you activate your construction brand through targeted content attraction marketing.  Together we utilize sustainable copy to subliminally persuade people through words that speak with logic, clarity, and style to images that illustrate what you are doing in a manner that translates into a compelling call-to-action, and ROI.

Show How Your Preconstruction Services Can Save the Team $

An exceptional Construction Management Company with an amazing track record of preconstruction services told me their secret to being on a budget.

“There is always 10% of fat hidden in the Design teams’ drawings that they can immediately Value Engineer for the client.”

This may be true.  But this virtual elimination methodology will halt on a project that is minimally designed to meet the client’s program, mission, vision, and values.

If you give preconstruction services to design teams, show the client and the A&E team how you utilize the concept phase to evaluate options together with cost, program, and design visualization to create the foundation for the mission vision and values for the project’s success.

Show the team you care about their project and company profit with great infographics.

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Show how your Preconstruction Services can be Utilized for the benefit of the Client and the A&E team

Build your Call to Action

Whether you are a top ranked ENR Contractor, or just starting out, your website is the world’s window to your team’s knowledge and experience.  Show your expertise, be the thought leader. Create your call to action.

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Let us make the difficult work of attracting clients easier to do, sound like a plan?

30 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start building, or Refreshing Your Website to build brand recognition:

  • You have picked your WordPress theme, or one of the many others available or you are going to build the site from scratch.  Great! Now what?
  • You get into the back end of the site only to realize there are a lot of moving parts.
  • Now what?  Do you have time to spend teaching yourself?
  • Graphics, pictures, diagrams, charts, do you have them, or do you need someone to develop them for you?
  • Content, can you write, are you a knowledgeable Architectural copywriter for design and construction online media?
  • Do you know how to write content that search engines will find or more importantly your future clients?

Content Branding Solutions – Building your Window to the World

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Peter Lucking

Peter is the Co-CEO and Creative Director of Content Branding Solutions. He is a thought leader, an expert in the Design and Construction industry with over 30 successful years as a designer, consultant, and principal.  He specialized in the Design and construction of Performing Arts Centers and marketing of leaders in the AEC industry.

“Thought leadership, and great copywriting content assets can organically increase your positioning in the marketplace on all search engines.  and Branding for the Construction Industry.”

Our team offers a wide selection of attraction marketing, Thought Leadership services for the Design and Construction Industry.

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